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ER's steam is called steam and IC2's is ic2_steam. So that won't work.

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Thanks a lot. Ah well at least now I have another big as s reactor lol

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  • Is [Insert Blank Mod Name Here] compatible with IC2.

At first I thought this was an April Fools Day joke... and then I realized you were asking a legitimate question. And I just thought IC2... Compatible... And I started laughing.

No IC2 is compatible with just about JACK SHIT. I mean, it will let you get away with Item and Fluid Transport for the most part, sometimes its okay with other mods "plates"

For everything else, pretty much, when it comes to compatibility you should default assume that IC2 won't play nice with it. That's kind of its schtick.

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Yeah figured as much. I do like the concept of ic2. But power generation is clunky at best.

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You could use an advanced generators multiblock if you have that mod installed. There is an energy output set for IC2.

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No. IC2 steam is not interchangeable with Steam from any other mod.