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Orvis rods come with a 25 year repair or replacement warranty if you're the original owner..

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Unfortunately the Encounter series only has a warranty for faults in manufacturing.

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I would still give them a call and see what they can do. They are your best best for a new rod section.

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Thanks for the help! That's going to be my plan tomorrow, just figured I'd put the question it there in case there was another option!

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Well shoot, I just read their fine print on the Encounter series rods....best of luck, I hope they'll offer you just the section you need at a reasonable price and get you back on the fish!

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Thanks for the well wishes! I'm hoping the same!

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Some companies offer spare tips directly on their site, so I imagine all of them will let you order a replacement tip. Probably worth it to call Orvis' warranty department and tell them what happened, they should be happy to tell you what the options are.

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Yeah fingers crossed I get some good news when I call today!