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A free update on May 9 Bringing FighterZ Cup, Party Battle, Improvements

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140 points · 1 month ago

Recovery frames adjusted on adult Gohan's multi kick thank fuck

45 points · 1 month ago

Correct me if im wrong but It only says heavy version. if thats correct then his blockstring still is untouched with assists he is still a menace just cant do it with his heavy kick which is pretty fair

67 points · 1 month ago

His blockstring with assists is unchanged. The heavy version could make it possible for people to go on forver with their blockstrings. I could never do it, but you saw it with guys like GO1.

But I feel like this change brings Gohan down to all other characters' level where the blockstring can only go as far your assist will take you.

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As long as he has assists I think. I don’t think the M and L versions are safe without assists or a vanish cancel right?

6 points · 1 month ago

correct! which is what I said! which is good thing because it was pretty dumb to block against him when he has no assist then only to have his assist ready by the next strings.

Oh ya u right u right haha.

now when they mean heavy, do they mean ex?

6 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

yea, same thing. Edited:sorry i thought you said that its called ex. Yeah it just means the meter burn version of his kicks which was a big issue of his gameplan

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how is he a menace? if you're covering his L legs with an assist, it's pretty much a completely typical blockstring that any character can execute

2 points · 1 month ago

he still has his light kick untouched which means he can still do serious damage with his leg loops, along with invul dp, and great normals!

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Too many times have I missed my 2H with Lord Frieza. Well, let me tell you fools something... NOT ANYMORE! OHHOHOHOHOHO

Exactly my reaction OOOOHOHOHO

2 points · 1 month ago

What's weird is that I never thought it was broken, I always have the best luck with his 2H because of how wide and easy it is to hit with. Not complaining but I didn't really see the issue.

There was this strange dead zone on the inside of his 2h whether the opponent would be airborne or grounded. For anyone else in the cast using their 2h, this is the sweet spot where the enemy would get absolutely nailed. Although Frieza's 2h has a little more horizontal compared to the majority of the cast, it wasn't exactly doing it's job good enough. Pair that dead spot with the fact that his 2h is a projectile and it actually becomes one of the worst in the game, right next to kid buu's.

Seems like you may have mastered the actual hitbox and timing more than I did with the 2h if you didn't experience it.

Probably way more over analysis than anyone needs, but it's just my opinion as a Frieza player and someone who typically uses characters with worse than average 2h's.

Beerus 2m has better recovery thank fuck

What if they made it plus on block :)

Just gatling it to 5M and hit confirm like everyone else.

57 points · 1 month ago

Party Battle sounds like it could be interesting. Hopefully you can do it solo, game needs more solo content to do.

The big question. Can you play it locally? Please fuck. I want to play with friends without constantly obliterating them... ..don't tell me to go easy on them, that helps no-one.

Yes please, I was just about to post this too. I currently only play locally and it's often a pain to get friends on board when they dislike getting destroyed and me going easy, even when they're brand new to the game.

I've been having the same problem... Can't just throw matches not fun for anybody and way too obvious. Just tilts them harder.

More solo content? Dude, story mode is like a million years long.

29 points · 1 month ago

Good solo content.

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Is just me that's Pretty Hype For Fighterz Cup?

Can't wait to fight in the name of Lord Yamchad

Can't wait to bring glory to Lord Frieza OOHOHOHOHO

Hit will rise again to the top tier of dbz

Shoutouts to Cell staying Perfect.

Those barriers work wonders...

Even more perfect than before

doesn't his 214 M not go behind them anymore? thats kind of a nerf

I think it means that his command grab will no longer whiff midscreen? lmao did they actually buff cell

39 points · 1 month ago

Now players will be able to recover from the ground when hit by Android 16's Dynamite Driver

I guessing this means it's not a hard knockdown anymore?

I was expecting a lot of nerfs for Gohan and A16, but all these changes seem pretty fair.

Seems the biggest changes for those two are the hard knockdown removal and heavy machinegun kick safety.

So happy they didn't go overboard. Very happy with the Gohan and 16 changes. My only question now, is will Gohan's backhands retain hard knockdown in level 1? Or has he lost hard knockdown completely?

9 points · 1 month ago

He only had access to hard knockdown from level1. Him and A16 were the only characters that had hard knockdowns besides level 3 supers, as far as I know. So it seems with this patch only level 3 supers will give a hard knockdown.

Is it a sliding knockdown now or just a soft knockdown? That move would be really weird if there was no knockdown when performed on the ground.

3 points · 1 month ago

I assume it will be the same sliding knockdown you get from the medium version. Which would just mean that there's really no reason to go for the heavy version mid combo instead of the light version.

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17 points · 1 month ago

Did they remove Gotenk's Restand?

10 points · 1 month ago

That's what it implies I think

I'm sorry for my ignorance but what is restand? I've been using Gotenks since launch and I don't know what that means.

3 points · 1 month ago

multiple characters can use the gotenks assist to create a restand situation, where after eating a combo have 0 options besides guess correct once or die Sonic Fox uses it alot with cell, but they have found them with kid buu, bardock, and an assortment of other characters


Ah I see. When I think about it I did that a lot but it never connected well so I kinda stopped (guess I wasn't good enough) When I play Gotenks now I'm mainly trying to do this lol

Its getting removed so no point.

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• Fixed an issue where the Z Assist Character is displayed while performing Ginyu's Body Change

• Fixed an issue where Ginyu's Jumping Heavy attack can put an opponent in the sliding knockdown state in a different timing than other characters

I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed

10 points · 1 month ago

He's already perfect so there's no need to change him

A faster 2m would be nice

They literally nerfed piccolo again. Wtf arc systems. Hookgangod said if he didn’t get a buff he’d have to drop him.

I’m honestly a little bit annoyed by some of these changes. Was cross up protecting on Piccolos awful, useless, assist really a priority?

The Broly changes don’t make much sense either. They nerfed the top tiers sure, but black, gohan, cell, 16, Kid Buu, and Vegeta are still going to outclass everyone.

Second change will probably help make using milky cannon after a hard knockdown reliable outside of the corner.

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13 points · 1 month ago

Was hoping for more changes to Broly but it doesn't seem like he will be affected much. Though, with nerfs to some of the other characters it will naturally bring others up a bit. But still.

3 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I don't even understand his j.2H change

IKR. It's not like everyone was just abusing it. The Broly changes were really perplexing.

No I meant as in, I literally don't understand it. Did it ever absorbs more than one hit ? Even so it will still have at least one hit of armor and as such I don't get how one could counter it with 2H.

FIGHTERZ CUP: a monthly competition where players can fight and collect points for their respective Z-Union

Vegeta fans, REPRESENT!



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TienShinhan, REPRESENT!



Ohohoho filthy monkeys

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This is disappointing if this is the balance batch.

The patch does hit A. Gohan, A16, and Vegeta but does absolutely nothing for the lower tiers.

Speak for yourself, SSGSS Vegeta and Beerus shall rise from their godly ashes!

They were barely changed though

Blugeta had a really good change that most people may not notice. Not only that Big Bang Attack was tweaked, it seems like he can combo his Medium "On a scale from 1 to 10..." without having to vanish first which is a HUGE change imo. Now, you can combo into Niagra pummel without wasting a level of meter AND assisting from the drop will be easier to extend combos.

Been a Blugeta main since Day 1, this all excites me.

That vanish combo thing is actually huge. That's always what I see people complaining about

Also his ki blasts suck less now. So, you know, they might actually decent poking options instead of trying to fish for a vanish combo because Big Bang attack has long ass startup and recovery

Beerus isn't rising from anything. His changes were basically very small / next to nothing

Comment deleted1 month ago

lol less recovery on his 2M think this will flip the enitre character meta on its head? he's still a bottom 5 character.

Comment deleted1 month ago

you literally replied to a post concerning the changes to beerus

As a Bluegeta main, can confirm, am hard right now.

9 points · 1 month ago

Beerus still sucks though. This change won't help him almost at all. Instead of them empty jump punishing 2M they can just jump punish it instead.

But they barely changed anything at all

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Krillin got absolutely buffed as fuck. Well, his rock did anyway (don't sleep on the rock).

imo, Krillin is already a really solid character and suffers more from lack of exploration rather than debilitating weaknesses.

My biggest complaint about Krillin is that I wish his 2M had a liiiiiiiitle bit more range on its slide. It's incredibly frustrating using Krillin against characters like Cell and Gohan, who cover half the fucking screen with their 2M.

True, but I mean he is a little dude and his tiny hurtbox saves him from stuff so I guess that's the trade off? He's a pretty mobile dude anyhow with his jumping kamehameha and the afterimage jump

Yeah, it's definitely give and take. Broly's grab just straight up misses him, which is fun. I almost never use the 2M to hit confirm with Krillin, unless I'm in the corner or something. It's an exercise in mobility until you can get an opening.

They just need to make it so you can choose if you want the rock or senzu bean when you actually play him. Ex senzu bean is NOT good in block strings

Krillin Indeed had an interesting buff. I wonder how it will affect the meta of the character

10 points · 1 month ago

No need to buff the low tier if you nerf the top one IMO. They're probably waiting to see how it unfolds before adjusting further if needed.

Agree. If the top tiers are brought down, it could lvl out with the mid - low teirs and see where they land. Cause in the beginning, Black was "Broken" but now people know how to play the game, and hes pretty balanced.

Characters like cell are still top tier and they didn't really do anything about them

Well I think that hitting the high tiers and making them about mid tier buffs the lower tier characters since the 'op' characters aren't very op anymore

I'm curious how to the changes to Bluegeta's command grabs will work.

"• Adjusted Vegeta (SSGSS)'s On a Scale of One to Ten, I'll Give You a Three! so that it's easier now to grab an opponent and follow up with Z assists"

Right now you can use assists to combo from the heavy version (in the corner), you can't do anything off of the light version, and you can only vanish off the medium version. Does this mean all versions can convert off of assists? If so, that's actually a pretty decent buff, which makes me excited since I just picked him up.

You can combo off the medium dunk if you have a fast assist like Bardock or Yamcha. You have to wait till you hit the ground before you can call assist, so I'm thinking they might allow you to call assist as you're coming down to hit the ground. If that's what they do, then as long as you time it right you should be able to combo after a medium dunk with many assists.

Oo shit, didn't even know that was possible. I use black and Tien and just assumed you couldn't. This is gonna be pretty sick. You can turn any stray anti-air grab into a pretty decent combo now. You also can pretty easily corner some, choosing which grab to end your combos with.

You definitely can't use a long combo before the dunk into assist, the opponent will automatically tech out after 10 seconds, but if you wanna get weird you can use that tech out as a funky ass reset to catch people in another combo, especially if you're using the kick rekkas and switch directions in the middle of it.

39 points · 1 month ago

If this is the balance patch, then it's really disappointing. Mostly bug fixes.

12 points · 1 month ago

Pretty disappointing patch. Hard knockdown removal for gohan and 16 is good, everything else is marginal shit. Frieza and beerus need way more than a simple hitbox fix and better recovery for a couple of moves

This can't be the full balance patch can it? This does nothing for Beerus and a lot of other low tiers

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10 points · 1 month ago

No more Hard Knockdown on Dynamite Driver?
Less blockstun on Vegeta assist?
Less frame advantage on Gohan EX kick?

I dunno... this patch seems "kinda" important. They definetly doing nerfs already. We'll have to wait and see if we get the REAL patch when DLC drops.

You probably meant


-not 'definetly'

Beep boop. I am ^^a bot whose mission is to correct your spelling. This action was performed automatically. Contact me if I made A mistake or just downvote please don't

good bot

There's another balance patch? I thought this was it

You’re getting your hopes up if you think there will be another patch with the DLC.

PRAISE ARCSYS, 16 finally getting nerfed

This is all i wanted out of the patch. I would've been happy with just the nerf to the dynamite dunk, but projectile invincibility is just icing on the cake.


Yeah i literally only wanted a vegeta and 16 nerf and then i think the game is fine. Im hype as hell.

"Adjusted the knock back distance of an opponent so that Nappa's Jumping Down Heavy attack is more likely to hit twice"

No more running from Saiba 😈😈

Can you explain? I didn’t see it as that much of a buff, I haven’t had a problem landing the second hit

Sometimes when you do it mid screen you just never get the second hit. I usually plant then go for iad and they come down but usually aren't close enough for me to keep them blocking.

3 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Vegeta assist wasn’t nerfed enough.

On the real, has anyone ever played a Gohan that used the HKD 214H? I’ve never even seen it used once.

I’ve mainly seen 214 used after an air combo. And burn meter to gain levels instead.

Lol i was just starting to use it, found a combo you could do it in and everything. Oh well, its fair this way anyways.

As long as my gohan is a fair fight and im not gettng bitched at by every person in the game for using my favourite character im cool.

Is this the balance patch? Characters were barely changed??

5 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

well I guess my piccolo still doesn't have a meterless hard knockdown out of the corner.

Edit: Just searched for any mention of piccolo in 227 comments and no one else is even talking about him...

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That's all 18 got ;_;

i rather see that than nerfs lol

Very very true lol

Why did they nerf z reflect?? It's hardly good some characters can't be reflected because there second attack moves towards you like cell or black. This ridiculous. If I'm reading this right you can't do it twice in one motion now?

Made some adjustments to make it harder to execute the Z reflect for the second time in succession

Pretty sure that's there because trying to guarantee the reflect usually means you do two even if you were trying for one. Which means even if you wanted to follow-up you are stuck in a useless second reflect.

hmm, i think i get what youre saying. I see it as getting the player to time the reflects better than just spamming the reflect. Im not quite sure how this works.

Yep, this is how I also interpreted it. It happens to me all the time, so if that's the case, I'm happy about this.

yeah this is a godsend, I hate losing advantage after performing an extra, unnecessary reflect. That being said, its probably not going to be possible to just mash reflect anymore.

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21 points · 1 month ago

I think you're reading it wrong. I think it's trying to fix when you mash reflect, you sometimes accidentally get 2 reflects buffered. They're trying to make it so if you mash reflect you only get one out and not buffer a 2nd one by accident. That's how I read it.

This makes more sense here. If this is it then you just need to be more careful as to not mashing it to reflect? Is this still a nerf tho?

idk....I wouldlnt say its a nerf, more of an adjustment. lol i guess. itll be harder for people to spam reflect, but it can also help with not accidentally whiffing a reflect. Thats how I see it.

I'm pretty sure this is a fix to the HUGE buffer that would lead to people getting unwanted reflects after a successful reflect.

God that was annoying. I've even see pros get fucked up when they accidentally buffer one more and enemy just super dashed to punish them during recovery frames.

I think this was to resolve the issue where players accidentally buffer 2 reflects. cause they mashed it. I think you can still just mash it if you want 2.

I'm thinking it's more trying to eliminate the error of doing reflect one-too-many times and getting punished or something. Curious as to what "harder to execute" really means, though.

Bit of a double edged sword I suppose.

That's incredibly idiotic, the game favors offense so heavily over defense anyone.

Why Nerf the already lame defense options there are.

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9 points · 1 month ago

Well shit, minor 16 nerfs already? Hot damn.

MINOR NERFS?! While dropping projectile invincibility on his H attacks is a bummer, but they also added in ground recovery to his throw! That pretty took away his entire solo ability. Now he has to go for regular pressure and mixups, but with slow ass buttons and a minimal toolkit. At least that’s how I interpret the patch notes, if I’m wrong then please correct me....I hope I’m wrong

Thats slick all I ever wanted taken away from him. from that throw he had access to his whole kit. Thats why he could solo a team, and you cant kite him out either, so that helps taking away the invincibility.

8 points · 1 month ago

He's still pretty formidable without a hard knockdown. He also still has armor for regular attacks.

The hard knockdown was an unfair advantage for A16. He's my anchor character and even I have to admit it's pretty bullshit that he's the only one who had access to that.

I think one pro said that armor was a big noob stomper cause most pros just react with vanish or something along those lines.

I don't really remember and 16's 5H has always been really slow and clunky so I've been more reliant on outmoving him than trying to beat his armor

The hard knockdown was an unfair advantage for A16.

Does he have access to any other knockdown ?

level 3

His lvl 3

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now he has to go for regular pressure and mixups, but with slow ass buttons and a minimal toolkit

You mean like nappa? God forbid 16 becomes more challenging to play

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2 points · 1 month ago

By minor i meant relatively few changes - i phrased it poorly, sorry. I’m glad 16 got taken down a few pegs - fighting him might be a bit more tolerable now.

As a 16 player I can understand people getting frustrated against him, I mean he gets one combos on you can you get thrown into a vortex with the ground throw mixups. But that’s really all he does. He doesn’t have a fast IAD overh as attack (j.m is sloW AF), he has a shitty projectile that vanish confirms don’t always work off of, and as a big body he gets hit by quite a lot of stray attacks and mixups that don’t work on smaller characters. I think over time people would’ve adjusted just fine to his throw vortex to the point where it was no cheaper than any other characters mixups, but alas, now I will have to head back to the lab and find a more normal route to opening up opponents.

5 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

The knockdown was BS. He never should’ve had it. Made playing against him a miserable experience

You’re right about his strings though, he isn’t that hard to block. His knockdown was by far the most frustrating part of his kit.

Excellent patch!

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how dare he have to go for regular pressure and mixups. Also his buttons may be slow but a ton of his buttons have excellent properties otherwise:

Has a low hitting 2L

Has a really active j.L

Has good range on his 5M and 2M, and his 5M can recenter to extend combos.

His j.M still has solid frame data and excellent for mixups in the corner following a level 3.

Plus he still has armor against normals, and a dashing command grab in 236M. He just has to play with less unga and more patience at a medium range.

That is true, I suppose he’ll be more about patiently getting in and using his normals and up close footsies instead of flying around for a single hit. And u are right, his level 3 will still offer the same shenanigans it always has. I still find it amazing that some characters don’t have a low hitting L attack. Like who’s idea was that? Especially when you consider what other tools some of the characters have in addition to the low L (adult gohan, cell, vegeta...the usual suspects) but then rather minimalist characters like goku (ssj) have to rely on 2m.

I've thought about it a lot and a lot of the characters who don't have low hitting 2L's don't have it for a good reason and its because it would make them too strong, clashing with their overall design.

For example, Goku Black's strengths are tools in the neutral and powerful corner carry. For pressure he has his teleport. If he had access to a low hitting 2L not only would he be a monster at corner carrying and winning the neutral, he'd also be ridiculously scary in the corner. Imagine facing pressure of a teleport left-right mixup while also having to worry about a powerful potential high-low mixup.

Goku is meant to be a balanced character that has a basic tool for each point of gameplay. On defense he has kamehameha and can alter the trajectory of his basic ki blasts. On offense he has the instant overhead attack which the ex version of is a teleport, and for combo extensions and movement he has the whirlwind kicks. A low hitting 2L would make his pressure too strong because the threat of a teleporting overhead and a low 2L breaks his balanced design and gears him more towards pressure. He'd now be a powerful pressure character with access to defensive tools that other pressure characters don't normally have.

While I agree on goku black, ssj goku could certainly use a low 2L. His overhead attack has no active frames until he actually punches you, there are a good 2-4 frames where he’s in your face but doesn’t hit you, the L version doesn’t cause knockdown, the m version has at least 10 frames of startup and the ex version, while it does cause a sliding knockdown, you can combo from it meaning it’s just a 1 hit attack. When you have the opponent locked down with goku using an assist or block string, the opponent really only needs to watch for dragon rush and IAD over head crossups, which seem to be the bread and butter option nearly all characters have. As the quintessential ‘basic’ character, I just think he should have the classic abilities of fireball (kame), and basic high/lows. There’s not shenanigans there, just classic options that should be applied using assist cover to make them safe or convertable...also you can take my opinion with a grain of salt since ssj goku and 16 are 2 of my mains so I’m pretty bias. I was just hoping for more positive changes to happen to the less played characters in this patch

idk I kinda agree with you. Goku is supposed to be the balance guy but he feels kind weak and I think a low hitting 2L with average frame data, like barely reactable, would be an okay addition to his tool kit. Kinda like the one Goku blue has.

If he had that I might actually pick up goku again. He's fun but hard to go in with due to lack of any real strong pressure.

Ya my main issue with him is that there isn’t any real reason to play him over goku black. Black suffers from the same lack of a low 2L but has more a more diverse toolkit, better damage, better mixups. I get that goku has the angled kames and air kames but with how fast this game plays at higher levels, kame zoning isn’t really going to be a thing. I’m not super familiar with a lot of other characters but I think the same situation is why high level players use a small portion of the cast, some characters have the same weaknesses but better strengths, and vice versa

Black doesn't have better solo damage.

Super Saiyan Goku is fine. He gets a sliding knockdown from practically every confirm, and double supers for big damage. He can also control from a distance very well. Not every character needs to be a mix up monster.

Yeah I mean I wouldn't complain if he had a low hitting 2L but I think he's fine without it.

Oh no, 16 players will have to try and use other characters for more than assists, the horror

Laughs in perfect.


He's probably still going to be alright but he's def taking a huge hit. Blender mixups were basically his entire gameplan. He still has good damage and good assist combos, but he's not as strong as he once was for sure.

I'm a little confused on the A.Gohan advantage on the heavy machine gun kick. Does it mean that if they are in the corner I cannot continue the blockstring by myself?

ye once you run out of assist, itll be harder to solo. but, im wondering did they add so many frames that he touches the ground and cant dash afterwars.

1 point · 1 month ago

You don't understand the change.

They are reducing block advantage. Meaning, the opponent recovers faster.

It has nothing to do with Gohan's recovery.

• Reduced the frame advantage of Gohan (Adult)'s heavy version of Machine Gun Kick when it's blocked by an opponent

Meaning, he has more recovery frames, making him unsafe. he has to wait longer to do something, players can still react whenever they were able to. tldr, its more punishable now.

3 points · 1 month ago

Is this your 1st fighting game?

Frame advantage is always heavly affected by the opponent's hit and block stun, in other words, when they recover.

They will reduce the advantage by making the opponent recover faster.

What we don't know is the extent of the change. Currently Gohan is at advantage meaning the opponent has to block. When the patch hits the advantage will either be 0f or negative frames.

However, being in negative frames doesn't mean it's punishable; e.g. Medium Kicks are negative, yet safe.

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his frame advantage was reduced, not the block stun that it did.

• Fixed an issue where an opponent wall bounces when a player hits the opponent with Broly's Gigantic Strike with corner on the back

Does that mean no more combo after 214M ?

Gigantic Strike is the air grab I believe. The one on the ground is the Gigantic Claw.

If they remove his 214M combo potential Broly will be almost ruined for most players.

2 points · 1 month ago

How good is that Krillin Assist change? Being able to throw the rock on command?

helps with A LOT with pressure. cause before if i wanted the rock assist, id have to be at full health, so thats an assist i literally can only use after I thrown all my beans, but who wants to waste beans? so this gives players mor control over senzu usage and rock usage rather than having to play under certain conditions to be able to use the rock. Know what im sayin?

It's good. Plus the fact the stun was increased, it will allow for good traps.

is the dlc char dropping on may 9? cant read that at work



how the fuck did they not change Krillin's 2H hit and hurtbox?

his 2H is ok, cause you should really only be using 2H to launch (if its confirm) or to punish.

Except sometimes you can't confirm into a 2H because it'll whiff due to the range..

I really feel taking his air 2H and replacing the ground animation with that would solve the issues.. bigger hitbox, moves slightly forward.

if you know your spacing, you wouldnt do it. If you are doing a wont be out of range.

Think this patch was pretty IMPORTANT although low tier characters didn't get the buffs they expected the issues with the busted tiers have been fixed without destroying the characters I can respect it. Now I just need to learn to block FeelsBadMan

6 points · 1 month ago

Folks expecting a big shake up balance patch are crazy and delusional.

This isn't an NRS game where the meta changes every 3-4 months because of a patch.

We're dealing with seasoned developers, ASW and Namco, they look for problems and fix them up. They don't do kneejerk balance changes in reaction to crybabies. They actually understand that a 4-month old game is still at infancy with a lot of meta yet to develop.

This is also Arcsys. They typically will not fix your problems. If a character is a problem in game, they're more likely to ignore it (Cell) or fucking make it worse (Johnny? I don't follow GG anymore, don't remember who it was).

ArcSys typically fixes issues, idk what guilty gear you've been playing. They killed mist finer unblockables at the same time of buffing and remastering other characters.

0 points · 1 month ago

Cell is not a problem. He's the most cookie-cutter top tier, but there is nothing in his arsenal that guarantees nerfing without knocking him down several tiers down. His strength comes from his array of normals (3 lows, fast and long-ranged attacks) and having both a good ground and air beam; what every character needs in this game but doesn't have.

I don't know about Johnny, didn't get to play Xrd that long. However, let's be real and objective. There's always going to be a couple of problematic characters in all fighting games, it's unavoidable.

At least ASW and Namco acknolewdge this and let the meta develop naturally and mature. Unlike say NRS games , where there are several metas throughout the game's lifespan that never fully develop because they're killed by either a new patch or the next new game.

It's the Norio Wakamoto effect. Can't nerf his characters, his voice is too godlike.

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• Made an adjustment so that Goku Black's medium and heavy versions of the Fierce God Kick no longer locks down even a knocked out opponent

This just means hes no longer plus or even on block right?

3 points · 1 month ago

I think this just means it won't play the animation if the first hit kills the opponent. No effect to gameplay

16 nerfed? ye boi

I'm a little sad that this balance patch is 80% bug fixes and 20% buffs/nerfs but my boy Frieza got a great buff and some real nice fixes so idgaf

Can anyone copy/paste the article? I'm blocked out at work.

1 point · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I wasn't expecting them to patch my team into"Living Legend" status, but I think this was pretty underwhelming. It was more of a bug fix than anything else. The stream a few weeks ago when they said they would be adjusting "game systems" seemed to have a lot of people hyped that it would correct core aspects of play in addition to all those character portraits, plus "ETC...". But it didn't. Stepping back, it isn't a *bad* patch, but I think they oversold it on the stream.

Removing hard knockdown from gohan and 16 is pretty much all the nerfs that they really needed, slight buffs to others is nice also. Glad they seem to be going in slowly with the balance changes.

just wanted to clarify. is this the "big patch / update" we were all anticipating?

These changes overall seem very minimal, both to the characters and universal mechanics. Dissapointed.

I love 16. Will still play him, honestly a reasonable long as we can cancel the 236l into a super I think that's fine. The hard knockdown mixups were definitely fun but admittedly overkill

Honestly I expected a lot more balancing for the low tier characters, but if nothing else I appreciate the fact that it's coming quickly.

Everyone is excited about the new changes while I am just bummed about the replays :/, what's even the point if they'll get deleted eventually

i love how the vegeta assist change didnt acctualy change much of anything at all. hes still the best assist in the game by a huge margin. what a joke

Yaaa!!! They adjusted Vegeta assist!

While Cell is pretty much untouched, seeing Android 16 and Vegeta assist nerfs this early is encouraging, especially from ASW that usually takes forever to patch their games.

I was full on hype mode for this game leading to its release but after playing it for a couple weeks I went back to BBCF and UNIST. There's a lot of stuff that is simply too wack for me, but this is a step in the right direction.

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I still feel like we get the balance patch with the new characters

And does anyone else hope that party battle would be a 3v1 where the 1 has some buffs to make the match up even?

Edit* Also here's a fun fact about Cell that I remembered after reading his buff: his Japanese VA is the same as Street Fighter's M. Bison, so they gave Cell a move named after M. Bison's special, Psycho Crusher.

All the characters changed in this patch were in the slide shown previously. I'd keep expectations in check, I think this may be all we're getting at this point.

I also forgot that they haven't released the 2nd character's trailer out in the West yet

Also keeping expectations on check, but this feels underwhelming. Ginyu, for example, had just fixes, not buffs or anything like we were expecting.

Sadly, I'm thinking this is all we are getting, too.

In terms of a balance change, it sucks.

However I think this is a communication issue, I don't think this was ever officially announced as something as big as a character balance patch, only a "we will look at these characters in the next patch" with no context around what those changes were (i.e. just fixes). Everyone got overly excited given the OP/Low tier nature of the characters listed and there was no one from Bandai Namco managing the expectations.

Have you even clicked on the link?

VEGETA (Super Saiyan): • Reduced the duration of block stun for Vegeta (Super Saiyan)'s Z assist

There IS a balance patch

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I knew it! thats why he got that Bison slide fk that move

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Android 16's heavy attack is no longer invincible to ranged attacks.

Hoo boy. From the bane of everyone's existance down to something that can be beat by throwing a rock.

Still gonna be useful in close range, though. Just don't try to power through a kamehameha.

you can actually hit the rock and break it, so it dont mean nun.

wheres online practice mode

Overall very good, I like the changes.

A lot of shitty characters were made possible by Vegeta's overpowered assist. Nappa has a couple of great combos that I can only pull off with him.

I know Vegeta enabled stronger characters, too, but I was hoping that the buffs to the weaker characters would balance it out. Nope, Ginyu is untouched and Nappa gets a minor buff to his j2H, Saibamen explosions, and even a nerf to his 214S?

I was more excited for this patch then the DLC. I didn't expect huge sweeping changes, but I expected something more.

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