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Took my little girl fly fishing for the first time. I put her on my shoulders and we caught two brookies before she retired to the chair for snacks.

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Snack breaks are mostly why I go fishing too.


I love it! Start them young and they’ll have a lifetime hobby!


Man i hope my two year old gets into it. She loves fishys so theirs some potential

How young? If you got a young kid to focus on fly fishing for any amount of time at all, you da real MVP! Even when I take my 5 year old girl regular fishing its hit and miss.

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Thanks. She's five as well. For about 30 minutes, I had her on and off my shoulders and the river bank. I'd have her dab the fly on the water and drift it down, or lightly cast with her. Honestly, she was more into all the butterflies in the air than the fishing.

Sounds like me whenever I’m regular lake fishing. In about twenty minutes I’ll start doing figure 8’s in the air with my pole..and I’m in my thirties.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about children or tenkara.

All of my fly fishing friends who have children say tenkara is the best way to introduce children to the sport.

I have used tenkara to have several friends and their kids catching fish quickly. It’s a great way to introduce people to fly fishing. It’s easier to understand the concepts of line control and casting without having to fuss with a reel. Take them to a stream with willing wild trout, tie on a nymph and indicator and they all they have to do is water haul. Once they get more comfortable with the rod, you can take off the nymph rig and tie on a dry fly.

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That's actually exactly what we we doing! My dad got me a Tenkara rod a few years ago and I almost never use it. I thought this be a good use for it. It was easy for her to hold onto herself, it kept things low stress for me (having an extra hand) when I was casting with her, and I actually really enjoyed it. I'll probably start using the Tenkara rod, myself, more often after this.

Did your luck catching any fish retire as well? Haha just kidding, that’s great you got her doing that. Some of my best memories as a kid was doing stuff like that with my dad and granddad. Lastly, that looks like a really nice spot you got there.

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It did. Afterwards she told me that she wasn't really into fishing, but that she still liked being up in the mountains with me. I'm guessing she'll take to it later.

And that’s exactly how you do it. Kids want to catch fish when they go fishing. Too often, they’re forced into it, then they have to sit there and wait, (no fish), then they they want to go fuck around. Parents expect them to be patient and enjoy the scenery or some shit. If you want to get your kids into fishing, take them to a pond, let them catch and release a bunch of sunfish, and feed them some snacks. Otherwise, if it’s no fun, why would they want to do it?

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It's funny; I actually brought my son to this same spot two years ago when he was six. After we ate some gas station sandwiches, and I got rigged up, I had him dab the fly on the water, and he caught a little 8" Rainbow within a minute or two. As soon as I removed the hook, showed him the fish up close, and put it back in the water, he said; "dad, I want to go home now." I was shocked that he didn't want to do it all over again after just catching one, but what are you going to do? So, we hit the road. He's more into it now, but his favorite memory of that trip was just sitting on the tailgate and eating sandwiches -he still talks about it.

I’ve got my first coming in August. A little girl. This is my dream for her! I only can hope she will want to go to the river or on the boat with dad.

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Nothing better than sharing the joys of fishing with your kids!

Where is this?

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