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Just what the title says. How do I increase the water pressure on the hand sprayer? The faucet has great water pressure but when you go to use the spray it’s just sad. I heard it was a pretty each adjustment and figured someone might be able to help me out here!


I recently moved into an apartment in California, built 1973. The AC blower is in an enclosed area above my hallway, and the whole area was previously sprayed with acoustic ceiling spray, which contains asbestos (tested twice).

Here are pictures:

I haven't been using the AC at all even though it's been hot. The landlord had qualified people abate the area by spraying a paint/coating, but I'm still unsure if the AC is safe to use. I wouldn't ask the landlord to do any additional work, so the alternative is to just get portable AC. After the abatement, I ran the AC fan + a good hepa filter in my room for a week while I was away. The enclosure is a bit dusty, and there's a lot of dust accumulated in the blower.

Does anyone have any opinions on what you would do in my situation? Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I also don't want cancer. Thanks.


tl;dr - The icing came back quickly so I took out the easiest part, the defrost timer. The common terminal, 3, has no continuity to any other terminal at any time so I am going to replace it unless I am interpreting the meter readings wrong. Feel free to correct me! Handy graphic.

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I had the model number wrong, it's FRT18S6A. The 241691317 was written on the manual cover and he got it from a label inside the freezer. The date on the receipt was legible but not the model number, the curse of thermal ink.

In hindsight, I may not have gotten all the ice out the first time but it was working better. Later I pulled it out from the wall and cleaned the small vents on the back panel which were really really clogged and got all the dust off the coils, then it acted like a normal refrigerator, at least for a while.

I was able to blow air up the freezer drain tube freely. The final tube to the evaporation tray is just cheap thin plastic, like 1/2"ish shrink tubing, and had a minor kink but not convinced that was why it was clogged. It would have to defrost to see if it's still clogged... and it's not defrosting. A blocked tube is a minor detail, deal with it later.

With the real model number I could find exploded diagrams and felt better about taking someone else's refrigerator apart.

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