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Discover the new SP209 Logic Analyzer that combines the best of two worlds: USB Streaming and a 2Gb DDR-3 memory that can take fast logic signals bursts. Intriguing, no?


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I ordered one and received it today, and noticed it's a way, way newer revision than what he got. He got a version 1.6 board, but mine had the designation of V2.27

Seems accurate, at least based on what my cruddy equipment can tell me (power supply and the load disagree on current by 2-3 mA, all the way from 100mA to 5A), and I haven't had problems in an hour of testing with the FET going into saturation.

But more importantly... IT HAS UART ON IT

The settings menu has been changed to include UART settings.

Baud rate

Format: ASCII or HEX

Send rate

Now, if we give 'er something to do, and set the send rate to 1 second...

Well hello there.

Looks fine to me.

I've gone and lost my USB to UART serial thingie somewhere so I haven't tried sending it anything yet (it's got both TX and RX so hey, could maybe set settings via that), but even just getting values back doesn't sound too bad.

I'll have to poke around and see if I can rig up one of my Blue Pill boards to do USB <-> F103 <-> UART, but I'm going to require some sleep and coffee before that happens. It's probably 3.3V and I don't have any 3.6V zeners around so I can't hook up one of 'em Arduinos to it without risking stuff. Then again, it is 9600 baud, resistive divider can't be that bad... But that's for another time.

For those interested, the load FET is an IRFP260N, and the thermal measurement is done with a thermocouple sitting in the isolated mounting hole - the hole's been filled up with thermal goop so it makes good thermal contact to the case of the FET. Mounted on the board on its belly, heatsink on top, pretty good construction.

Edit: Forgot to mention, there's an unpopulated connector that looks an awful lot like a handy programming port.

Edit2: I got serial going to it, but I'm not getting anything useful out of it. Reckon it might require someone familiar with the hardware, or dumping the firmware and digging through that, to find out more. Not sure how you'd do that on an STC.


I order stuff from time to time from there, sometimes for personel use sometimes for work but in the end its not their business to know what the end use of a product is.

Yet they demand, call and send forms stating they need to know exactly what something will be used for. Even just replying back personel use, they will say "please fill out form and send back".

Im super pissed because i spent an extra 40$ for next day delivery. On friday morning. Expected it to ship monday and recieve it wednesday. When someone is home to sign for it. It shipped last night because their "compliance team" had to review the form.

I just wanted 5 god damned buttons jesus christ.

Below is the form they demand.

Ultimate Consignee:

Company Name:

Contact Name:

Phone number:

Physical Address:




Zip Code:



End Use / Application

  1. Is product for end use in Commercial / Private applications (Y/N)?

  2. Is product for end use in the Oil and Gas Industry (Y/N)?

  3. Is product for end use in a Government application (Y/N – If yes, specify)?

  4. Is product for end use in Military applications (Y/N - If yes, specify)?

  5. Is product for end use in National Police applications (Y/N – if yes, specify)?

  6. Is product for end use in Nuclear Power applications (Y/N - If yes, specify)?

  7. Is product for end use in “Other” applications (Y/N – if yes, please specify)?

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