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North Carolina bound!

Hey ya! My homie and I used to fish all over the PNW and he just moved to Massachusetts and I'll be visiting North Carolina next week, and he's coming down to pick me up for a few days of fishing. Looking for any recommendations anyone might be willing to share for the two of us seeking trout. 5 and 7 weight, and a 9 weight spey going out. Catch and release only.

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3 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

NC is divided into 3 main ecosystems by elevation. There's the mountains to the West, the Piedmont in the middle and the Coastal Plain to the East. Freshwater trout are in the mountains in the western third of the state.

Your rods almost correspond to the different ecosystems; 5wt for western trout and dink smallmouth bass, 7wt for largemouth bass in the middle of the state and 7wt for inshore down East and 9wt for coastal fishing. Though in all honesty you could leave that 9wt at home. On a basic visit you'd be wise to pick one region and one type of fishing and not over estimate how much you can get done. NC is long East to West. Best just to concentrate on doing some mountain trout fishing. However, some of the June 1 delayed harvest trout streams are already pretty much fished out. Also, if you plan on camping, see if you can get reservations in advance, as this is the height of tourist season.

Do you have a particlar area in mind? Camping, glamping, moteling?

Edit This map and list might give you some ideas.

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

Thanks. That is very helpful. I had already had doubts about the 9 for this trip. Save the 9 for a return trip to the outer banks and try some first time beach fishing.

We call it glamping because we have done many straight backpacking trips. The car will be within a mile of wherever we camp, and I think most people call that camping. I'll have to brush up on my national park regs.

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Hey idk if you are looking for places to go or for rod and line reccomondations but for places to go check out Stone Mountain State Park, South Mountain State Park, Wilsons Creek, Mitchell River, or Davidson River. For beginners stone mntn seems to be my favorite as the trout are easy to find and catch. If you are experienced try out the Davidson River as it has absolute giants that you can see but they are hard to catch. For line try out 5-7x depending on how finnicky the trout are. Any questions just ask

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Davidson is super pressured out near Transylvania county so you really have to be on point with things there. But with all the other rivers in Brevard you really shouldn't have yoo much trouble finding one that works. I would suggest east fork river myself.

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

Thanks for the specifics on a site, that's awesome to know.

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

I'm much more amateur than my buddy, but I'm patient. I don't get stressed. I'm ok standing in the water and enjoying the time.

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You can try the delayed harvest waters mentioned above such and stone mtn and South mtn if skinny stocked water is more of your thing. They will have been highly pressured by this point though. Right outside of the Western NC border you can find the Watuaga and South Holston tail waters which are producing very well right now. If you want to stay in NC and get on some other rivers try the Tuck, Nantahala, or Catawba. You’ll want to check the flows on all of those, there’s been a lot of rain lately. There’s also lots of cool wild water around the blue ridge parkway and plenty of areas to find smaller wild fish in high elevation

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