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This looks really good, also the captions were great. CORN

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I like corn, I got excited for a second

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I also love your taters. Well done.

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Did you drain the oil from those thighs when they were cooking? Also I love gin and was thinking shots? But then I realized I normally just drink it straight over ice so I guess that's just me realizing I'm doing the exact same thing I found odd. Looks great!

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When I did the thighs I cooked them in a little oil skin-side down, about 8 mins, long enough to make the skin crispy, then took them out of the pan of oil and put them in a casserole dish in the oven, no draining since I took them out and switched pans/dishes, only used a little oil brushed on the bottom of the casserole dish to prevent sticking so I didn't pour any oil from the pan in there or anything. I don't have a cast iron so I had to switch to casserole dish, if I did have a cast iron then I'd drain it and use the cast iron to finish them off in the oven. If that makes any sense.

Edit: Oh I also heated up the casserole dish in the oven before I switched the chicken over to the oven dish. I'm not sure if that makes a difference. I think someone told me once it helps with the cooking or something.

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Do em skin side up in the oven after you crisp em up. That way all the skin and fat juices drip down into the meat.

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Yep that's what I did. Skin side down in the pan, skin side up in the oven. My friend came over and distracted me with wine and conversation so I didn't remember to take pics of the pan crisping/transferring to oven process. I forgot to mention that part. Good catch!

Also I like your flair.

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Ah ok, I read it wrong. Chairs!

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Nah you're good, I didn't specify which side I put them on when I transferred them to the oven pan until you brought it up. I'm actually glad you mentioned it because I didn't even think about explaining that part.

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I wouldn’t even crisp them in the pan honestly. I’d just stick em in the oven and when they’re about to come out, then on the broiler and crisp em that way.

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Tbh I don't know how to use the broiler part of my oven, if it even has a broiler option. I'm sure it does, I've just never used it.

I'm not a real "cook" I just wing things and learn from watching cooking shows/googling recipes and shit.

But I do know how to crisp things in a pan so that's what I stuck with lol

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On the temp gauge on your oven, all the way up is typically the broiler.

I’m a “real” cook, if that means anything. I’ve been a line cook basically my whole life.

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Technically I have worked as a cold side prep cook for extra hours, but I've never really been taught anything. When I started I guess everyone assumed I knew what I was doing and just told me to do things and I tried to figure it out from there. Everyone else had culinary school training and there I was, just trying to pick up hours doing what I thought was similar to cooking at home. I just fake it til I make it. At least cooking at home I'm somewhat familiar with my own kitchen and I don't have someone watching my every move (anxiety is a bitch) so when I mess up at home I can just start over without feeling judged. It's why I like drunk cooking; less anxiety, I can just kind of "go with the flow" and do what I feel like, and when I don't know what I'm doing I'll just use my phone to google a recipe and try to follow that.

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Is.... is that gravy pasta?

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It's a cream cheese sauce