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Post your DA4 wishes here!

As this sub is in downtime for the foreseeable future, we have DA4 Wishlist Megathreads to help reduce clutter in the sub--so post your wishes, hopes, requests, etc, here!

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Q: Am I allowed to make other DA4 threads?

A: Yes. However other general "What do you want for DA4" threads will be removed to reduce clutter.

Q: When is DA4 released?

A: There is no official release date as far as we know, so any tentative dates are purely speculation. Mike Laidlaw hinted we'd hear about DA4 approximately six months before release.

Q: Am I allowed to sneakily try to break Rule #2 by making passive-aggressive wishes about not wanting those kinds of characters in my precious game?

A: We'll let our friend Mr Banhammer answer that question for you.

Q: Why do DA devs keep saying on "If DA4 is released"? Does this mean we might not get a DA4?!

A: Until a game is officially announced, they are not allowed to say that it will be. It was the same for the previous games.

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Want to know what Darkspawn eat, what color Florian Valmont's hair is, or how many times Divine Galatea took a shit on Sunday but don't want to write an thesis or make a thread about it? Ask this here, maybe one of the resident lore junkies will know!

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Rij een jaar lang gratis in de Tesla Model 3 en test de nieuwste diensten Vandebron!

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For example, of your two mages, the blood magic user with a more offense-oriented skill set is the unbelievably moe elf girl, while your resident healer is the angsty apostate who eventually becomes a pro-mage terrorist. Contrast Merrill and Anders, with, say, Morrigan and Wynne respectively.

Then as for the resident dwarf in the party, DA:O has Oghren, who is borderline stereotypical (wields axes, glorious beard, loves alcohol very much), then DA2's Varric turns it on its head: he wields a crossbow, his facial hair went to his chest instead, and doesn't seem to drink as much as Oghren did.

Is it just me, or are inverting expectations kinda DA2's thing?

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swooping barbarian
13 hours ago

So we know that Sten became the Arishok in 9:34 Dragon after the last one was killed by Hawke (or relieved of his title if you choose not to kill him). If Sten and the qunari threat is featured in DA4, would he be willing to change the Qun, make it more lenient?

I personally find the Qun intriguing and I think it would be much more interesting if the Qun could be changed to make it so that the qunari could have families and names, treat their mages better, etc. It would be more interesting than eradicating it completely, turning Par Vollen into yet another region where the Chantry is a dominant religious institution.

The Qun is far from perfect but it does have good aspects that make it compelling - people are equal, your role is based on your abilities, not on your race or birth. Meanwhile, elves in alienages in Orlais are hunted for sport by chevaliers and the best life an average elf could hope for would be to become a servant for some rich noble. The reason why I think Sten could change the Qun is because he is described as a very curious qunari, which was unheard of before. Granted, he does say to Warden that qunari will invade the south eventually, but I still think there is a lot of potential here. Thoughts?


I was a Sophomore in college when I saw a trailer for Inquisition. I ended up buying it after Christmas while still on break. I had never played a Dragon Age game and didn’t even know that Inquisition was the third game in the franchise.

I was also introducing my girlfriend to new games, because she lived a pretty sheltered childhood and wanted her to experience an RPG after already playing games like Pokémon and kingdom hearts with her. At this point in time she was in a severe depression for a couple months, because of a medical condition caused by someone else, leaving in a lot of pain, limited mobility, and recovering from several broken bones. We fired up Dragon Age Inquisition and she made her human rouge. As we played it was the first time I heard her laugh in months. We both started to love the characters and dialogue. She experienced her first full blow game addiction playing the game for 7+ hours when she came over, because there were really no activities should could do without pain. It was really nice going through all the choices, environments and chat with her having a smile on her face. This caused us to both repeatedly play Inquisition and eventually Origins and DA2. Because of that wonderful experience Dragon Age and especially Dragon Age Inquisition will always hold a special place for us.


In the Fade, the Inquisitor's fear manifests as giant spiders (totally reasonable). Most people like to give them fears more suited to their personality or past.

How does your Inquisitor's fear manifest (as the fearlings and the nightmare demon), and why?



I’ve played a lot of choise-based RPG’s (also, all of the Dragon Age games), but I have never really role played. I always just chose the things that I would do or say in that situation. I’ve read a lot of people’s stories on here about their characters and their backstory.

I would like to role play all of the Dragon Age games now. But how do I start? How do I create a convincing character/backstory etc?



So I just gave back stens sword. This is the first time I've decided to do everyone's companion quest. I talked to Dog and then Sten was talking about his sword. It was just so... Amazing, I really love how much depth they give to the characters. If I didn't love Dog so much I would give him to Sten. It just seems like they understand each other perfectly.


Let's just say that DA4, in addition to the standard character creation options, lets you import one of your heroes from a previous completed game of DAO, DA2, or DAI. I say "headcanon" because I'd imagine while we all have multiple mains we'd like to play in DA4, most of us (at least I do) have a character who's storyline we'd like to see continued the most. Not necessarily a favorite character, just the way you developed them over their game life, and the stories they've lived, the choices they've made, and trials they've faced.

(Let's assume that if you left your DA2 Hawke in the Fade, he/she somehow managed to survive and come back. Or not. Your call.)

Casting my vote for my Hawke main. Second would be my 1st Inquisitor (hopefully with a new dwarven made, lyrium-infused, Winter Soldier-style arm).

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Keeper of the Bears
54 minutes ago

I'm back with more AU scenarios! In one of the DA books (Asunder, I believe) it is suggested that maybe a conclave could be held at Val Royeaux. Of course, as we all know, that didn't happen.

But what if it had?

The damage would be so much worse than at Haven. Certain companions might have died before we ever get to know them as companions. The Orlesian Civil War might be crippled.

What other changes do you see being made if the Conclave (and subsequent explosion) took place in Val Royeaux rather than in Haven? How would it affect Orlais? The other nations?

Where would the Inquisition's home base be before Skyhold?


After Solas is done having a chat with my PC, the screen goes white and should play the Skyhold intro cutscene. However, the screen just stays white and nothing happens. I've tried looking for solutions, but all other posts are on PC instead of Xbox. Any tips? I've already tried an earlier save before In Your Heart Shall burn, but it still soft locked.


As much as I love these games, I don't tend to role-play them much. I just make all the decisions I would make, not really trying to approach things from a specific direction. Even when I play them again, I tend to just repeat my first playthrough and fix whatever mistakes I made. This time, though, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to create three characters that would logically make all the opposite choices I would naturally make. My DA2 character was Justin Hawke, a sarcastic mage who reluctantly threw in with the mages. From the very beginning, Marian Hawke was designed to be someone who would choose the templars. An aggressive rogue, I let Bethany die in the Deep Roads, rivaled Anders and befriended Fenris, and blamed the deaths of my entire family on magic.

Even then, I could barely do it. Once Act 3 rolls around, supporting the templars is just so unreasonable. Meredith is preventing anyone from becoming Viscount so she can remain in power, and muscling in on the City Guard to make Aveline fall in line. Even if I don't like mages, why would I be ok with this? I didn't pick a side in the Orsino-Meredith debate, and after that, the Templars treated me like an enemy! I go to the gallows, and Cullen has the audacity to say I am less of a friend to the templars of late. Dude, you just told me that Meredith is going mad, why should I owe you people anything? I do a favor for Meredith, and the whole time she's acting like a bloodthirsty, power-hungry, condescending fanatic. Christ, my Hawke didn't like mages, and I thought that would be enough, but Meredith seems like a paranoid zealot about to appoint herself Judge of the World. I've no reason to support her during the idiotic Best Served Cold quest, and when I give Thrask lukewarm answers, the game treats me like I've already picked the mages. I tried to play pro-templar, but Orsino was the one who called me in for The Last Straw.

I haven't played DA2 in a while, so I forgot how the final choice was framed. Good God, was that done horribly. An apostate blows up the Chantry, so in response, Meredith is going to massacre all the Circle Mages? What the fuck? That's not pragmatism, that's Stupid Evil. Orsino begs her to spare them, but she won't have it. Hell, on the steps of the Gallows, Orsino gives her everything he wants, says the mages will submit completely if she revokes the Rite. And what does she say? "The people will demand retribution, and I'm going to give it to them." You've got to be kidding me. That's not the attitude of a templar, that's the mindset of someone who's been wanting to massacre the mages her entire life and is finally getting the chance. Why are we killing these people? Peace? "Order"? What bullshit! The mages wouldn't fight if we hadn't attacked. Kill Anders, by all means, but then put the Gallows on lockdown and hold back the rioters. We have three completely innocent mages surrender to us, and I have to talk Meredith out of butchering them.

What's crazy is that somehow, playing the Templar side actually made me more sympathetic to the mages. I thought Orsino was a total hypocrite: a secret maleficar conspiring with a serial killer, bitching about unjust persecution one moment and performing blood magic the next. I believed he was everything templars accused all mages of being, and though I never regretted siding with the mages, I felt I had to cede that to Meredith. But today, five years later, I slaughter my way to Orsino, and what does he say? "The irony is that until this very moment, I have never used blood magic." I couldn't believe it. I had no idea. Meredith doesn't believe him, but fuck her, why would he lie? This is the end of the line. He says he didn't turn in Quentin because he knew what Meredith would do. God, have I been wrong this entire time? Was Orsino actually innocent?

That was wrong. There was no justification for any of it. It was immoral, and I feel ashamed of playing through it. Like a sadist crying "for the greater good" while slaughtering the innocent out of bloodlust. Maybe I succeeded at my goal too well, because Marian Hawke was also designed to be left behind in the Fade instead of Alistair. I wanted her to be someone with nothing left and a world of guilt, and I guess I got my wish.

And you know what the very worst thing is? I'm not even pro-mage. I've got little patience for their lame-ass "oversight is oppression! restraints are slavery!" rhetoric, and I've got even less for "blood magic did nothing wrong!" I swear, some of these mage activists would be shocked to learn that Tevinter is actually a real place, not Chantry propaganda. I sided with the templars in Inquisition and couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I'm all for pragmatism, and I believe there has to be something like the Circle system to educate, protect, and control mages. This choice should have been an easy sell for me, but even when I went way out of my way to make it work, I still felt like I had no reason to side with the templars except to see the other ending.

In conclusion, Bioware fucked up with DA2's ending. I don't mind having the occasional Stupid Evil decision, like giving Fenris to Danarius or sacrificing the alienage elves in DAO, but the core conflict and grand finale of your game needs nuance. I feel like it wouldn't even have been that hard to fix. When the Chantry goes up, have Orsino refuse to submit to the templar's authority and declare the Circle's independence. Then, the question is whether the abuse the mages have suffered warrants them having no checks on their actions. Whether Meredith's failures have invalidated her right to command them, or her abuses are preferable to a pretty corrupted Circle running amok. God, almost anything would have been better than what we got.


Decided basically today that I want to try the Dragon Age franchise. At the moment I only care about mods for the first game, I'll worry about modding the other games after I beat the first one.

I will download it from Origin, all my other EA games are there so I might as well. I guess I should download the "Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition", seems like there was a lot of DLC.

Anyways, for a first-timer, I'm looking for mod recommendations, in particular:

  • Graphic Mods/Overhauls: I'm looking for something easy to install - either by drag and drop or by an installer. The game is a bit dated, so I wouldn't mind making it a bit more beautiful.
  • Controller Support: I'm guessing much like Mass Effect, the PC version of this game does not have native controller support. I use a wired XBOX 360 Controller, I like to kick back on my sofa when I play single player games.
  • Essential Gameplay Mods: Being a first timer I don't want to drastically change the game, but if there are some quality of life mods you swear by, please post them.
  • Any other information (regardless if it's related to mods) that I should know about as a first-timer, please post your recommendations.

I appreciate any feedback, wish me luck!


Good afternoon and welcome to the headcanon sharing circle! Each week we post a few creative prompts for character development and share our OCs.

#Sponsor the weekly thread!

We take turns picking the questions every week, so please volunteer to host if you enjoy the weekly posts!

Aug 28: u/Seren-Pedac

- **Mention your interest in the comments – this week's host will tag the next person.**

- Then just copy and paste this pre-formatted [pastebin text](r/ with any 2 questions of your choice.

- Browse, add, and get ideas over at the [list of prompts](r/

` `


(You can answer just one or both, with as many characters as you want. Pictures and character summaries are fine. Short answers or novel-length walls of text are fine.)

Prompt 1

Does your character have a belonging that is special to them? Why is it important to them

Prompt 2

What's your character's favorite weather/season?

Bonus Prompt

What is your character's preferred way to travel?

` `

###And don't forget to take the time to read and comment on other people's posts!


Right now I'm playing as a female elf inquisitor who is a mage. I'm still in haven right now, so I have time to decide. Thing is I have no idea who to pick. This is my first time playing as a female inquisitor, so I have no idea which romance leads to the most interesting game.

Anyway, so far she has flirted with Cullen, Blackwall, Iron Bull, and Solas. Probably going to choose one of them. I'm considering Blackwall so I can have my inquisitor dump him in the Val Royeux prison and leave him to be executed. The thing is I made this inquisitor ridiculously beautiful and also more of an intellectual, so I don't really imagine her having any interest in Blackwall, who is sort of socially awkward and boring, without the looks to make up for it.

As for Solas, I think that would also make for an interesting gameplay, but the thing is I imagine my inquisitor would either friend zone him, cheat on him, or get swooped by a more manly man.

As for Iron Bull and Cullen, I could see my inquisitor sleeping with them, but probably not full on romancing either.

I'm not going to romance Josephine because I pretty much always end up romancing Josephine and I want to do somwthing different. And Sera is kind of annoying, and my inquisitor doesn't really like her.

So yeah, can't decide. Ideally there is a way to romance multiple characters. Is that possible ? Help me out y'all, I can't decide.


Sometimes when i use leaping shot my Inquisitor stands still and shoots the arrows. Is this a bug? I can't recreate it, it seems to happen randomly. It's very useful though, for dragons. How do i recreate it?


The game looks fine, but the way the camera works is totally atrocious. Cant look down, up, and freely rotate the camera without moving my character. Is there any way to fix this? Only 30ish minutes in, but cant force myself playing w this awkward camera.

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goddamit morrigan stop disapproving me being nice to people
23 hours ago

I usually go out of my way to please everyone, even reloading if I get disapproval from a follower. I feel like im missing out, so since I hate myself im gonna do a playthrough as the biggest asshole to ever walk thedas.

Any ideas/ suggestions? So far ive got:


  • Siding with templars in the tower and doing the rite of annulment
  • siding with the werewolves and killing zathrian
  • sacrificing isolde to enter the fade and then not killing the demon
  • might just let redcliffe die while im at it. Dunno if i could be a bigger jerk if i helped everyone survive
  • be a spy for bhelen and put harrowmont on the throne at the last moment
  • side with branka
  • bring leliana to defile the urn of sacred ashes
  • recruit loghain, put anora on the throne and exile my boy alistair (this will be hard)
  • wingman for oghren and then ruin his relationship in awakening
  • kill flemeth


  • rival EVERYONE
  • let carver die in the deep roads after blaming him for bethany's death
  • rivalmance anders after sleeping with everyone
  • give fenris back to danarius (another one i could only bear to watch a video of)
  • kill feynriel (or take the demon's deal if it wont end my rivalmance with anders)
  • be a blood mage and side with the templars
  • leave anders alive
  • kill the dalish after merrill's companion quest
  • let varric keep the red lyrium shard
  • give isabela to the arishok
  • decline aveline's companion quest to help her hook up with donnic

DA:I (Ive only played sided with the mages the two times ive played inquisition, so if there are any diferrent opportunities to be a jerk when siding with the templars, please let me know! ^^)

  • make cullen take lyrium again
  • make blackwall continue his lie
  • punch dorian
  • punch solas
  • push cassandra into crippling alcoholism
  • encourage leliana to be a sneaky sociopath (that one war table operation where she suggests cutting out that bard's tongue for spreading rumors for example)
  • sacrifice the chargers
  • not do varric's last companion quest
  • leave hawke in the fade
  • exile the grey wardens
  • desecrate the elven burial ground in the exalted plains (Dont know a whole lot of ways to be a jerk in this game besides being rude to your inner circle and being a murder hobo in general)

I do most of the side quests, so if there's any way to be evil during those, id appreciate the suggestions.

Edit: fixed terrible mobile formatting

Edit the second: the fun begins. Since I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy, I have named my warden appropriately. Meet Cawke Surana, known for being the biggest bellend in Kinloch Hold.

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I couldn't think of anything cool to write here
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So, there just seems to be no shortage of things to talk about with Solas. Recently I thought about something in regards to Solas' betrayal...

I say betrayal, because it's not really a betrayal in the traditional story-telling sense. Sure, he's on your team for a while and eventually leaves you and does something you disagree with, but it runs deeper than that, and, in my opionion, elevates it higher than any other betrayal in all og gaming. Here are my points

He never really lies to you: Throughout Inquisition, as you talk to Solas, you always get the sense he isn't telling you everything. I mean, understandable; you wouldn't tell a random person your whole life story a few days after meeting them, just because they asked you. But it's not quite the same as, let's say, Varric, where he's clearly hiding stuff from you at the beginning, but slowly and surely he tells you more and more about himself until you become great friends with him and know him as a person. Solas is always kind of an enigma. You can feel like you're his friend or his enemy, you can assume what your relationship with him is and there can be moments where you think you know exactly what he thinks about you (the "Punching Solas" scene), but you never really get the full picture. And that's because, what he really is, is an ancient god of mischief and trickery. He's always being partially honest, but twisting his own words just enough to manipulate you.

He's not a mustache twirler: So, granted, this isn't very common in Dragon Age to begin with, but it's still appreciated. He doesn't laugh at you and say "Muahahaha, I really tricked you, didn't I?". Now, you could say that him telling you his big "evil" plan while (pretty much) holding you hostage in Trespasser is pretty cliché. But, when he does it, he's not doing it to spite you or show off how evil and maniacal he is. He's doing it in the vain hope that you'll agree with him, and if you don't... "Well, that sucks, guess I'll never see you again. It's not like you can stop me" Ok, as douchie as I made him sound there, He's always trying to be friendly with you. That's why you're able to feel like you're friends, because in those moments, he really is. As much as he twists his words, his friendliness and kindness is genuine, and not just a facade.

For the most part, he IS on your side: Throughout all of the main story in Inquisition, your goals are the same. Seal the rift, stop Corypheus, get the orb. That last part might be for different reasons, but it's still a mutual goal. He gives you Skyhold, he advices you, he aids you in combat, he talks to you as a friend, he takes that punch like a fucking champ (the "Punching Solas" scene) and none of it is false. He helps you save the world so that they can "die in comfort". When he leaves you, it's not because he was a secret sleeper agent the whole time, it's because he's done with you. He used you for what he intended, kind of got what he wanted, and went on to continue his quest.

You can dislike him: You're allowed to not like Solas. Like any good RPG, your character is whoever you want them to be, and their opinions are whatever you want them to be. So, you have the option to be an absolute dickhead to Solas (the "Punching Solas" scene). Your relationship with him is reflected in the final moments of Trespasser. When his betrayal is revealed, if you liked him, it comes as a shock, and if you didn't like him you say "wow, I hated you man, but I didn't think you were THAT bad". And you were right, he isn't THAT bad. He's doing what he thinks is right. And even if you choose to be an ass to him all the way through to the end of Trespasser, he doesn't just let the Mark kill you out of spite, because he knows that your death would only bring more chaos. He saves you, possibly destroying the Mark and closing himself off from it, forcing himself to find a new way to tear down the veil. You can dislike him, but he'll always keep being a kind, friendly soul trying to do what he thinks is right.

In conclusion: Solas' writing has elevated a simple predictable betrayal to something far greater and worthy of his title as trickster god. If he ends up being a villain or the main villain in DA4, I can easily see him becoming one of gaming's all-time greatest villains. He already has the best betrayal in all of gaming, so this is the next logical step.

You know, I really feel like it shouldn't actually be called a "betrayal". It's more like, a break-up, like in Captain America: Civil War. If you haven't seen Civil War you should seriously go watch it; it's a top-tier action movie, with fantastic writing and character work, on par with Dragon Age. Just watch the whole Cap trilogy, while you're at it. Hell, watch the whole MCU while you're at it.


I am positive this has been discussed before, but I have gotten a little confused. Could someone point me in the direction of the comics/books that are based on the world of Dragon Age? In particular, I have heard somewhere that the Chargers are featured in some comics and I would love to get my hands on those. Is this actually a thing? I have read Asunder, the novel. Are the other novels worth the read? Also, if you have a favorite fanfiction, don't hesitate to share! Any and all pairings apply, I care more about quality then anything else. I'm obsessed with the games and want to get even more lore under my belt.

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