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Please use this thread to ask any newbie questions.

We do this to not overflow the subreddit with newbie questions, so please try to limit the questions to this weekly thread.

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Hello /r/entrepreneur!

We are a group of researchers at the University of North Carolina headed by Dr. Mohammad Jarrahi (, and we are investigating how work arrangements in the gig economy are developing around digital labor platforms. Specifically, we are interested in the platform Upwork, and we are looking for interview participants who have experience hiring freelancers through Upwork. We think the people of /r/entrepreneur might have some experience using Upwork, so we are asking you to help us out by participating in an interview about your interactions with the platform and with Upworkers. The interview would take less than an hour, and can take place by phone or video chat. We will make sure your identity will remain confidential. We are offering a $20 Amazon gift card as a token of our appreciation for your participation.

If you are interested in participating in this study please send me a message or email us at []( so I can schedule a time to talk with you. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have about the study, and we would love to hear about your experiences with Upwork in this thread.


For 17 months I have been plagued with a horrific brain injury. Today is the first day of my business petprintr. This is a print business which focuses on artwork of pets in which I design and print. This is a great feeling as I have been sitting useless for months. Please check it out thanks :)


There's one very good reason why this post exists, why I have three hot leads in my pipeline, and why my immediate network has essentially doubled in size over the last month:


It was 27 days ago that I first publicly stated I was going to be leaving my corporate job and documenting the following 30 days.

As it turns out, finding stuff to write about every single day is hard. I imagine it will get easier over time, but the last month has been a struggle.

It would have been so easy some days to skip it or stop altogether. There were plenty of reasons; to name a few:

  • Seems hardly anyone is reading
  • A decent chunk of those reading actively disapprove
  • It's not immediately beneficial to my core business

The primary reason I've been able to consistently post every day is because I told more people than myself that I would. So here we are.

That accountability factor has had more far reaching results, though.

Many of the leads currently in my pipeline are connections I would not have made if I hadn't told various people early on that I would keep them updated on my progress. I couldn't bring myself to check in with them periodically without having grown my business in some way, so I started doing the difficult things like cold emailing, cold calling, and attending and engaging at networking events.

Accountability is a powerful tool. Use it to your advantage.

Until tomorrow...

Originally posted on my daily blog, which I will not link publicly because Reddit frowns on such things. I'm not sure how long the powers that be will allow me to continue sharing my daily progress here, but I will be doing so until that point. If you'd like to view it on my blog instead, PM me for the link. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled or bookmark the first post, that I'll update with links to each day here on reddit as they're posted


Hi, I have a comprehensive list of 500 different venture capitalist firms and angels who have invested in seed level investments. The first 71 have pictures and links, the other 429 just are names and I have some email contacts and names. This could be helpful for anyone who looking for a seed investment or early-stage investment.

Here is the link:

You dont have to sign-up for my site, the password is Q.

I copied and pasted from the link, I forgot that people on here hate clicking links. Sorry that it is all over the place, its being copied from my website. It is much tidier on the website, I want to fix it on here but I just dont have the time. If its upvoted enough I will format it properly. I hope this helps.

  500 Startups3.       SV Angel4.       Andressen Horowitz5.       Foundry Group6.       Lerer Hippeau Ventures7.       Box Group8.       New Enterprise Associates9.       Data Collective10.   Khosla Ventures11.   First Round Capital12.   Vegas Tech Fund13.   RRE Ventures14.   Kapor Capital15.   ENIAC Ventures16.   Crunchfund17.   Metamorphic Ventures18.   Atlas Venture19.   Great Oaks Venture Capital20.   sparkLabs Global Ventures21.   Kima Ventures22.   Lowercase Capital23.   General Catalyst Partners24.   Felicis Ventures25.   SoftTech VC26.   Launch Capital27.   Structure Capital28.   Social Starts29.   Sherpa Ventures30.   Mucker Capital31.   collaborative fund32.   Greylocks Partners33.   Rothenberg ventures34.   Vayner RSE35.   BOLDStart Ventures36.   Connecticut Innovations37.   CIT GAP Funds38.   Accel Partners39.   FF Venture Capital40.   XG Ventures41.   Nextview Venture42.   Crosslink Capital43.   First Market Capital44.   Draper Associates45.   Cultivation Capital46.   Freestyle Capital47.   Upfront Ventures48.   Homebrew49.   Fuel Capital50.   Drummond Road Capital51.   Menlo Ventures52.   Mercury Fund53.   Queens Bridge Venture Partners54.   Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers55.   Lightbank56.   Morado Ventures Partners57.   New Schools Venture Fund58.   Floodgate59.   Innovation Works60.   Greycroft Partners61.   Founder Collective62.   Cowboy Ventures63.   Hyde Park Ventures64.   Formation 865.   Amicus Capital66.   Deep Fork Capital67.   Kickstart Seed Fund68.   SocialLeverage69.   True Venture70.   Promus Ventures71.   Maveron72.   TEEC Angel Fund73.   Lux Captial74.   Tekton Ventures75.   Redpoint Ventures76.   Index Ventures77.   Galvanize78.   Azure Capital Partners79.   Chicago Venture80.   Green Visor Capital81.   Innovation Endeavors82.   A-Grade83.   KEC venture84.   SK Venture85.   MESA +86.   Ligher Capital87.   Long Island Emerging Tech88.   Scout Ventures89.   Neu Venture Capital90.   Softbank Capital91.   Quotidian Venture92.   Tallwave Capital93.   Red Sea Ventures94.   Vaizra Investment95.   Resolute.vc96.   Silverton Partners97.   CRV98.   Foundation Capital99.   K9 Ventures100.                       Dorm Room Fund101.                       Founder Fund102.                       Contour Venture Partners103.                       Cue Ball Capital104.                       Correlation Ventures105.                       CincyTech106.                       Forerunner Venture107.                       union square ventures108.                       Expanision VC109.                       Notion Capital111.                       Lighter Capital113.                       SeedCamp114.                       Bee Partners115.                       Seed haus116.                       Spring Venture Group117.                       Play Venture118.                       Ambient Sound119.                       TSG Consumer Partners120.                       Aurum Investment121.                       East Ventures122.                       PSA Unboxed123.                       8Capita124.                       unframed125.                       GREE Ventures126.                       Challenge Ventures127.                       Wavemaker128.                       Abdela129.                       Advancit Capital130.                       ARC Angel Fund NYC131.                       betaworks132.                       bowerycap133.                       brandfoundry134.                       Canaan Partners135.                       Chart Venture Partners136.                       Chertok, Doug137.                       Coriolis Ventures138.                       Crossbar capital139.                       Dace Ventures140.                       Gotham Ventures141.                       DreamIT Ventures142.                       Dyson, Esther143.                       ER Accelerator144.                       Flybridge145.                       FirstMark Capital146.                       Fogel, Avi147.                       Genacast Venture148.                       Gilbert, Parker149.                       HBS Angels NY Chapter150.                       High Line Venture Partners151.                       High Peak Ventures Partners152.                       IA Ventures153.                       KayWeb Angels154.                       LDV Capital155.                       NYC Seed156.                       Osage University Partners157.                       Boston Angels158.                       Boston Harbors Angels159.                       HuB Angels160.                       TiE Angels Boston161.                       Walnut Ventures Associates162.                       Baroda Ventures163.                       Double M Partners164.                       Crosscut Ventures165.                       Anthem Ventures166.                       Arena Ventures167.                       Steamboat Ventures168.                       Tech Coast Angels169.                       CAA Ventures170.                       MATH Ventures Partners171.                       Jump Capital172.                       Origin Ventures173.                       Adams Street Partners174.                       Sandbox Industries175.                       OCA Ventures176.                       FireStarter Fund177.                       Illinois Ventures178.                       Arlinton Capital Partners179.                       Fundrise180.                       Case Foundation181.                       NEA182.                       Maryland Venture Fund183.                       Blu Venture184.                       Middleland Capital185.                       Mike Lincoln Cooley186.                       Militello Capital187.                       The Motley Fool188.                       Columbia Capital189.                       Razors Edge Venture190.                       Revolution191.                       Sean Glass192.                       01 Ventures193.                       7 Percent Ventures194.                       Ariadne Capital195.                       Adapt Cocoon LLP196.                       Advent Venture197.                       Albion Venture199.                       Allbright200.                       Amadeus Capital Partners201.                       Angel CoFund202.                       Arts Alliance Venture203.                       AXA Strategic Venture204.                       Balderton Capital205.                       Ballpark Ventures206.                       BGF Ventures207.                       Charlotte Street Capital208.                       Conduit Ventures209.                       Connect Ventures210.                       Crowdcube211.                       Dawn Capital212.                       DN Capital213.                       Draper Espirt214.                       EC1215.                       Ecomachines Venture216.                       Eden Ventures217.                       Entrepreneur First218.                       Entrepreneur Fund219.                       Episode 1220.                       Firestartr221.                       Forward Partners222.                       Frontline Venture223.                       Hoxton Ventures224.                       Invoke Capital225.                       JamJar Investment226.                       Kennet Partners227.                       Lakestar228.                       Lean Investment229.                       London Venture Partners230.                       Martlet231.                       MMC Venture232.                       Northzone233.                       Octopus Venture234.                       Passion Venture235.                       Piton Capital236.                       Playfair Capital237.                       Profounders Capital238.                       SAATCH Invest239.                       Scottish Equiry Partners240.                       Seedrs241.                       Sussex Place Ventures242.                       True Start243.                       Velocity244.                       Wellington Partners245.                       White Stat Capital246.                       Supremum Capital247.                       MUM248.                       M8 Capital249.                       Advance Technology Venture250.                       ATEL Venture251.                       August Capital252.                       Battery Ventures253.                       Bay Partners254.                       BBVA Ventures255.                       Blumberg Capital256.                       DFJ Growth257.                       Opus Capital258.                       Ribbit Capital259.                       Extreme Venture Partners260.                       Mistral Ventures Partners261.                       Panache Ventures262.                       Real VC263.                       3T Capital264.                       CapDescisif265.                       Cedre Partipate266.                       FA#267.                       Fred & Farid268.                       Iron Capital269.                       iSource270.                       IT Translation271.                       Jaina Capital272.                       Kerala Venture273.                       Cliff Boro Zui.com274.                       Blackbird Ventures275.                       GROWconnect276.                       T2 Ventures277.                       Tourmaline Network278.                       StockTwits279.                       Crescent Ridge Partners280.                       DEERs Network281.                       Qualcomm282.                       ATX Seed Venture283.                       Central Texas Angels Network284.                       Next Stemp Capital285.                       LiveOak Venture Partners286.                       Right Side Capital Management287.                       Bolt288.                       Initialized Capital289.                       UpHonest Capital290.                       FJ Labs291.                       Liquid 2 Ventures292.                       BootstrapLabs293.                       Rough Draft Ventures294.                       M25 Group295.                       Scrum Venture296.                       Invest Nebraska297.                       Soma Capital298.                       Sandalphon Capital299.                       off the grid ventures300.                       TechSquare Labs301.                       Brainchild Holding302.                       ulu ventures303.                       Black Jays Investment304.                       Acequia Capital305.                       Project II Venture306.                       Presence Capital307.                       Sovereign Capital308.                       GrowthX309.                       Healthly Venture311.                       Fortify Venture312.                       Start Fund313.                       Blue Seed Ventures314.                       Blue Seed Collective315.                       New York Venture316.                       Vine St Venture317.                       Humanity United318.                       Beanstalk Venture319.                       TYCT venture320.                       TEC Venture322.                       Liberty City Venture323.                       Center for Innovative Tech324.                       Boston Syndicates BOSS325.                       Start Garden326.                       Tech Square Venture327.                       Bulldog Innovation Group328.                       Lamp Post Group329.                       Keshif venture330.                       venture science331.                       Johnson Magrath Partners332.                       Windforce venture333.                       Prolific Venture334.                       Excell Partners335.                       Wareness.io336.                       Arafura Venture337.                       RAA Venture338.                       Launch Van Fund339.                       Operating Venture340.                       Anguln Cap341.                       Sp acquistion342.                       Hone Capital343.                       NFX344.                       Zillionize Angels345.                       NXTP Labs346.                       H2 Ventures347.                       Holt Ventures349.                       Rush Enterprise350.                       IQ Capital Partners351.                       Parkwalk Advisors352.                       Amazon Alexa Fund353.                       Google354.                       Madrona Ventures Group355.                       Bezos Expenditions356.                       Vulcan357.                       Streamlined Ventures358.                       ScaleUP Ventures359.                       Pallasite Ventures360.                       New Avenue Capital361.                       Main Sequence Ventures362.                       Social Capital363.                       Aaron VanDevender364.                       MTP Connect365.                       Jude Gomila366.                       Jaffray Woodriff367.                       SOSV368.                       Capital Factory369.                       Austin Business Journal370.                       Village Capital371.                       Socratic Labs372.                       Prudential Financial373.                       John Hancock374.                       Henry Yoshida375.                       BRM Capital376.                       Bancor377.                       iAngels378.                       AngelPad379.                       Carine Magescas380.                       Thomas Korte381.                       Abstract Ventures382.                       Marix Partners383.                       Tidhar Carmeli384.                       Ilya Sukhar385.                       Merus Capital386.                       Alexander Kvamme387.                       Jon Brelig388.                       Mount Wilson Ventures389.                       LocalGlobe390.                       Martin Leuw391.                       Atomico392.                       Michael Norton393.                       Wintrust Financial394.                       Engage395.                       Atlanta Seed Company396.                       BBG Ventures397.                       IrishAngels398.                       Sorenson Capital399.                       Bonfire Ventures400.                       Prizker Group Venture Capital401.                       Fika ventures402.                       Node Capital403.                       Zipper Foundation404.                       DHVC405.                       Timestamp Capital406.                       Singer Capital407.                       8 Decimal Capital408.                       Coinbase Ventures409.                       Bain Capital Ventures410.                       Tranmedia Capital411.                       Polychain Capital412.                       Schematic Ventures413.                       First Star Ventures414.                       Dynamo415.                       S2G Ventures416.                       HB Ventures417.                       The neto group418.                       BitsXBites419.                       Agrinnovation fund420.                       Tyson Ventures421.                       FortyOne Group422.                       Swiss Founders Fund423.                       investiere424.                       Kalaari Capital425.                       Omidyar Network x426.                       Vivek Gujral427.                       VFF428.                       BDC Capital429.                       TIMIA Capital430.                       Peter Graham431.                       Tom Williams432.                       Ferst Capital433.                       Learn Capital434.                       PTB Ventures435.                       Vishal Sampat436.                       Mohan Kumar437.                       OperatorVC438.                       Sistema Ventures439.                       ENGEO440.                       Independent Construction Co441.                       PIKvc442.                       NewSchools Venture Fund443.                       Florida Funders444.                       Rainfall Capitals445.                       Sinovation Ventures446.                       Brentwood Associates447.                       William Guttman448.                       Cito ventures449.                       Andrew Vranjes450.                       Nelson Wang451.                       Venture Republic452.                       Tiffany Wu453.                       Shannon Chaluangco454.                       Sung-Min Chung455.                       Yani Lee456.                       OpenDoor Ventures Capital457.                       Deep Space Ventures458.                       UpWest Labs459.                       BITKRAFT Esports Ventures460.                       Crest Capital461.                       OpenVC462.                       Monsanto Growth Ventures463.                       Canary464.                       Benson Oak Capital465.                       Entrée Capital466.                       Desjardins Ventures Capital467.                       Radicle Growth468.                       Real Venture469.                       FLUXUNIT470.                       YUL Ventures471.                       Intellectual Ventures472.                       Bill Gates473.                       Airbus Group474.                       btov partners475.                       NPIF- Mercia Equity Finance476.                       Karmesh Glowth477.                       RX Infotech478.                       Pine Oak Capital479.                       Xinpai Capital480.                       Pentech ventures481.                       Rikard Steiber482.                       Almi Invest483.                       Vinnova484.                       ah! Ventures485.                       Unicorn India ventures486.                       BetterCapital AngelList487.                       Amrish Rau488.                       Jitendra Gupta489.                       Paul Rosania490.                       Junaid Bajwa491.                       Arab Angel Fund492.                       Merck & Co Inc493.                       Max Mullen494.                       Force Over Mass Capital495.                       Pioneer Fund496.                       Juha Paananen497.                       Olivia Teich498.                       Innohub499.                       Starwin Captial500.                       Parinama Cultural Development Foundation501.                       Dan Henderson of our GAP Team502.                       Backstage Capital503.                       Precursor Ventures504.                       Base Ventures505.                       Black Angel Tech Fund506.                       Route 66 Ventures507.                       Fishbowl Labs508.                       WealthForge509.                       Court Square Ventures510.                       The Annex511.                       The Arsenal512.                       Million Dollar Idea513.                       Tribe Ventures514.                       Boost Ventures515.                       Peninsula Technology Incubator


I am working to make €1000 a month as a side business. I had this goal for last year but failed to make it. This year looks better and last month I did €790 for the month. The money is made with AdSense on a couple of sites (1 main site doing 90% of revenue though). Does any of you have tips for me or any others around here making money on AdSense? PS; I am documenting the journey at (no ads)


Hey everybody, I'm validating an idea and would really appreciate any feedback.

My friend has an online businesses and really struggled to figure out what to write on his homepage, landing pages, about page, emails, sales pages, etc. He wasn't interested in hiring someone expensive or becoming an expert copywriter--just wanted copy that got the job done "well enough" and made his friends/family take his business seriously.

I figured he can't be the only one.

Would any of y'all be interested in templates for core pieces of copy--homepage, landing pages, sales pages, etc.?

Not Mad Libs style. Something like a straight forward "script" and outline for each piece.

If yes, what templates would be especially useful?

EDIT: Wow! Thanks so much for your feedback everyone! I'm thinking I'll probably do a beta and then see if it's valuable to people, what to tweak, etc. If y'all would be interested in receiving that, please just reply "yes" and I'll add you to the list :)


Hey guys, so the fiancee and I have an instagram page we started for fun a while back. We spend a lot of time cooking at home and at this point we have probably 100+ posts of 95% home cooked meals (some from when we've gone out). They're all unique shots but we seem to have trouble growing the page. Any tips/advice would be appreciated short of using something like a follow/unfollow method.

The idea behind this was "we cook at home anyway" and at some point I'd like to either build an affiliate site or just stick to FB/Instagram.

Edit: Link for instagram.


I've notice a lot of YouTube people are leaving and going to other platforms. Some are even going so far as making a few YouTube videos telling people to go to the new platform.

I've been thinking about using YouTube as a way to showcase things.

Q. Is YouTube no longer the place to go for these blogs?

Q. I've heard about some saying they are getting screwed over by not being able to make any more money. What's the deal and what's the options?

Anyone actually in the YouTube blog business?


Get the original full length PDF containing images HERE provided at no cost. Reddit is not allowing me to insert pics in this post and I am only allowed to post less than half of the original text. So if this information looks useful to you, I highly encourage you to download the full PDF.


Note: This was originally a answer but the modbots deleted it. Guess AI and interpreting policies don’t go hand-in-hand after all? So bear in mind that I refer to other answers on this thread which can be found here: I have made updates to my original answer so that it makes more sense when I post it on other platforms. Where I remembered to, I formatted the updates in red.

I am going to be rather blunt here - the information given on this thread ranges from general | vague | theoretical to false to outright dangerous financial suicide. Yes, there is some links and references that will definitely help but I have yet to see an answer that explains step-by-step on how to do this. After all, who would you rather want to listen to - someone who Googled their info, someone who is marketing their printing services or someone who has his own online shop and social presence?

Before I get to the technical info, let me first dispel some incorrect and/or misleading information and then I will get to a brief theoretical introduction. The bulk of this post, however, will be technical information to show you exactly what you need to do to set a business like this up.

Disclaimer 1: There is no way that I can fit all the information necessary in this answer. It is enough to fill an entire book. Perhaps I should do a video on it though? Let me know in the comments if there is a need for this. I am definitely not going to spend hours and hours on producing a video tutorial if people don’t indicate beforehand that they would like to see something like that.

Disclaimer 2: I will be using my own business as an example. So there will be links and screenshots to my own stuff. Do I hope that this article will drive some traffic? Of course I do. But I believe that the value I will be providing will be so awesome that this is not seen as spam, as per Quora’s spam policy.

Dispelling the Myths

Myth 1: Setting up an online tshirt shop is quick and easy.

Excuse me while I try to recover from laughing. To put this in perspective, I am a web developer and graphic designer. And I can tell you that to set up a PROPER online presence is neither easy nor quick. You are either lucky or really, REALLY good of you start seeing sales within the first two months. I would wager that most online businesses of this nature never see any income.

Myth 2: You need to borrow money from friends and family and buy stock and printing equipment.

Yes, do this if you are completely off your rocker and you want to make life-long enemies of your friends and family. You need to start off by spending as little as possible. Remember, the odds are against you and you likely to fail for quite some time before you hopefully get it right. You can’t afford to have debt during the start-up stage!

These are your costs:

Computer with broadband Internet access.

This is kinda non-negotiable. Yes, you can get away with a cheapie laptop but definitely upgrade your PC as soon as you can afford it. This is the tool that you are going to be using for up to 30 hours per day especially during the startup phase so you can’t afford to be frustrated and hindered in your production. At least if the business fails you will still be able to use the PC, it won’t be a very expensive doorstop like useless printing equipment.

This is my hardware setup:

  1. Core i5 processor - really the bare minimum in processing power as graphic design and especially video production takes up lots and lots of processing juice.
  2. GTX 660 graphics card (a bit old in the tooth but gets the job done)
  3. 16GB RAM - As with the processor, you really need plenty of RAM for high-quality design work.
  4. 10TB Hard drive storage - you can get away with less but I am admittedly a bit of a hoarder.
  5. CMStorm mechanical keyboard - go as clicky as you can get. You can thank me later. You will be spending lots and lots of time typing,
  6. Razor Naga mouse - this one was a bit of a disappointment. Get a mouse that is ergonomically superior. Carpal tunnel syndrome is real and is a bitch.
  7. 49″ + 27″ dual monitors - You need screen real estate and plenty of it for proper design work. The cool thing is that 4k TV’s have now become much cheaper and can be effectively used as PC monitors. Dual monitor setup is HIGHLY recommended.
  8. Marantz 4140 hifi with Dyna speakers — ok you are not likely to be fortunate enough to get your paws on a system like this but good sound is a must. You will want to do audio stuff like video and you need to be able to hear properly. And it helps to keep you putting in 30 hour days if you listen to good music. I recommend EBM like Funker Vogt to keep you going. Get a good headset at the very least.
  9. Sound recording setup - I have a variety of mics, mixers etc. Getting your voice to sound right in recordings is VERY difficult.
  10. Canon DSLR & Gitup Git2 actioncam - Your cellphone camera is probably not going to cut it for video productions. The Gitup is pretty cool quality at half the price of the comparable GoPro model.


Start off by using Gimp for image editing, it is free. It can be downloaded here: GIMP You can also download Adobe CS2 for free here: Get a Free Photoshop Download Legally from Adobe (Not a Torrent) |

Later on you will want to purchase a more recent version of Adobe’s products. You will primarily use Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Audition. You will need to watch YouTube tutorials on how to use these applications, I am not going to teach you that in this answer.

Nuance Dragon dictation software is a nice-to-have that you might want to check out. You can probably churn out words faster with your mouth than with your fingers. And you are going to be churning out lots and lots of words.

Website hosting

My hosting is around $15 per year at GET MORE FOR LESS!, main page, low cost Web Hosting for South Africa and the world. but they do have some stuff that you need to be able to work around e.g. if you are developing your website locally on DesktopServer and then you try to migrate to the live host you will run into server timeouts. You need to contact them with specific instructions on how to temporarily adjust their server-side settings in order for this to work. If you need details on these instructions you can send me a query at and I will send you the instructions. I don’t think it is a good idea to post it publicly here.

BTW - I highly recommend this approach where you first develop locally and then migrate. You could be stuck for months on development and then you are paying for hosting that you don’t need. I lost 10 months on my one site due to getting busy with other projects. What a waste!

Get Desktopserver here : DesktopServer - Create locally installed WordPress Websites • ServerPress, LLC. and install it on your PC, it is free. Use this plugin to migrate the website to the live server: All-in-One WP Migration

So now it is settled, you need three things to start - PC, Internet access, Web hosting.

Myth 3: Once your store is set up the money start rolling in

The truth is that the Interwebs doesn’t even know that you exist. You won’t be found in the search engines. Nobody will find you online, even if they searched for your store name.

Myth 4: Shopify is your best option (as recommended by many answers on this thread)

I don’t have anything per se against Shopify. For all I know it is a wonderful platform. But it has a monthly subscription fee. That means it is not a viable option in my opinion. If Shopify’s business model was similar to MailChip’s model where they only start charging you when your business has reached a certain level my opinion would have been different.

Fixed expense with an uncertain income? No way baby. I bumped my head hard enough previously with Aweber.

Myth 5: Step 1 - Research your market / know your market / find the right opportunity

Nonsense. I might know that the robotics market is a vastly untapped market that screams for more engineers. Can I action any ideas there? Highly unlikely if not impossible.

The first step is to make a shortlist of things that YOU are interested in. You are going to be spending an awful lot of time and energy on this business, it better be about something that you are passionate about and that you have lots of affinity for. If the topic isn’t your passionate heartbeat, there is no way that you are going to stick with it.

Only after you have identified your topic, do you seek to match it with market opportunities. How do you do that? Let’s move on to the next section so that I can explain the technical stuff:

The Technical Stuff

Finding a Market Opportunity


Let’s have a looksie at the process that I went through in order to identify my main business topic:

Orgasm Art Memes



I wondered to myself what I really like. I have worked in a number of industries before and most of them bored the living hell out of me.

I have an exceptional imagination (I know because I had myself professionally tested), I have a dark sense of humour and I like sex (Duh).

So my thoughts started wandering towards our deep and dark sexual desires and I thought of ways to make fun of it. Very subtle fun - sensual before funny.

I have some experience in the life-style which I think is crucial. If you embark on something with theoretical knowledge only you will soon be seen as a fake or a wannabee.

I then quickly evaluated the idea in my head:

Will I have a target market?

Yes, almost all people are interested in sex

Can I find a viable niche market?

Sure, BDSM is a recognized niche. 50 Shades proved that the niche is large enough to be viable.

So far so good, now it was time to look at real numbers.

Google Adwords

Keyword research is a field of study in its own so I am really just going to show you a few basics.

Short tail

A vague keyword/phrase with lots of traffic and also lots of competition.

Long tail

A detailed keyword/phrase with low traffic and hopefully also low competition.

Why is this important? Let’s have a looksie at Google Adwords. You will need to register a free account here: Google PPC Online Advertising

We will be using the keyword tool that is accessible on the top right-hand side of the screen.

First, we will get keyword ideas and then we will match them against specific key phrase search volumes and competition.

Here we have used the keyword “BDSM” and sorted according to competition. We are only interested in phrases with low competition. We are looking for two categories of volume 1k - 10k and 10k - 100k.

More than 100k and you are trying to compete in the field where all the big boys are and you are not likely to appear in search results. 1k - 10k is less competitive and you are more likely to be able to compete here. Less than 1k and the volume is not high enough to make it worth your while.

Make a spreadsheet listing all the key phrases that matches these criteria AND that are related to the central topic that you are starting to formulate in your head.

In my case I wanted it to be a sexy and funny spanking themed idea producing art, clothing and stories. I was definitely not going to hire actors and start making BDSM films. Also, I know very little of the Japanese BDSM culture so for these reasons phrases like “bondage video” and “japanese bondage” did not make my list, even though they fit the volume and competition parameters.

Then an idea struck - memes is a very popular method of making fun of things and lends itself very well to the medium of printed tshirts.

Checking actual search volumes for specific phrases to following helped guide me to come up with “orgasm art memes” as my site’s central theme.


“Art”, “memes” & “orgasm” are all short tail. The competition might be low but good luck trying to compete using those three by themselves.

“Orgasm art”, “orgasm meme” & “orgasm art meme” are all long tail with the latter being the most specific.

Now we can also see something interesting here - why did I used “orgasm meme” as a keyword. Well the easy answer is that at the time when I did this research it fit my criteria. Google Trends is a useful tool to see how keyword popularity goes up and down over time: Google Trends

But in any case, I will rank if someone searches for “orgasm art” or for “orgasm meme”.

Of course I will be very competitive if someone searches for “orgasm art meme” but very few people search for that specific term.

Now, as I did this check now for the article, my website has magically disappeared from the search rankings so I am rather alarmed. But fortunately I have a backup plan - my web presence extends beyond my website only. I wanted to discuss it later but this might as well be a good place to just show you the value of being present on as many places as possible:


And on Quora


Quick investigation

So my website has all but disappeared from Google. Yesterday I still ranked quite prominently. The Google Search Console might provide a clue, seems like the host server is giving errors when Google tries to crawl it. I will have to investigate further once I have completed this article.


I know I jumped a bit ahead but I feel that it’s good that you get to have a look over my shoulder in realtime as I do these things.

Don’t worry, we’ll come back to the Search Console.

Update: Hey it is back today, thank God. Who knows what had happened yesterday when I typed this article? I rank on the first two spots for my primary key phrase on and I take the 6th spot for my Redbubble shop. Yay for me!


Topic Research Conclusion

We now have the three necessary elements in place:

  1. Something that I know fairly well and that I am passionate about. Something that I will want to keep researching and that I am willing to spend most of my waking hours with.
  2. A general idea that the topic and its specific niche is viable.
  3. A specific, refined keyword analysis that proves that there are enough search volumes and the competition is low enough for me to be able to compete.

Hosting and Domain Name

Your domain name is crucial. I slipped up here because I decided on before I did proper keyword research. I can kinda kick myself but I compensate by branding “” as prominently as possible. But it would have been better if my keywords appeared in my URL.

The https:// part is very important. You want to buy a SSL certificate right off the bat. It certifies your website as secure and accomplishes two things:

  1. Helps search rankings.
  2. Makes customers trust you more and therefore more likely to buy.

Use a domain checker such as the one at Domain Registration to check for name availability.

Some of the decisions you will have to make are:

  1. Length of name
  2. Keyword inclusion
  3. Likelihood of typing errors
  4. Extension e.g. .com or .org. If you want whoisguard (keeping your details private) .com is the way to go.
  5. Similar names of the competition

Content Management Platform

I use Wordpress and therefore I will only use it in my discussion. You will need to install Wordpress on your hosting, typically using something like Softalicious.


Your hosting plan needs to include at least one database or Wordpress will not be able to run.

Website Building

This is really not as simple as people make it out to be. Fortunately, there are quite a number of good tutorials on YouTube on Wordpress development. I am not going to explain it here, I am just going to show you a couple of important points.

I use the Storefront theme as its Woocommerce’s native theme.

Plugins I use

  1. Add From Server - to bypass the 4mb upload limit of media files. I FTP large files directly and then use the plugin to associate them in the media library.
  2. Advanced Woo Search - A cool search bar that is much more user-friendly than the default search bar.
  3. Akismet Anti-Spam - Keeps the leeches from spamming your website.
  4. Contact Form 7 - This is how your audience communicates with you.
  5. Custom Twitter Feeds - I am very active on Twitter. This displays my twitter feed on my site in the footer. Always good to link platforms.
  6. Dashboard Directory Size - Helps me keep an eye on how much disk space I am using on the server.
  7. Easy FancyBox - Necessary for lightbox, a nice way to display images.
  8. Flamingo - Stores all contact form queries in the database. Absolutely critical!
  9. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights - Helps me to analyze web stats.
  10. MailChimp for WordPress - Used for email marketing.
  11. Max Mega Menu - A real nice menu
  12. Max Mega Menu - StoreFront Integration - makes Max Mega Menu work with the Storefront theme.
  13. MetaSlider - Method to display images.
  14. Orbisius Child Theme Creator - Always create a child theme. Quite a lengthy topic, please have a look on YouTube for discussions on child themes.
  15. Printful Integration for WooCommerce - I use Printful as a partner for printing and shipping. This plugin automates the process.
  16. Redux Framework - Necessary for lightbox support.
  17. Sassy Social Share - Critical, gives me as well as visitors a way to share my products and posts on various social media platforms.
  18. Social Count Plus - Social credibility, tells people how many followers I have. Unfortunately, the plugin is no longer being developed and supported and does seem to be buggy when it comes to updating your stats. I will keep looking for a replacement.
  19. Storefront Footer Text - Gives you the ability to edit the default footer text of the theme.
  20. Storefront Top Bar - Gives me two additional widget areas at the top of the screen, I use one for my search bar.
  21. Woo Product Slider and Carousel with category - Way to display products.
  22. WooCommerce - The heart of the website, the ecommerce platform.
  23. WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Gateway - Gateway that enables me to receive moolah from people when they buy my stuff.
  24. WooCommerce shop to Facebook - My shop is on Facebook as well. Cross-linking platforms, remember?
  25. WP Add Custom CSS - I can enter CSS code here to alter the appearance of website elements e.g. hide the default search bar.
  26. WP Super Cache - Makes my site faster
  27. WP User Avatars - Put my pic next to my posts. Good for branding purposes.
  28. WP-DBManager - Optimize and backup the database. If things go wrong with the database, you are in a world of hurt.
  29. WP-Optimize - Makes my site run efficiently.
  30. Yoast SEO - Highly critical, help me to let my site be discovered by the search engines.
  31. Select YouTube - Way for me to embed YouTube videos in my site.
  32. Absolute Privacy (not active) - Locks my website down when I am busy developing.
  33. All in one wp migration (not active) — Migrates my website from Desktopserver to the live environment. Also used to make backups.
  34. wp all import (not active) - make bulk changes to product data by importing and exporting
  35. wp all export (not active) - make bulk changes to product data by importing and exporting

Site Identity

Your branding needs to be consistent yet everything must not just be an exact copy of a copy. Your keyword list is of crucial importance here.


Update: The site Icon can be a real bitch to get right. I have decided on the lady with the cane as my primary branding image. But translating that to a teensy weensy site icon didn’t produce good results at all. The icon was simply too small and just looked like an “I”. I first considered changing the icon back to the skull that I had previously used but I felt that it really didn’t connect to my brand.


I mean, when you look at the Google or Twitter site icons on your browser tabs you have no trouble recognizing them, right? I never thought that these were particularly good branding images but an exercise like this makes you realize their true value.

And it makes you realize that the Whatsapp logo is better than the FireFox logo even though the FireFox logo is cleverder and beautifuller (see how awesomely I rock at the written word?).

I kid you not, I only accidentally realized after years of looking at the FireFox logo that it was actually a fox that morphs into a flame that engulfs the earth. It is a really clever concept but I just never paid attention to the damn thing.

My solution was to combine three things in my icon to make it recognizable:

  1. A cross for Krossbait
  2. Cross + Caning Lady forms a capital letter “K”. Well sorta …
  3. Colours to make it stand out. Purple is associated with BDSM and there is a National Fetish Day with the slogan “Perverts wear purple”. So there.

Now let’s have a look at one that I consider to be really bad – the Redbubble site icon. If you look at the screenshot of my browser tabs below, we can see some pretty interesting things:

  1. Twitter: Easy to recognize.
  2. Quora: Also easy to navigate to.
  3. Krossbait a t positions 3 & 4, hopefully over time this will become a widely recognized icon. To my eye it looks pretty unique and it does stand out.
  4. Wordpress sitemaps: Also the icon when your site just fell over and you got something like a NGINX error. Mini heart attacks erupt in my chest whenever I see this icon.
  5. Amazon: Pretty recognizable.
  6. DeviantArt: Recognizable shape but I struggle to link it to DeviantArt.
  7. RedBubble: HOLY CRAP!!! IT IS A NGINX ERROR!!! PANICK ATTACK!!! Oh wait, it’s just RedBubble and my eye involuntarily inverted the colours because the shapes are similar. Thanks a lot for that, RedBubble.
  8. Pinterest: Yeah, very easy to spot and recognize.
  9. Twitter Nonfollwers: Nah, too much detail that one can’t make out at such a small size. Not effective at all.

Building SEO Pages

Yoast is your friend here. You really, really need to have it installed.

First things first, we are going to build the home page. Don’t just call it “Home”, rather use this opportunity to stuff you main key phrase in there like so:

Now add your content. Be sure to add some attractive and relevant pics that are not copyright protected. And easy way of finding images is with Google Images and selecting “Labelled for reuse”

And seeing that you will be creating your own designs you should have images to put on your pages.

You will need to refer back to your keyword spreadsheet and make sure that you use your keywords but in normal, natural language. In the old days people just stuffed keywords but Google has gotten clever and will penalize you for that.

Use the Yoast control panel at the bottom of the screen to make your SEO as good as possible. You goal is to convert red and orange lights to green lights.

You SEO status is also displayed on the right hand of the screen;

So you build page for page and then you set up product categories. For each of these you follow the same meticulous process.

(Are you convinced yet that people are talking nonsense when they say that it is quick and easy to build a website?)

Your final outcome of all this is that you want to build a menu that reflects the hierarchy of pages and categories like this:

You will need to activate Product Categories in the Screen Options to be able to add them to the menu.

I know it has been quite an information overload so far but the good news is that there is still plenty to come. If you have gotten stuck up to this point, you are welcome to drop me a line at

Product Creation

I have products that exist on five platforms. All of the platforms have their own tools with its own positives and negatives. I like the detail and control that is built into the Prinful mockup interface. Redbubble is good for putting the same design on multiple types of products all at once.

Printful: The primary source of products that appears on my website. They have a pretty cool affiliate program that I incorporate on my website. If you register you will get a link like this that will enable you to receive profits from the sales of people who sign up through you:

In case you were wondering, the above link is a shameless attempt from me to get you to sign up to Printful as my affiliate so that I can make additional money from Printful. I don’t believe in incorporating misleading marketing tactics, when I am trying to market to you I will tell you that I am doing it.

Interestprint: I only use them because Printful doesn’t do underwear. For my specific market this is very important. People are more likely to wear something naughty if only they and their intimate partners know about it.


is an easier sale than this:

Redbubble: A separate set of products exist here: krossbait: Top Selling T-Shirts, Posters, Greeting Cards, Stickers, Wall Art and More. The benefit, as shown earlier is that this goes on no matter what happens to my website. Plus, Redbubble is much bigger and receives more traffic than I do. Rather than to compete, I joined forces.

A link to the Redbubble store is in the sidebar that appears on every page. Crosslinking, remember?

DeviantArt: Prints of the original artwork can be bought here: krossbait on DeviantArt

Not only is it a potential source of income, but like everything, it is crosslinked and I am hoping that DeviantArt visitors might visit my site as well.

Here you can see that another user has added my works to his watchlist. That is the beauty of joining forces and working collaboratively. The idea is to pass on as much love as possible and then people will do the same for you. Internet marketing is like jail … you can’t make it on your own.

Amazon: I make use of Kindle Direct Printing and it is linked to my website:

Remember that all products must be tagged properly. Your keyword research comes into play here and it might be more efficient for you to export your products to Excel, do the tagging and the import back to Wordpress. Be careful with the WP All Import process, don’t wipe out all of the products that you have so painstakingly created.

Submitting Sitemaps

Up to this point Google and Bing has virtually no idea that you even exist. You need to kindly inform them that they need to tell people about you. You accomplish this by submitting sitemaps.

Step 1 is to create the sitemaps in Yoast. Open the configuration wizard and follow the prompts:

The next part is quite tricky - to find the damn sitemaps. Click on the “Features” tab in Yoast and then on the question mark next to “XML Sitemaps”. Then the “See the Sitemaps” link.

A new tab should open with the sitemaps. You want to copy and paste them one by one in the sitemaps dialogue box in the Google Search Console: Search Console - Home.

You will have to sign up and create a property. This can be really confusing. Remember you can drop me a line on if you need help.

Just copy and paste the part directly after .com/ as illustrated below.

Wait a couple of days until the sitemaps are indexed. Follow the same process for Bing: Bing - Webmaster Tools


Backlinks are one of the ways in which Google determines how relevant your site is. If a high authority site links to yours then you get some delicious link juice. But how the hell are you supposed to get that, right?

  1. Asking prominent bloggers whether you can be a guest blogger and make sure that your blogpost contains backlinks. Ugh … personally I am way too shy to ever consider doing this.
  2. 100% Free SEO Tools - - use the backlink maker. The have some other nifty tools on their site as well and it is free.
  3. Backlinks in social media - when you create a Pinterest profile, for example, you get the opportunity to put your website link in your bio. Unfortunately, many social media platforms mark links as “nofollow” which means that it won’t really count as backlinks.

Social Media Marketing

And you thought that it was hard up to here. Fear not, now the real work starts.

You can’t just be on one place. You need to be as everywhere as possible. You need to get the maximum followers everywhere and accomplish that without triggering ant-spam policies that could get you suspended or banned. You also need to understand the difference in post persistence between the different platforms.

I will discuss the posting strategy to the different platforms after all the platforms have been introduced.

What is important to keep in mind regarding followers and likes is that it not only determines your potential audience but it also demonstrates credibility. So we might run campaigns simply to collect Facebook likes or we might jump on a SDV train in Twitter to collect followers but none of those will be potential customers for us. Those are just social credibility numbers and should be seen as only that.

The last thing before we get to the individual platforms is stats and measurability. All the platforms have some way of analyzing who sees your posts, tweets etc. Use the analytics to get a better understanding of your potential. I can guarantee that some of your most brilliant posts will receive little attention while the post that you wrote half asleep suddenly goes viral. Social media is a temperamental beast.


I will admit, I have no love for Facebook. I am there just because I have to be. It is the only platform where I get random video calls throughout the day and night from virtual strangers. It creeps the hell out of me.

And Facebook probably has the harshest anti-spam triggers. Screw with that and they will lock you out of your account for days.

Don’t try to send too many friend requests at a time. Don’t try to post too many posts in direct succession.

You will need an account with a business page. Fill in all the relevant details. You will need to come back to this page to update it with links to your other social accounts - everything needs to crosslink, remember? Note how my branding is aligned to my website as well as to my other platforms and how my other platforms are linked - Albie Kross

On the business page you will need to have a store. In order to do this you need to open a Please Login again - account and the WooCommerce shop to Facebook plugin installed on your website. Follow the instructions and port your Woocommerce products to the Facebook store. Can be a bit tricky, make sure you read the StoreYa instructions carefully.

To get Facebook friends you can basically do things to start off:

  1. Search for topics on Facebook relevant to your business and invite people who show up in these searches.
  2. Search for groups relevant to your business and join. Some of the groups will first ask some screening questions.

As mentioned before … be very, very careful on how you send friend requests. Facebook WILL get its panties in a bunch and lock you out of your account if irregular activity is detected.

Posts on Facebook timelines are moderately persistent. People generally get a couple of moments to view before it moves down out of sight on the screen. This means that you will need to repost stuff, but certainly not as frequently as with Twitter.

If you would like to know how to get 10 000 likes on Facebook within three to four days, you can contact me on

Facebook’s paid advertising is probably the most powerful out there due to the power of demographics that you get to harness. But for now I am going to skip over it. First start making sales before you start spending money on paid advertising, right?


Tweets are the least persistent of all. If you login to Tweetdeck you will be amazed how quickly your timeline moves when you have a sizable amount of followers. This means that you really have to stand out in order to catch the audience’s attention.

When you fill out your bio, include some hashtags to make it easier to be discovered. There is plenty of info on the interwebs about hashtags so I am not going to repeat it. What I will mention is to include #SDV and #IFB. You are telling people that you will follow them back if they follow you. (You must actually do it as well, don’t be a prick) This is how mine looks, notice the branding and the use of hashtags: KrossBait (@albie_kross) | Twitter

I recommend using Unfollower Stats :: Track and unfollow your unfollowers! to manage your followers. Follow back all the little darling angels who followed you and unfollow all the ratbastard psychotics who don’t follow you back.

Be very careful here, although Twitter doesn’t really care about spam when you post, it does get all PMSsy when you start mass unfollowing people.

How do you get Twitter followers:

  1. Post some really funny and original tweets.
  2. Follow people, bearing in mind that Twitter has a ratio lock meaning that you will need at some point to get more followers before you can follow again. If memory serves me correctly it is 1000 follows.
  3. Like and retweet good tweets.
  4. Engage with people either by comments or by retweeting and including a comment. Most twits don’t really bother to interact so you can really stand out if you interact regularly.
  5. Jump on an SDV train every now and then when it comes along. It is basically a pact between a bunch of people that everybody will retweet a tweet and follow everybody that retweeted. You can pick up quite a few followers like this.
  6. I have used a service like Get More Twitter Followers at BestFollowers with varying levels of success.

And remember, if you want me to help you with your online presence, do drop me a line at


I recently received an email from a representative of a company called Incredible Technologies claiming that one of my silly little apps is infringing on their trademark. Namely the name 'Remember me'.

I've checked their trademark filing with the USPTO and they appear to have registered the mark 'Remember Me!', No. 5471351, in July 2017. However, a quick check shows there are similar trademarks such as 'Remember Me' and 'Rememberme' registered prior to this one by other companies. In addition, my app has been on Google Play since July 2015 and there are numerous other similarly named apps.

Looks like Incredible Technologies is trying to wipe out the competition for the name so that they can cash in in the search traffic for their sales app. Their demand is for either removal or name change.

Do you think there's anything I need to be worried about here? I'm based in the UK if it helps, but the app is available in the US.

Edit: Thanks for all the advice here. As I suspected this stuff is very complicated and since I'm very busy with other things I might end up just removing the app (it's got a few hundred users but it was only a bit of fun to code).

I guess this goes to show that even a basic app can open you up to liability. As one comment suggests, in the worst case this could mean the loss of personal assets, lawyer fees and a lot of time.

Additionally, while the advice here seems helpful, I know from my experience looking over the marketing/growth advice given here that it often goes in the wrong direction. Therefore, if I do want to fight this I'll consult an IP attorney.


Hi, I ship from the UK, the main item I send to the US is classed as a large letter (with royal mail). Recorded that costs £9.60, is there any way I can get this cheaper? It has to be recorded.

I have been trying to find reshipping services, the public equivalent of ebays global shipping program Does anyone know of anything like this?

Or any way I can get the price down to something more reasonable. My quantity is not high enough to get a bulk discount that some couriers offer.

Any advice?


Hey guys, quick question regarding CC info.

Almost all payment processors, (i.e Stripe) allow you to store CC info for future rebilling. They do not allow you to view it a second time.

This is a problem because we run ads on social media on clients behalf, but also charge a fee to do so. The retainer is processed via Square, but that same information will need to be entered into FB a second time to set their ad spend.

I can't seem to find a PCI compliant way of entering this information twice without having to ask for it a second time.

Any thoughts?


I have made more than $26,000 in nine months by designing and selling t-shirt designs online via print-on-demand websites like Redbubble. I have written how I did it step by step in my article "Design and Sell T-shirts on Redbubble: The Complete Guide" in case if anyone wants to know how to start such a business.


I would like to hear from you guys ...


Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs,

I am working on starting up my own engineering services company specializing in product development and manufacturing. I've been in the industry for about 5 years developing tools, machines, and other exciting things for my company and would like to take those skills and help others turn their concepts into prototypes and get them ready for production!

I'm looking for a few projects to trial the service and would be happy to help out anyone with a product concept in mind. I specialize in working with metals, designing for 3D printing, and molded plastics. I have an extensive background in ASME and Military specifications too which can come in handy for some, more robust, design ideas. I also have no issue signing an NDA to discuss your project, I understand the importance of confidentiality and security.

Feel free to reach out if you have an idea you'd like to begin flushing out! Again, I'm simply looking to trial the process and do not expect compensation!


I'm always looking for side hustles that work. I actually like my job, but I'm also looking to make money on the side. Right now, I'm developing a film editing course on Udemy, which I hope to have complete in the next month or so! Has anyone had success on Udemy (or other online teaching courses)? I'm wondering what type of legit side hustles everyone (or anyone?) else is currently doing. Thought maybe we could all brainstorm together! Link below lists 8 creative side hustles.


I am starting a scented candle company and need to price 9-10 oz jars made with a simple custom design for my business plan.

I am new to this.

What is the best way to start pricing this?


Hi all!

After taking a good look at a lot of the great info that's been shared in this community re: Product Hunt, I've taken the leap with my product and posted it up! You can check out our Product Hunt post for DAR.WIN here! (and here's our main site - DAR.WIN)

Essentially, we're a toolset for ecommerce that uses AWS machine learning for a whole bunch of applications including product recommendations, bundling, marketing output and cart abandonment strategy. DAR.WIN is currently available as a one-click install app for Shopify and we're getting close to releasing our SDK that should pretty much open it up to most other eCommerce platforms.

We've been building it from the ground up and I've been waiting for a good time to see how we'd do with Product Hunt. I'm taking a break from refreshing the page to add a quick note of thanks - I learned a lot about how to best prepare for today from this community (a lot of the good info I've found is echoed here for the curious - not my content: - but you guys shared some other secret sauce like in-app messaging about the launch).

Now I'm onto the outreach phase and I'll gladly report back on anything I try that gets any noteworthy results. In the mean time, I'd love it if you could check out my post and let me know if you'd change anything about the listing or have any feedback on the product in general.


Why Ebooks?

  • Sell the eBook through Kindle/other marketplaces: You can make money directly by selling your book on Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, or through other marketing channels. You can also create a website and set up a landing page for your eBook and drive traffic to it from social networks and PPC.

  • Offer the eBook as a lead magnet to get customers to opt-in on your newsletter (for email marketing): Capture leads by asking visitors to enter their email address in exchange for a free download of the eBook. Follow up with your leads through email marketing campaigns to get maximum return on your eBook investment.

  • Generate authority: eBooks are a fantastic way to establish authority and become a trusted source of information in any industry.

How long will it take to get an eBook written?

The average benchmark for writers is around 1 ½ pages or 500-750 words per hour. eBooks typically run between 30 and 60 pages. You can use this to estimate your time requirements. The amount of time it will take varies on several factors such as the amount of research needed, the condition of first draft/notes, and the number of rewrites or edits you require.

How much would it cost to outsource an eBook?

This varies based on the quality of the writing and the number of pages in your eBook. The starting price for a high-quality eBook with 30 pages based on Konsus pricing (using fully-vetted, professional writers) is around $500.

Some Tips For Outsourcing:

  • Video your thoughts. If you know a lot about your subject, record a few short videos about the topics so your writer can get inspired and individualize the writing style according to your personality.
  • Inquire about current knowledge. Most writers are also excellent researchers. If they don’t know a subject, you can bet they are happy to look into it. With an eBook, though, it may be cheaper and easier to try to find candidates who have some pre-existing knowledge on your subject. If they are already familiar with what you want to write about, they will often deliver a well-written eBook with a quicker turnaround.
  • Get samples. Once you have shortlisted a few writers, pay them to create a few short write-ups on the subject of your eBook. You will gain greater insight into which writer will work with your writing style preferences and within your deadlines by getting samples, plus you can reuse the best ones in your digital book.
  • Get organized with your tasks and goals. Divide the process into tasks and subtasks and set goals and deadlines for each. Research is different than writing, so you may need a different person for it, or you may need to budget extra time. If you get organized with a task list and deadlines, you will give your writer something to work toward. Don’t forget to build in a little flexibility, though!
  • Check the resume and reviews. Your list of writers should be more than willing to share resumes or past writing experience with you. Ask what specific skill sets they have, assess their experience, and check for online reviews before making a final decision.
  • Do the research. You can help your writer out tremendously by researching the subject and making a list of everything you want the writer to know before writing. This will help you get started quickly and without too much back and forth. You can save even more time by creating a detailed outline including chapter titles, research, and main idea sentences.
  • Think format. Check the format types available for eBooks and finalize your choice before the writer begins. It is best to share this with the writer from the get-go to stay on track.
  • Follow up! Don’t expect to get the whole book written in one go. Since you’re getting someone else to write down what is in your head, it needs constant communication and multiple drafts. It’s best if you stay in touch at least 2-3 times a week (or a day if you have tight deadlines!) and ask for chapters to be sent as they are completed. This way, you are working on editing/commenting on the material in tandem with the writer working on a new chapter.

For more details, a complete list of 50+ websites to outsource ebooks, and other resources - check out this outsource ebook writing guide.


I’m part of another small network of makers, and wanted to create a challenge to give entrepreneurs (newbies in particular) the confidence to launch something (small and within a time-boxed period).

Effectively everybody launches the same type of product (read the articles below to see what this means), we agree on some metrics about who is winner in advance, and what the timeframe involved is, and at the end there is an inspection where makers learn from each other at the end, but there is also community to ask questions for support as throughout. Ideally we will have multiple skillsets involved so people can learn from each other as well.

Details about the challenge can be found




Key things to note are that this will be starting in July & run for circa the month of July. Let me know if you are interested.


The well being and success of a team depends largely on how efficient and effective the leader of the team is. As a leader of a team in a firm or organisation, you have to know how to effectively drive your team to the goal that you have set out for.

To achieve this most times, we often look to use force and stringent measures when all we have to do is actually not as complex as that; the following will help you drive your team to the peak of their performance without stress;

Positive Psychology and Growth Mindset Combination

Instead of trying to play the blame game each and every time, why not capitalise on the positive part of whatever happens. People try thing and they fail, but what will make them come back to do another thing especially in a team is when they are not blamed for failing, rather they are supported and held by the arm to re-do it.

Standford Professor of Psychology Carol Dweck discovered through her research that children praised for being smart or attractive developed ways to maintain being praised in those ways. However, Read more on


For the past two years, I've had a comic idea but never acted on it. About 5 months ago I actually started to work on it on and off between then and now. Today I have completed the first issue's script. How do I successfully crowdfund? I know I must appeal to the consumer any tips?


Hi there,

I run a gaming website that we've been working on for the last year. We've done fairly decent with over 4000 users and the site is a great foundation to what we have planned.

I'm really just looking to hop on a call with someone that could see our website and really give some general advice on where we should take our project. We still have a laundry list of problems we need to face and I'd just like to talk to someone that has experience running a successful online startup.

Here's our site.

Not sure if this is the best place for something like this but wasn't sure where else to ask...


Hey everyone, I started a side hustle with an Etsy store, doing digital downloads. No sales yet. I talked about it on my blog, and what I posted. I also have shared the store via social media but it's not getting any sales and very little traffic. I will include my link to my story here, but don't feel obligated to go to the blog, as I am not posting to drive traffic. I'm looking for ways to do this better. *sigh* help!!


For a little background, my first job at the age of 14 was working for a cleaning company that was responsible for setting up function/banquet hall rooms for parties and for cleaning the entire facility. I worked for this company for about 5 years before leaving for college and moving on to my professional career. Now the people that own the banquet hall happen to be very close family friends of mine and I still continue to work there as a waiter part time on the weekends. I know this building like the back of my hand and have performed basically every job imaginable there over the last 14 years.

I have recently been playing with the idea of offering to bid on the cleaning/setup contract and take it over as a part time venture. While this would be the only account for my potential business, the owners of the facility (again close friends) are starting to branch out and develop large scale apartment complex's. My thought is if I manage to improve the current situation at the banquet hall (lots of improvements could be made) I may be lucky enough to capture some of their other projects in the future.

If I were to win out the contract the only immediate obstacle I would face is not being able to be there during the week as I have a full time job I am not in a hurry to leave. I would need to find a responsible supervisor to oversee the crew during the week days. Typically the set up and cleaning is performed between 5 AM and 10AM. Weekdays are typically much slower compared to the weekends when I would be around to help out and direct the crew.

Does anyone else here manage to run a side business like this while maintaining your full time job?


What are the 3 hardest things about starting up a business?

BONUS QUESTION: How have you overcome these hurdles?


I remember watching an episode of Shark Tank where some lady had an online store selling clothes made in Africa, if I recall correctly she had gotten a deal. I always wondered why she stopped at only Africa, why not get culturally inspired clothes from all over the world?

My idea is similar, I would like to start a sort of online world souvenir shop, where I sell things you would only find in a certain country or something that has anything to do with that country, not necessarily just clothes.

I'm guessing drop-shipping would be the only viable way for someone like me to start. Should I bother? Are there any good examples of people doing something similar?

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