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Posted by\m/ CNR \m/ 1 year ago
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We've been inundated recently with all the eager new anglers trying to get rigged up for spring fishing! Great to have you all here! Please use the search function to find your answers first. Try "beginner" "starter" etc or even your location for better answer.

If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask it here in a comment rather than posting a new thread!

Hopefully we can get a good little starter guide going from all the questions and answers!

PLEASE be as detailed as possible when asking questions as it allows us to answer them better! Include such things as target species, location, budget, experience [or lack there of :)].

I'll link some threads as we go!

Search for beginner!

Search for starter

Search for waders

Looking for a first rod...

Noobie suggestions for 1st set up

New rod!

Archived Mega noobie super thread of awesomeness

Posted byMountain man stuck in salty swamp3 months ago
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Howdy, gang! It's been awhile since we've run any kind of contest here, and it's time to spice up the endless stream of your glorious grip-and-grin photos with a bit of variety and some fishy stories.

Yes, we're offering PRIZES. Step right up to win some fantastic fly fishing swag!

Here are the ground rules:

  • Each original story must be accompanied by an original photo. Post your submission to the sub and make sure that your subject starts with "WADER TALES" so we're able to find them easily. Please observe the usual content and redditquette guidelines; standard text post character limits apply.
  • Submissions must be in English, or accompanied by an English translation.
  • We're fishermen too, so we're fully expecting lies. Be artful and creative with your untruthyness. We aren't particularly concerned about accuracy so long as the story is entertaining and well-told. An unbelievable fish tale holds less water than a simply outlandish one.
  • Do your own work. We want to see your pictures, not photos you've scraped. Tell us your stories, not fishtales you've plagiarized. We will be checking for originality on any final candidates for prizes; if you manage to fool us, that's fine - but the fish gods will not be amused.
  • We'll run a contest every other month until we run out of prizes or get bored. Each contest will run for roughly 30 days. The announcement will be stickied, and reminders will be posted as the deadline looms closer.
  • Participants must be subscribers to /r/flyfishing. Otherwise it's completely open to anyone from any country where such contests are legal.
  • There will be four prizes for each contest: first place, a runner-up, third place, and a disconsolation prize for an especially terrible entry.
  • Winners will be announced roughly one week after the deadline for each contest. Decisions will be made exclusively by the mods, possibly with input from their significant others, children, fishing buddies, and trustworthy pets. All decisions are final.
  • Prizes will be shipped to the winners after private communication of addresses with the mods. We'll pick up the shipping.

A number of independently-owned shops and small fly fishing companies will be generously donating the excellent swag that you're competing to win. We've intentionally chosen to give exposure to smaller companies - not because we're hostile to the bigger players, but because we genuinely appreciate the hard work that entrepreneurs do to push our sport forward.

We're grateful to these sponsors and encourage patronage of their brands. Prizes for the first round will be provided by these purveyors of fine fly fishing goods:

Without further ado, here's the theme for our first contest: Post a photo of your well-loved waders (and/or wading boots, shoes, or sandals) accompanied by a colorful story about how they ended up torn, patched, stained, etc.

DEADLINE for submissions: 10th June 2018 at midnight, EDT US Time

Let the games begin!


So I'm going to try throwing some flies in the surf for the second time soon. I have a 10wt I got sold last time I was at the shore and a 9' 7wt steelhead rod with a sink tip. I have also tied a bunch of the basic salt flies in different color patterns, so I think I'm pretty set gear wise.

I was just wondering if anyone had some good resources for fishing in the surf specifically in NJ this time if year. Last time I didn't get a single hit, and it didn't help that I couldn't find too many tips on surf fishing around here if you're not sight casting surface feeding schools. So I was hoping someone had a resource for fishing blind into the surf. If anyone can help, thanks!


I’ll be near Denton and Plano and am looking for places to go fly fishing and also does anyone know how expensive out of state fishing licenses are.


Looking for some recommendations for a light fly rod/reel setup without breaking the bank....I mainly fish for bream/small mouth and while I can cast my 9'9 orvis setup fine with a 22 griffith gnat, I'd really like something that I can get a shorter more precise cast. I really like the reddington zero reel but am trying to decide if a $90 reel is necessary for what I am wanting to use it for (I can't see drag being that big deal for the size fish I am targeting with a lighter setup)....Thanks!


I just move to Columbia, South Carolina from an area where fly fishing was very prevalent. I've done some research on fly-fishing in this area and it appears to exist, but I am having difficulties finding out where to go. I don't have a boat so that limits me to wading unfortunately.

Anyone familiar with this area?


Hi All. I'm going to be in the White Mountains this weekend and was hoping to do some fishing Thursday and Friday. I'm looking at the "fly fishing only" section that runs past North Conway, but its not really obvious from google maps where a guy can park a car and get down to the river. Was thinking "First Bridge" on River Road? Any other easily accessible spots? Any other spots up river into the park I should check out? Thanks!


I live in Lockwood (east of Sparks on hw80) Trying to get into fly fishing a lot more especially since I live literally within a couple minutes walk of the Truckee river. Anyone had any luck near Lockwood/mustang? Any locations I should check out? Thank you


I'm taking a week off work to live out of my truck to climb and fish in CO. I'm coming from TN where I fish for trout, bass, bream and musky, using everything from a 5wt to a 10wt.

I plan on fishing for wild native Rio Grande cutthroats in the Rio Grande National forest the first day or 2 I'm there. Then I was thinking of trying to fish Cheesman Canyon for a day or 2. After that eventually making my way to Durango to see a good friend and potentially fish the Animas if it's cleared up by then. I have extremely loose plans and I'm down to drive anywhere.

This is all DIY wade fishing so if anybody had any intel on the native cutthroats and/or somewhere else to go besides Cheesman where it isn't super pressured and crowded (I don't mind hiking a few miles to get away from the crowds) I would be more than happy to buy you a beer.


Anyone have recommendations of where I should expand my adventures to out of Boulder? Fairly new to flyfishing and I have already frequented Boulder Canyon and South Boulder Creek but I think I’m ready for more challenging fish!

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This is a subreddit for anglers who pursue, or wish to pursue, their favorite fish on fly rods. Whether you fly fish a 2wt on small creeks for brook trout, a 14' 9wt for Steelhead or Atlantic Salmon, or Tarpon on a 12wt; your contributions and questions will be welcomed and appreciated!

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