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Looking for a first rod

I'm looking for my first rod. I live in Michigan. I'll be fishing mainly on small creeks and on lakes. Sometimes I go backpacking and camping more north and wanna hit up those rivers as well. I'm looking at an Orvis Clearwater but I can not decide what size and weight to get. Hoping I could get some help making up my mind.

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5 weight, 9 foot, 4 piece, would be a good rod for trout fishing in your area.

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I'm from Wisconsin and I would guess that the fishing is close to Michigan. I only use my 3wt for fishing small brookie streams. I use a 4wt much of the time but I would suggest a 5 wt. because it can handle larger files if you want to try for bass or other fish.

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This. IMHO 9' 5wt are perfect for beginners, I started on one and I am sure plenty of other people did as well. Gentle enough for little trout but generally stout enough for some bass fishing.

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BlogFlyFish.com2 points · 2 years ago

THIS! We seem to get fly rod or waders questions multiple times a week, and, sometimes, daily.

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Smallmouth Bass, Huron River MI1 point · 2 years ago

That's why, from now on, I'm just sending the search for them.

I've answered the question so many times, and when you don't post any context like a budget or target species, or even place, I can't help you. You can help yourself though! And if you still have questions, detailed and thought out, then I'll answer them. There's enough info in the search feature to answer just about everything at this point though.

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BlogFlyFish.com1 point · 2 years ago

I just upvoted a bunch of your comments that linked offered links to searches. Honestly, I've been downvoting a bunch of posts asking for help to pick a new fly rod or waders.

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Depends on where you'll be fishing in michigan but most people suggest a 10' 7wt near me (Ann arbor area). Check out a fly show and see what they suggest

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I'd go 4-5 weight 8-9 ft for trout. I think most recommend 5wt 9ft as an all around rod. My rod was a old cheap hand me down 5/6 weight 8 ft that I did okay with in northern LP but something a bit lighter would have been nice for the smaller trout. Anything over 9 might be tough to navigate on the smaller streams I'd imagine.

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I don't know Michigan, but I bought a 9' 5-wt. as a starter rod and have since ditched it. Too much. If I had to buy just one fly rod, it would be a 3-wt.

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