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Stickied post

Welcome to the /r/dragonballfighterz daily discussion thread!

In this thread, you can discuss anything that you feel doesn''t warrant its own post.

There are some common discussion topics in the comments below but feel free to discuss anything you like!


Be good to each other.

Follow the rules of the subreddit.

Don''t be afraid to ask for help.

If you have any suggestions relating to this thread or the subreddit in general, please use the feedback form here!

If you''re looking for a less structured forum for discussion you can find the link to our discord here!

Good luck and have fun everyone!


Its getting absolutely ridiculous I have been playing for 5 hours today and have only actually had one game played all the way soon as my opponents either A.start to lose or the very end as I kill their last character they quit. And as far as I know that means I don't get the least make it to where when someone leaves it'll give the person who quit the loss I love this game but this bullshit is almost gotten me to the point of not even wanting to play anymore.end rant


I honestly cannot dread a character more than bardock. I'm not saying he's unbalanced but the speed at which his moves come out is ridiculous and I can't find a way to either get out of his pressure or get an attack in to get a combo of my own. the speed of his moves just does not allow me to fight a bardock if they have a brain.

What do I do against bardock, is he generally thought to be overpowered and what are his weaknesses?


I believe Trunks OST is wonderful! Great! Spettacular!! I love it!!!!


DBFZ Tutorials Part 2

hey guys this is a video for any beginners struggling to find ways to use their ki gauges and play more creatively in dbfz


I want to see next dlc chars already even if they turn out to be the base forms. I’m interested in what move sets they bring to the game.


Cell players, would you still use him?

Does he need to be nerfed at all? (I thought no, untill I considered what's in the title.)

You would have a lot more of an advantage against Cell with a 6 frame light attack in certain situations, such as after a blocked Overhead.

I also think it puts Cell more in line with the other Tall-Characters: A21, A16, Broly, and Nappa.


I live in Tunisia where French PSN gift cards are the only way to buy PS4 games digitally for a reasonable price.
I have an Italian account because I used to get my games, subscriptions and gift cards from Italy back in the day, but I can no longer get stuff from there.
My sister has a French PSN account and we use the same console.
Since I buy games and PS+ subscriptions on her account to play them on my account, I'd like to know if I can do the same thing with DLC characters for FighterZ (and fighting games in general).


I'm practice a lot on vegito and found I do like his kit. Although he burns through meter quite quickly, he is a high damage character. I usually main Goku ss, bardock, and Goku black/Vegeta blue. I'm trying to use Vegeta ss which is helpful, but can't decide on another character that actually works. What assists help him extend combos and/block strings?

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