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Painted metal spoon damaged in Disposall accident. Chipped paint and sharp metal edges. Need to restore functionality in a food safe manner with minimal changes to its current appearance.

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best guess would be to take a dremel tool/sander to the edges, then get some sort of clear sealant then voila

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Sand the edges to remove the really sharp bits and fill in the paint that is missing. It'll take some layers to build it back up. The hard part is going to be color matching. Start by soaking in oxy-clean to make the existing paint it's natural color then you can match the paint.

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As others have said, rubbing the edge of the spoon on some fine grit sand paper will smooth it down. I'd then look out for some enamel paint as used to repair ceramics etc and touch up where necessary. Or just cover in a coat of lacquer and enjoy "the history of the piece which incorporates its troubled past" (but in a way that doesn't make it sound so wanky).

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Everyone is correct, sand the edges down. You can use something like Emery paper or wet/dry metal sandpaper or whatever sandpaper if you already own it, the woods stuff just wears out faster on metal), or if you have them for your nails, Emery boards.

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