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Crosspost: Portugal | Independent worker that earns 400$ per month

Hello Everyone, as you noticed on title i'm independent worker that earns 400$ per month, where 200$ of them I receive from someone using my upwork account and only workable computer almost 24/7.

I have over 7k loan and want to pay asap, but i also need my work pc, wich i have only available for 6h. I'm thinking building with used components pc for this guy who works on my pc and upwork for 400$ only and the after that 200$ goes to pay the load it self.

Should i do it or not? What i can do to pay it faster? I'm on course that helps me building professional experience and being certified (wich is amazing when you are certified because you know you learned there), where i receive 200$ aswell per month.

Any questions, I'm available to answer.

Best Regards!

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