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I've always wanted to try authentic nachos. Hard to get them where I'm at.

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Beef and beans? More than one kind of cheese? Let me know what’s going on here I’m dying (drooling)!

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Minced beef with a whole bunch of spices (cumin, cayenne, garlic salt and a few more), fried for a few minutes, add a little water at the end. The water helps (I think) to stop the mince from becoming too crumbly, but doesn't hold it together too much, as an egg would for instance. No beans for me, not a huge fan but that's just me. Filled the bowl (it's a pie tray thing) with chips at the bottom, beef over that, and used Gouda cheese, as that's what I had. Grilled in the oven for about five minutes. Had some salsa, Creme Fraiche and guacamole on the side too. Nacho cheese flavored chips :) First time I've made my own nachos actually, turned out pretty tasty! Reheated the leftovers today, the chips got pretty soft, but that wasn't too bad either to be honest.