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Looks great! I have a tough time finding good areas to fish down here. I can't make out the fly pattern, were you fishing below the surface?

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I was. "Carp Crack" is my go-to for tailing fish.

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Nice carp! They can be very challenging to get on the fly.

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Nice one, what did you catch it on? I don't recognize that area. I'm guessing somewhere in the I.E.?

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Apologies, my dude. I can't be hot-spottin. Happy to share the fly selection though. This fish fell for "Carp Crack."

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Yeah no worries, I don't live around there anymore and was just curious of the general area. Living in SoCal, finding out where in the hell to even fish without driving 3.5 hours or more is a challenge in itself. I got into fishing the surf with an 8 wt for a bit when I got tired of waiting for trips to the Sierra. Wish I had gotten into Carp before I moved. I caught my first and only Carp on Lake Isabella with a guide when the trout weren't biting and it opened my eyes up to that species. So much fun. Tight lines