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[Homemade] Full Scottish Breakfast

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They all almost always looks awesome, but what are the subtle differences between English, Scottish and Irish breakfasts? And is there a welsh breakfast? I’ve honestly never seen one labeled as such?

An Irish breakfast is a shot of Jameson followed by some orange juice


Bushmills? That’s Protestant whiskey.

Actually I was referring to the orange juice.

Sorry, it was a completely unrelated quote from The Wire.

Give me Powers any day


Scottish has tattie scones, square slice instead of links, and frequently white pudding

Welsh has laverbread (seaweed puree) and cockles

Dunno about Irish. Soda bread and other differences maybe.

You know why they call it Soda bread?

Because it’s so delicious. rimshot

Dunno about Irish.

Often there's black pudding and white pudding. In some place potatoes farls.

The isle of man should capitalise on this and have a cafe offering English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh breakfasts.

What is white pudding?

Similar to black pudding without the blood. So oatmeal, spices, pork fat and pork meat.

sounds delicious

Scottish breakfasts are traditionally prepared with directly sourced ingredients, i.e., your own or a local shepherd’s livestock, whereas English and Irish breakfasts are worthless steaming piles of goat phlegm

confirmed Scotsman.

Confirmed TRUE Scotsman.

confirmed Man of the scots. rulers of the north. lords of the highlands. masters of the isles.

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There is no true Scotsman

edit OH SHIT YOUR NAME IS CUNTWIZARD that’s fly as fuck!

I put on blue war paint with my Scottish Breakfast.

Ok. Maybe just one then.

Well he is NotYourAverageScot

That elicited a 20-second full roaring laugh from me

I’ve lived in Scotland for thirty years & ( directly sourced) ingredients means going to Tesco.. & I’ve never met a local shepherd that wasn’t in a nativity play. .... stop talking utter shite

Comment deleted24 days ago

You're being sarcastic but it probably will.

Who's he insulting, the English and Irish? 2 of the nationalities happiest to laugh at themselves.


Thank you so much for the good laugh, I’m fucking dying

Scott's usually have white pudding.

Beans don't belong in a full English either. They are an American impurity that we introduced. We've improved your language and your food. You're welcome.

But they taste so good, and have been around since the late 19th century, so I think they are acceptable in English Breakfasts now.

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NAW it’s lorne and it’s not nasty!

Best thing on the plate by far IMO, love it on a buttered bap

I like your username lol

That’s some good looking tea!

Proper colour!

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Thats tea flavored milk.

And tea is wet leaf flavored water. Which is why it needs lots of milk.

Now I'm craving Lorne sausage and there's absolutely nowhere near me to get it.

Not had a slice of square since October when my sisters brought me a block each as an extra wedding present, I'd smash a double mother's pride outsider on square right now

the heel is for dipping in soup only you reprobate.

The heel, is this a foot fetish thing... And you call me a reprobate 😁 It's an outsider in Scotland

where you from?


well obviously, where in scotland? most people I know call it a heel in the lothians

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I’m in derry Northern Ireland and we call it a heel as well

Born in Glasgow, moved to the Central belt, not too far from the Lothian area actually (Falkirk area) still never heard the two outside slices of a loaf of bread being called a heel, must be centre Edinburgh thing

Get in ma belly

This looks so good

It does!

I remember the first time I had black pudding. I asked "what's in this?" to which i was told "try it first, then we'll tell you."

If that’s what it takes to get people to eat it. It’s delicious and a lot of people miss out imo. Nobody asks what’s in a sausage and that’s not much nicer than what goes in black pudding. At least we call it black pudding and not blood sausage! No wonder it’s not popular in America.

yup, I am an American, and honestly, if I had known what was in it, I still probably would have tried it. I'm not very squeamish when it comes to food, but that certainly is a rather unique ingredient.

Just a bowl of oats and a Scotch!


What is that burnt cookie looking thing?

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It’s called black pudding.. literally black

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Made of heaps of blood!

Black pudding, blood sausage that's delicious.

Hot damn that looks delicious.

Where the kippers?

Kippers for breakfast? Is it St. Swithin's day already?

That's a more northern Scottish thing, I don't mind it with toast as a breakfast but when you have so much going on with different tastes (especially the steak square sausage) its not really needed

And the haggis?

That looks great, and I would consume it all.

Just wondering what that is on the lower right, under the mushrooms.

I'd eat it anyway, and if I did I would not have to ask what it is.

Tattie scone

I had my first Scottish breakfast in the port of Tobermory. What an impressive combo of food.

What's the thing in the top left and the black thing in the middle?

Top left “Square sausage” aka Lorne sausage.

Middle “Black pudding” don’t look up what’s in it I’d prefer haggis myself :)

Oh sweet thanks! That sausage looked pretty good but I was iffy on the black pudding.

Brown sauce?

Ashamed to admit that the thumbnail looked like your breakfast was floating in space

Kitchen work surface from B&Q Texan and I love breakfast but what's the stuff at 11 o'clock...inbetween the ham and eggs

That is square sausage, it's basically good steak and fatty pork minced, with salt, pepper and a secret ingredient (usually nutmeg but other herbs spices are used)

so nice

I have always wondered what blood sausage taste like. Can anyone explain?

It’s kinda hard to describe; you get some flavour from the oats and the pork fat with a slight ‘iron-y’ taste from the blood (but it tastes less strongly of blood than say a rare steak). The texture is like a dense bready sausage, crumbly but crispy on the outside if you’ve fried it right.

Thank you.

I literally just ate. But if you put that in front of me, I’d eat that too! It looks fucking delicious.

This looks so good, made my mouth water.

OMG, now I badly need some tattie scones and black pud!

Looks delicious, i would probably ask for more mushrooms

Almost came by looking at this picture

I. Want. Now. Thats all.

Gimme that black pudding!!!

Somehow this actually looks healthier than it normally does when others post from restaurants??

I think it's mashed potato mixed with flour and butter and then fried in a pan. I've eaten loads of them, but never made any myself.

I just had breakfast but I'm hungry again. Damn it Haggis!!!!

It kills me that it's almost impossible to find a good blood pudding in the US.

I think we should just stop putting the word 'full' in the title, then people can stop moaning about everything that's missing.


  • appetizer (American)

  • appetiser (British)

Oh my God that looks delicious. I just realized how hungry I am

I would absolutely ruin this right now

Fuck it, just fry the tomato.

You misspelled *bin as “f r y”

Where is the haggis?

I biked all around Scotland and ate this whenever I could. I really miss the fried bread and Scottish eggs.

Perfection! Just how I like it :) I’m not normally a huge fan of black pudding but you’ve made it look delicious

Also the tea is the perfect colour! Nothing worse than a really light milky tea

What else is there other than the hash browns, beans, eggs and tomatoes.

Blood pudding, haggis and some sort of bread?

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Black pudding, square sausage (steak sausage) tattie scone (mash potato and flour, fried or grilled) and I think I see a bit of fried bread poking out from under the egg, then the usual suspects you mentioned and the staples of beans, fried tomato and mushrooms

mine is a bit more simple, 2 square sausage, 2 runny poached eggs, tattie scone, 2 bacon (crispy fat), beans, 2 slice of mothers pride toasted (buttered), black pudding (grilled) that really is as as healthy as I can make while trying to keep as close to the full thing, oh and of course a strong cup of tea with 2 level sugars

Oooo nice !

No haggis in a fried breakfast usually.

Black pudding, white pudding, fruit pudding (delicious, if you can find it), haggis pudding and red pudding - all go perfectly in a full scottish.

Damn, now I'm hungry. Fortunately, I'm on a half day, so I think I'll find me a café that does all day breakfast...

You can do it but I haven't seen it very often. And fruit pudding is a strange strange creation. :(

What's that blackened thing?

Congealed pigs blood, with oats and herbs, fried or grilled, not as bad as it sounds, it's tasty and even tastier with egg yolk all over it

Was about to ask what it was, too. Sounds awesome. I love all those little regional sausage type things. Bodin, blood sausage, scrapple, lil smokes, liver mush, (black pudding)... I hope I have an opportunity to try it some day. I always make a point to eat this kind of stuff whenever I visit someplace new.

Offal ain't as awful as it sounds...😁

It just tastes savoury and meaty, can’t really describe it but it’s really good.

It's very similar to bodin

Mashed up and spread over hot buttered toast with an egg yolk on top it's the food of the gods!

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Black pudding!

Is that homemade hash browns? The look amazing.

They look like the frozen mccain ones to me

To be fair hash browns are the one thing I would say aren’t really part of a Scottish breakfast...I mean I wouldn’t kick them off the plate....

The bread looks like pita. I'm pretty sure that's not what it is tho'.

They're called potato scones. Mmmm, potato scones........

They look more like bread than potatoes. So is it potato flour?

Umm kind of, it's mashed potato and ordinary flour mixed and then fried or grilled

So that plate has hash browns and these potato pita things on it?

Yes, the clue is in the picture, I don't normally have hash browns on my Scottish breakfast, that's a thing that's transfered from America

What’s up with the grilled tomatoes? Is it any good?

They get really sweet when you grill them.

Delicious with sausage or bacon, much better than beans!


Can you list the ingredients? I will try to create something similar with the local ingredients. And call it Scottish Breakfast of course.

Is that fucking scrapple?!!?!!?🤗🤗🤗

What's scrapple?

A Pennsylvania Dutch food similar to pudding, basically all the rest of the pig mushed into a loaf with flour and cornmeal, then sliced and fried. I think he's confusing the Lorne sausage for scrapple.

Sounds delicious

As a Pennsylvanian I will say our selection of breakfast meats is amazing... everyone has bacon and sausage.. but nobody has scrapple and porkroll, just us and most of NJ.. if I didn't have porkroll I don't know what I would do with myself haha

A lot of the south has livermush which is pretty close to scrapple

It is close and it's delicious

Taylor porkroll! Not just any

Or "Taylor Ham" if your from north jersey...

Best stuff on earth

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I always thought a Scottish breakfast was iron brew and haggis??

Where's the whiskey and irn bru?

In ma belly

Ran out of milk for the tea?!

get out

Nothing wrong with that.

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Table looks like the Wetherspoon in Glasgow airport.

What? Adds to the authenticity.

Excuse me, where's the haggis? Without haggis this does not qualify as a FULL scottish breakfast.

Nah - you rarely get haggis on a breakfast.

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Where to they get tomatoes in the middle of winter time?

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Where is the tattie scone please?

...they are right there. Stuff that looks like pita bread.

I somehow missed it. Must be going blind.

On the plate?

I somehow missed it. Must be going blind.

Ah. I meant to say haggis. That's what happened now I remember.

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Where's the deep fried mars bar?

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