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On a whim my friend asked me if I wanted to go try for carp again tonight. The conditions were not ideal. Very windy, pretty cloudy, so I was mostly blind casting. I've been a bass fisherman my whole life so instinct told me to cast over by a log sticking out of the water. Made the cast, waited for the fly to settle at the bottom, stripped in a little slack and felt the fish. For about 5 minutes the fish never ran, he just pulled. It wasn't until I got him to the boat that he decided to turn on the jets. Took me just barely into my backing, the first fish to ever do that to me. The whole fight took about 30 minutes. No idea how much he weighed but measured 30 inches on the dot. Came on the fly in the album, something I tied up myself.

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Appropriate username my dude, that fish is nice!

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Tight hat