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I first thought, shouldn't that book be thicker? My second thought was, my it's long... My third, omg, that IS the spine. 😑

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Its getting to back to school sales time so check the stores for the cloth stretchy covers that kids use for covering textbooks. I actually have a bunch left over from previous years if you want me to send you a couple

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Did you buy it new? Take it back.

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/r/bookbinding might can help.

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Maybe try spray fixative? It’s used on pencil and charcoal drawings to keep the graphite from coming off the page when you touch it, so it might help form a protective layer here too to keep the gold lettering from coming off. Definitely try it in a small area first to test it out, as it might darken the fabric cover.

Maybe a better choice would be some Krylon Matte Clear Finish to seal the lettering in place. Both can be found in art supply stores. It’s worth a shot.

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I was thinking of trying that.

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Not helpful as far as the binding, but r/ayearofwarandpeace

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make a book cover with a brown paper shopping bag

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That’s one long book

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Read faster!!!

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Spray it with hairspray. I’ve done it on a similarly printed spine and it hasn’t peeled since.

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Put the cover back on