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Love the dog at the end. "Oh, Oh OH! FOR MEEEE!??!?"

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Damn that looks good.

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ich nehme lieber Löwensenf 😉

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Bautzener muss!

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Sieht Mega aus!

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Is it even possible to get this cut of pork in the US? Looks so good.

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Ask your butcher for a pork shoulder with the fat and skin.

Failing that, this recipe will also work with a slab of pork belly

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At a good and/or local butcher, yes, but it will probably be special order.

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Go to an Asian market and you are likely to find it.

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Pork shoulder, you can get it as almost any grocery store and it's usually around 99¢ per lb Edit: actually pork belly, still able to be found at most grocery stores tho.

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It is a pork belly with the rind which is hard to find in many areas.

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But can you get it with the skin on without going to a specialty butcher? Don’t think it will be the same without.

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Yeah it's called pernil or picnic ham. I buy one like once every few weeks, roast pork is a staple food in my house lol.

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I’ll look for it. Thanks!

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super einfach Klasse, bin neu hier.. sag hast DU Erfahrungen wann hier ein Beitrag erscheint wen man diesen gepostet hat wie lange das dauert ? Lieben Gruß Tom

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Eigentlich sofort. Hast Du aktualisiert und die Anordnung auf "neuste" gestellt?

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Hallo vielen Dank; findest Du es ? Ich habe keine Ahnung, jedenfalls finde Ich es nicht schau doch mal !

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1am with barely anything to eat at home and I just saw this post.

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You had me at German.

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Mmm, reminds me of cottage ham

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Saving this!

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Oh yeah, and with the Sauerkraut. :D

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Sounds like what Dwight makes for Christmas.

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Mhhh Fiege!

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Bautzner Senf!

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das sieht richtig gut aus! hast du noch ein Stück?

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The end product is really pink like ham, was the shoulder cured?

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Holy cow pig that looks good!