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Armenia is a country full of magic and delicious food. While visiting Armenia it is interesting to know more about Armenian dishes as they bear Armenian history, traditions and customs.

Armenian bread

Armenians cannot imagine their food without bread, so eating bread has almost become a tradition in Armenia. You will never see an Armenian man who eats his dish without bread, so Armenian women worked out new types of bread and new ways of baking bread.

1. Armenian Lavash

Lavash is pure Armenian traditional bread. By the way, in 2014 it was registered in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as “the preparation, meaning and appearance of traditional bread as an expression of culture in Armenia”. It is dietic bread.

It is baked in the oven under the ground named “Tonir”. The dough should be too thin. Frankly speaking, it is too hard to bake it in the oven as there is a danger to fall into tonir.
Lavash ingredients are:

2. Matnakash

Another delicious bread of Armenians is Matnakash. This bread is the most popular in Armenia and among Armenian men as it satisfies your hunger faster than other types of bread.

Matnakash is not as thin as lavash and it is not considered to be dietic. If you are on a diet do not eat it.
Matnakash ingredients are:
dry yeast
egg white

3. Khorovats (Armenian barbecue)

If we speak about the most favourite food of Armenians, the first dish which comes to my mind is Khorovats (you know its worldwide name – barbeque). Armenians have their unique way of preparing Khorovats.

Khorovats is made on the flaming coals in the place named “mangal”. Armenian men are responsible for Khorovats preparation, so the dish has the best taste.
Khorovats ingredients are:
Vegetable Khorovats ingredients are:
Green Pepper

4. Armenian Kebab

Armenians have different types of Kebab as it is the second favourite dish after Khorovats. In ArmeniaKebab as well as Khorovats are considered to be fast-food though they do not harm your health.

For Kebab preparation, you will have to work hard with the meat as it should “obey” you.
Kebab ingredients are:
pork fat
Red pepper
green onion
mixed greens

5. Armenian Khashlama

Khashlama is a kind of soup which includes different vegetables, herbs, meat, so it is full of many vitamins. Khashlama is the best choice for those who are too hungry.

Khashlama is easy to prepare, as you just need to mix all the ingredients together.
Khashlama ingredients are:
red sweet pepper
hot pepper

6. Khash soup

Among unwritten traditions of Armenia, Khash eating has its own place. There are several things one must keep while eating Khash: never eat with a spoon, drink Vodka with Khash, dried lavash should find its place in the soup and so on.

It takes a very long time to prepare this soup. You can even sit up a whole night in order to have the tastiest soup of Khash.
Khash ingredients are:
beef legs

7. Ishli Kufta

Armenian alternative to kotlet is Ishli Kufta which is much tastier. Delicious filling, interesting shape and attractive look call you to taste and be seduced with Ishli Kufta. It is too tasty, especially with lemons.

The tastiest dish preparation is not so easy.
Ishli Kufta ingredients are:
For the layer
bulghur (a type of wheat)
For stripping
melted butter,
red and black pepper

8. Armenian Harissa

Harissa is a traditional Armenian food. Its history goes back to the 1915 Armenian genocide when the Turkish government tried to kill all the Armenians and a small province named Musa Ler fought for 40 days without food eating only Harissa.

In 1915 Armenians were making soup out of chicken and while fighting for 40 days, the chicken was nearly over and they had to add korkot to the soup to give it to people.
Harissa ingredients are:
korkot (dried or roasted cracked wheat)
chicken or lamb

9. Ghapama

Ghapama is a famous Armenian pumpkin dish. Ghapama is not only too tasty but it also has a fantastic look. It required a great deal of imagination to create such an artwork as Ghamapa is.

You need to be too careful while making Ghapama as besides the taste you should pay attention to the beauty of this dish.
Ghapama ingredients are:
dried fruits (almonds, apple, cornel, apricot, prunes, raisins)

10. Dolma

There are many quarrels about the origin of Dolma, as Armenians insist that Dolma is an Armenian dish while Turkish are sure it is their dish. This kind of discussion is irrelevant as they lived next to each other and some of their traditions, customs and dishes are the same.

Dolma is one of the most favourite dishes in Armenia, so Armenians prepare it with a unique love.
Dolma ingredients are:
ground meats (usually beef)
Garlic Cloves
ground black pepper
curry powder
tomato paste
red pepper paste
Dry herbs, such as basil, dill,
wine leaves
Boiling water

There is so much to discover about Armenia!



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