I'm new to reddit!

Read Reddit 101. Optionally, watch this video.

Make sure to also read our subreddit rules and reddiquette

Is my post allowed on r/Europe?

First read the subreddit rules. Still unsure? Message the mods.

How can I have a flag next to my username?

Read frequently asked questions about user flairs.

Can you add my flag to the options?

Read frequently asked questions about user flairs.

Why doesn't my post/comment show up when I log out?

There are two possible reasons:

  1. Your post/comment has been removed.

  2. Your post/comment was automatically flagged due to low karma count, new account, or specific language used. We're reviewing it manually.

If you think your post/comment was wrongly removed, please send us a message.

Can I filter certain topics from r/Europe?

You sure can! Read more here.

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