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Lost my old korkers, looking for a new pair. Any recommendations?

I'm thinking either Korker greenbacks, Orvis ultralight or Simms freestone.


Fly Fishing Montana

As the title implies, I will be backpacking through the backcountry of Montana from the end of July to mid August. Specifically, I will be traversing through the Bob Marshall Wilderness, GNP, and Great Bear Wilderness primarily. I was wondering if anyone had any advice, experience, or stories from these places. I’m not looking for specifics but just to get an idea for certain things to expect, patterns I should try, etc. I’m a fairly novice fly fisherman and all I have is a 6 wt so hopefully that will be enough to get on some fish🤷🏻‍♂️


New to trout fishing in WNC

Where are some good summer trout haunts? I'm new to fly fishing and trout fishing and needing some place to catch some fish that isn't too far from the foothills. That rules out Cherokee, etc. 30 minutes West of Asheville is to far for right now.

Also, what should I use when I do go? I've been told a fast way to get on fish is a San Juan worm or those mini trout magnets.


Stockingfoot Wader Question

This is my first experience with stockingfoot waders (Redington Palix River Waders). Is it normal for air to get "trapped" in the legs? Am I just putting them on incorrectly? The pressure from the water should force most of the air out I would imagine, but just looking for guidance!


ATTN: RS2 users

Hey folks, I’m going to be tying some RS2’s here in a week or less, have never fished em, and was wondering how your success on them have been? Fishing it on a nymph rig close to bottom or more dry fly dead drift close to or in the surface film? Both? Best sizes/wing material you’ve had luck with?

The current plan is to nymph them, plan to tie them on TMC200R size 20/22. Colors being sulpher orange and Adams grey with Z-Lon as the wing material (wondering if I should stick with the original CDC?) I figured the shorter Z-Lon would look more like an earlier stage of emerger seeing as I plan to fish it close to the bottom? Also using micro fibets for the tail.

I do have some mercury baetis in my box in 20/22 in BWO and callibaetis so I figured that the sulpher orange and Adams grey would cover me pretty well.

Would love to hear thoughts, opinions, and experiences.

(Also may post in fly tying sub as well)


Help me pick a destination please!

Hi All,

I'm a novice fly fisher and have 8/15-8/18(or19) totally free and would like to go fishing! I'm located in southern california and would like to travel somewhere. Any suggestions?

A few qualifiers:

I'm not looking for an impossible challenge (would like to be actually catching fish for this trip)

Would be traveling by myself

Not looking to spend tons of money

Prefer not to go after trout as we have that locally

Will need a guide most likely



Question about insect poster

I am seriously deficient in stream entomology...I know a mayfly from a stonefly from a caddis, but when I run into them on a stream I often have no idea beyond that*. I was thinking it would be cool to have a poster showing the more common insects of interest to trout and trout fishermen to help me learn. It could be pretty general (like North America) or more specific (like, say, New England or the southern Appalachians). Maybe with larvae and adults shown together? Searches on Amazon and Google haven't turned up anything like what I have in mind...does anyone know if such a thing exists and (if so) where it can be purchased?
*And salmonflies. I know a salmonfly when I see one.


To all the Missouri Anglers out there. I need your help

I'm planning a camping/fishing trip in a month to the Eleven Point River. From my research it looks like there are some wading spots to fish but are they scarce? People are saying you need to float it to hit the best spots. Do you think i'll be fine just wading? as I don't own a boat.

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