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(I made this post on r/dbfz as well)

I just checked the PS4 Deals Subreddit Here and if you watch the trailer for Detroit become human you can get a code for 20% off PSN. I just managed to Snag DBFZ + The Season Pass for $75 You can use this link

EDIT: This Seems to be NA only. I don't know how to change the title of a reddit post so please read this!


To preface this, I didn't only use auto combos as that would make it actually impossible to mix people up, but I did not use regular combo play, so my maximum damage would be around 3k without using supers.

The Composition So I ran blue Goku, Yamcha, and Trunks for the most part in ranked. The reason for this is that these guys have optimal light auto combos that either allow for mixups on their own, or go into mixup specials.

  • Goku Blue: Light auto combo has a low into an overhead which is easily the best light mixup in the game. The advanced tech here is going from 2 lights into 2 mediums, where an opponent might expect you to mash light for the overhead, you will hit a low in that time frame. Overall specials for him are fine, but spamming the instant transmission will get you caught out by players that are calm and use their brain. Note: when using the light into medium autocombo mixup, and your light attack hits, you cannot go for the 2nd medium, as the low attack will miss. Use a down heavy and superdash from there, then 3 lights.

  • Yamcha: This guy is my current bread and butter. Almost no one plays him so it's easy to mixup your opponents with wolf fang fist and the heavy attack. Learning what wolf fang fist does is key to using this character so you can close out or win games in general with the mixup potential. Medium WFF (Wolf Fang Fist) will teleport behind them, and in over 300 matches this has still hit every player I play against. The light one isnt bad either if you step behind them, but I tend to get caught out more often. Knowing how to hard knock down with spirit ball is key. In block strings I pretty much just mash buttons and then WFF to try and hit them, sometimes instead of a special I'll hit heavy and if you land it while they are blocking, you can go right back to auto mashing and they tend to get hit.

  • Trunks: My least favorite. Only reason I picked him was for the sword jump special attack because it hits sometimes and allows for a super after, along with his level 3 being the most powerful as a raw super. Best thing you can do with autocombo strings is 3 lights, and then use the big fire explosion special after he slices as this will mixup. You can do any special here really but that one seems to be the fastest. A troll tactic I worked out with yamcha and trunks is to use spirit ball point blank, and hope they block it. Push your opponent closer towards you with spirit ball and then trunks level 3. Not really worth trying to go for but if it works it'll do great damage.

Faults This playstyle is bad. For any new player, like me, this was the easiest way to get BP and still have fun doing what I do. I've never played fighting games before and only picked this one up because I wanted to play the characters I liked from the show, which happened to be great for auto combo play. Where the playstyle comes short is its damage, it straight up sucks. Great combo players will kill a character with 2 combos, each doing 5k+ damage, whereas this will require at least 3 combos, assuming no switch outs. Smart players will start to easily read what you do and it really tuckers out around 600k BP. Playing online also suits this playstyle due to frame delay, sorry to those who suffer from it.

So yeah, feel free to ask anything about this playstyle and my journey through ranked from a fresh fighting game player perspective. If you want to 1v1 me to witness the true power of AutoComboGOD DM me, always down to play a few rounds. Thinking about making a video about my though process in matches.


Don’t get me wrong, the ranked climb is great but I’d also like to hit those fatty ring matches and actually be able to discuss the things that happen in this game with someone who actually understands and cares about the game. Now I’m looking for some buds who wanna play some DBFZ. Edit: PSN- MtDewRitos


Why do most people tier whore instead of just trying to learn their favorite characters? Also, why was this “balance patch” so underwhelming?


Up until this week I had been stubborn and frustrated. Something inside of me just thought it was wrong to pick the big 6 (a Cell, Vegeta, Gohan, Bardock, Kid Buu, 21 team) when for literally a month those were the only teams I was facing 90% of the time.

Well no more! I am now one of the sheeple, the newest Bardock Cell Vegeta player. The wins are flowing, the rage quits are rolling in, and the FUN is higher than ever.

Just a word of advice for stubborn casual players out there like me - the top tiers are top tier for a reason, all the extra tools they have with full screen moves, invincibility, pressure options, really does make the game 100 times more fun.


Tried looking around but couldn’t find anything. Seems early if it’s to celebrate Vegito/Zamasu being added on the 31st.


Once again Bandai Namco will demonstrate their newest dlc character on openrec hosted by Nuki with special guests Porunga and Eita. Should be the same format as the previous times.



after watching DBS again and seeing the mvp in action i'm really excited for him to be added. I wonder how they'll use his barriers, and i hope that the triple beams he used in the last episode on Jiren will be his assist cuz it's awesome.


Register here: RSVP @

North East Z is proud to present - The Z Fighterz Ball 2! A Dragon Ball FighterZ ONLY Regional event! w/ upto a $200 Pot-Bonus!

Platform: PS4 XBOX Players are welcome to compete via CronusMaxPlus lag-free adapters.

Location: Hitbox Arena 25 Kinnelon Rd Kinnelon NJ 07405 201-704-3802


3:00pm - Doors Open/Casuals

4:00pm - Pools 1-2

6:00pm - Pools 3-4

8:00pm - Final Bracket

8:00pm - Redemption Bracket for those who were 0-2 or 1-2 in main bracket.

1v1 - $10 per player Venue fee - $10

*$100 Pot-Bonus if we reach 32+ entrants

*$200 Pot-Bonus if we reach 48+ entrants

Come one...Come All... To The Z Fighterz Ball!


Trying to best optimize my odds on dropping a specific color for one of the upcoming characters, just curious on how many drops are added too the pool when you purchase a dlc fighter. All i know for sure is that 6 colors are added.


I recently had a matchup against Bardock. I was Goku Black.

I vanished. Started mashing light.

He blocked it. Started mashing light.

He won. Every time. I thought vanish was supposed to be + on block.

Can someone please explain the mechanics? Was this lag or was I outplayed?


I find that recently every match I play has an input delay somewhere between 1-5 frames, according to the counter on top of the screen. Yet the actual game keeps freezing and stuttering more akin to something that's 20+ frames. Am I alone in this?

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