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How to seriously fuck with people

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636 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

Lets do the math to calculate our chances.

The official makeup of Reese's Pieces

50% orange, 25% brown, and 25% yellow

I can infer from the cover art that this is in fact a 48oz bag of Reese's pieces. 51 pieces of Reeses pieces equates to 40 grams of Reeses pieces. 48 oz to grams is 1360.78 grams. 1360.78 grams of Reeses pieces is (51/40)*(1360.78) = 1734 pieces.


867 pieces are Orange Reeses Pieces

433 pieces are yellow Reeses Pieces

433 pieces are brown Reese Pieces

with one tossup piece being brown or yellow

The official makeup of most M&M colors is

*Edit: Given the variable distribution by state I used the information for 2017 distribution located further down in the article.

M&M'S Milk Chocolate: 25% blue, 25% orange, 12.5% green, 12.5% yellow, 12.5% red and 12.5% brown.

From the art I can infer that it is a 56 oz bag of M&Ms

As per the M&M website 7oz of M&Ms is approximately 210 pieces of m&ms. So the 56 oz bag will have (210/7)*56 = 1680 M&Ms

This gives

  • 210 brown M&Ms

  • 210 yellow M&Ms

  • 210 red M&Ms

  • 420 orange M&Ms

  • 210 green M&Ms

  • 420 blue M&Ms

Finally we have the skittles bag which looks to be a 41 oz skittles bag.

Skittles are evenly distributed by color (purple, yellow, green, orange, red: 20% each) and there are 400 skittles per 16 oz.

So to find out the entire amount of skittles per 41 oz bag. (400/16)*41 = 1025 skittles.

As per the even distribution there are exactly 205 skittles of each color yielding.

  • 205 red skittles

  • 205 yellow skittles

  • 205 orange skittles

  • 205 green skittles

  • 205 purple skittles

So now we can discern that there are roughly 1025 skittles, 1680 M&Ms and 1734 Reeses Pieces yielding 4439 distinguishable candies in the bowl.

Should you select a candy entirely at random, you selection would have the highest probability of being a Reeses Piece (39%).

For purposes of taking risks by color and not being able to infer the difference between them by the obvious M on M&Ms, S on skittles and glossy sheen on the Reese Pieces (lets say you left your glasses at home) the best bet would be able to choose a piece by color.

When choosing a red piece (210 M&Ms + 205 skittles = 415): 51% chance M&M 49% chance skittles

When choosing a orange piece (205 skittles + 420 M&Ms +867 reeses pieces = 1492) 58% chance reeses piece, 14% skittles, 28% M&Ms

When choosing a yellow piece (205 skittles + 210 M&Ms + 433 reeses pieces = 848) 24% chance skittles, 25% M&Ms and 51% reeses pieces

When choosing a green piece (205 skittles + 210 M&Ms = 415) 49% chance skittles, 51% chance M&Ms

When choosing a blue piece 420 M&Ms, 100% chance M&Ms

When choosing a purple piece 205 Skittles, 100% chance skittles.

When choosing a brown piece (210 brown M&Ms + 433 brown reeses pieces = 643) 33% chance M&Ms, 67% chance reeses pieces.

So in order of percentage chance:

Best shot at getting a skittle:

  • purple 100%

  • green 49%

  • red 49%

  • yellow 24%

  • orange 14%

Best shot at getting a reeses piece

  • brown 67%

  • orange 58%

  • yellow 51%

Best shot at getting an M&Ms

  • blue 100%

  • red 51%

  • green 51%

  • brown 33%

  • orange 28%

  • yellow 25%

So in conclusion, if you want a skittle, go with purple, if you want a reeses piece go with brown and if you want an M&M go with blue.

And by the time they worked out the math, the bowl was empty..

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Nobody say it. Or say it. I'm a reddit user, not a cop.

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Id give you a gold skittle as a reward, but I don't have one. So I'll give you an upvote for your dissertation on avoiding this problem.

+1 for promoting nerd statistics

Uh, yeah. We vote you to stay on the island

Excellent conclusion, but a few complications on the statistics. 1) The bags aren't fully emptied into the bowl, so there may be a higher portion of the skittle's bag than the reese's bag. 2) While Skittles claims to be 20% across the board, most tests find that to be false (commonly attributed to high variance across hoppers, causing sample batches to be biased while the whole production overall is 20%, but who knows.

Bottom line, your conclusion is correct and I'm pedantic.


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1.1k points · 5 months ago

Eat the blue ones, there are no blue skittles (unless you like that Tropical bag, but it looks like the normal bag) or blue Reese's pieces.

594 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

But there are blue Smarties.. Oh, but wait.. You don't have Smarties in America.. err. YOUR Smarties are OUR Rockets.

101 points · 5 months ago

I've seen them in movie theatres in the past but never anywhere else. They're bigger and shaped slightly different if I remember correctly.

Well they are pretty much identical in shape and size to reese's pieces actually. They are crunchier though like an m&m because they have chocolate inside and not peanut butter.

Huh, well I'm thinking of something completely different then.

49 points · 5 months ago

Were you thinking of Sprees?

Yes I believe those are the candy, got them on a whim as a child and was pretty disappointed.

Sprees were one of my favorite candies as a kid. Those and ShockTarts.

Dude you just made me start salivating in public

If I look at Sour Patch kids I salivate and can taste sour in my mouth

I liked the shocktarts, Spree for some reason just wasn't my kinda jazz.

14 points · 5 months ago

Well, friend, you're wrong. That's okay, we love you anyway.

7 points · 5 months ago

Do they still make shocktarts? Shit, that just brought me back. I loved those so much as a kid.

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I was all about the Chewy Sprees.

Chewy spree are life changing.

I've also had something that looks like those European smarties but definitely not chocolate in the middle. I don't remember them well, but I think they were a little chewy and possibly sour or tart. They were bigger than m&ms though.


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sour skittles are good

Sprees maybe

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The chocolate in Smarties is softer and sweeter than in M&Ms.

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As a Canadian this seems weird. (We have the M&M-similar Smarties and the Rockets)

I visit USA for a couple weeks most years, and never noticed that they don't have our Smarties. I'm pretty sure I actually remember seeing the Halloween version (Scaries, no idea if there's a difference besides the box) at a Sheetz on the way home in early September this year. We don't have Sheetz in Canada though.

We get the scaries here for Halloween. Coffee Crisp becomes Coffin Crisp too.. They have a special wrapper for Aero as well but no fancy name to my knowledge. Kit Kat has something too.. cant remember. All Nestle.

Aero becomes Scaero, no idea for Kit Kat.

Right thats it! its kit kat that stays the same but they have a black cat on the cover.

edit. I found some pictures of them

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God bless sheetz.

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We don't have Sheetz in most of America and it's a damn shame.

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I have never seen a packet of Rockets before.

They remind me of the packaging of Love Hearts.

Yeah, that or refreshers

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4 points · 5 months ago

I've had Smarties in America. I didn't realize I was eating imported candy. Oo la la.

Look at Mr. Fancypants over here with his pants that are fancy.

we have them under a different name I think, I cant remember right now.


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Ahhhhh I remember when Nestle stopped producing blue smarties while they searched for a natural ingredient to make them blue. They disappeared for quite a while!

Did anyone else’s parents sieve out the blue smarties when they were a kid? (I’m talking 1980s) there was a rumour the colouring used to make kids hyperactive.

Do you remember when they introduced purple and they had "cool shades" printed in black on them?

Ahhh the old parents smartie swindle, you didnt fall for that did you

YOUR Smarties are OUR Rockets.

...And OUR rockets are YOUR freedom!

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16 points · 5 months ago

And the brown ones. Nothing wrong with peanut and chocolate. Or you just not eat any with an s on it.

I like peanut butter M&M's, so I'm not afraid of some Reece's pieces with my M&M's.

Or read the letters

But both Skittles and Reeses Pieces are better than M&Ms...

You are a hero. To many times I have fell victim to peple mixing the 2 not any more.

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You underestimate my fatness

Seriously, handful that shit. So many levels of deliciousness.

6 points · 5 months ago

my fatness underestimated this comment

I underestimate the amount of PMs you get that you probably don’t actually want to see

823 points · 5 months ago

Am I the only one that eats them one at a time, instead of shoving a fistful of them in my mouth at once? If you eat one at a time, a mixed bowl like that sounds kind of cool.

You are definitely not in the sales department.

Wasn't it accounting?

Yeah, my first thought was "this is awesome."

Your first thought was in fact correct. This is awesome.

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76 points · 5 months ago

Regardless, expecting an M&M or Reece's Piece and getting a Skittle or vice versa is just wrong.

Agreed, when you eat enough Skittles the taste left in your mouth makes everything else taste gross. Replace the Skittles with Smarties maybe?

In the US, Smarties are what everyone else calls "Rockets" btw. So that won't work in the US

I'm getting mixed messages from different commenters here. In the UK we have a thing called Smarties which look a lot like M&Ms. I've never heard of Rockets before. What's what?

theses are Smarties in the US. Basically Tums without the calcium and more sugar.

Oh, I see. this is what we call Smarties over here.

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We have those in the UK but they're called love hearts.

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Yeah but smarties stand out.

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10 points · 5 months ago

You can do that??? I'm pretty sure thats impossible and the only way that the laws of physics will allow is a fistfull at a time.

Nah, the only way I can eat these is by stuffing them in my mouth with both hands like a Bagger 288. I would totally be down for this mix regardless.

M&Ms I'll do a few at a time. Same with the Resse's. Skittles I pre sort by flavor. I used to do it because I liked to taste all the different flavors, but now i do it just to take out the GOD DAMN GREEN APPLE HORSE SHIT and throw that right into the trash. Fucking hate that god damn flavor.

I try to do this but my hand ends up being a colorful sticky mess.

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one at a time? do it with chopstick.

And if you're crazy like me you'd grab a handful anyway

With you bud. Candy isn't food. A single piece of a given candy will give you that sweet candy flavor you want. If you feel like you need a handful of something, because you are looking to eat, go get a real food that will nourish you.

I agree with you and upvoted you, but damn I have trouble sticking to this mindset.

Haha don't I know it. Sometimes you're waiting on someone else to get lunch and there's just a bowl of M&Ms there and mistakes get made.

Going from chocolate/peanut butter to fruity or vice verse isn’t appealing to me, regardless of whether you’re eating a fistful or one at a time.

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I DON'T eat them one at a time and this sounds cool

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I feel like that would be awesome if you took out the Skittles. Obviously, that’s the joke, but the other two mixed up sounds great.

Only eat the brown ones.

19 points · 5 months ago

The brown M&M's look very similar to the purple Skittles in low light conditions.

Source: I sneak a few Skittles into the M&M's bowl each time I visit my parents for the holidays.

Seems like your parents birthed Satan

No no, that's silly.

I am a ginger though and lacking a soul I find this kind of thing hilarious.

And the blue M&M’s. No blue Skittles.

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205 points · 5 months ago

Especially people with nut allergies.

333 points · 5 months ago

Pro-tip : if you have allergies, don't put unknown assortments of food into your mouth from containers you can't be sure we're allergen free in the first place.

I have but allergies, I don’t put food in my mouth (especially candy) when I don’t know where it’s from. But if someone says “do you want some skittles” or “do you want some m&ms” another person with an allergy might take them up on it and it could end up being fatal.

I have but allergies

Deal breaker for Tina Belcher


12 points · 5 months ago

I have but allergies

I would not put M&Ms there as a general rule.

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Someone did this to me when I was a kid. Told me it was an m&m. Laughed when it was a reese's pieces. I went to the ER.

I had this happen to me with a cookie, ended up being a dog treat...

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People with nut allergies probably know to avoid the color assortment of Reese's, but if it looks like a bowl of plain M&M's? All the Reese's colors are also in M&M's, and they aren't the right size to be the peanut ones. At least Skittles have colors M&M's don't so that should be a tip off.

34 points · 5 months ago

Pro-tip : if you have allergies, don't put unknown assortments of food into your mouth from containers you can't be sure we're allergen free in the first place.

True, but if someone didn’t know that I had a nut allergy and tried to prank me by offering this mixed bowl and asking “Do you want some M&Ms”, it would never occur to me that some of them might be Reese’s Pieces instead.

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Or dairy allergies.

Or hard shell allergies.

Or joke allergies.

They’re safe on r/funny

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Pretty sure M&M's always has the warning 'May Contain Peanuts' anyway. No idea for Skittles.

Almost every candy has a 'May contain nuts' warning for legal reasons.

Even bags of nuts now have "May contain nuts" warnings... (I kid you not).

Yeah they do but this has Skittles mixed in with them making it hard to tell.

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I'm pretty sure this was outlawed by the Geneva Convention...

Evil. That's horrible. I've done and seen some shady shit but nothing ever like this.

I have come up with the ultimate prank

Ask people at a party to guess how many M&Ms are in a jar, but only place 1 M&M and fill the rest with skittles

Calm down, Satan.

I did this once at a party a friend was having. Turns out the party was more of a formal adult gathering.. How was I to know. Tossed the same combo in a bowl and set it out before anyone noticed. Couple hours in the confusion started to set it. Iong story, short.. I made a lot of enemies that night.

My mom thought it was be fun and festive to mix in about 10 peanut M&Ms in a big bowl of plain peanuts for a bit of color at her Xmas party... Little did she know a party full of 50 to 80 year olds will try their very best to dig through a bowl of peanuts to get every last peanut M&M.

A big bowl of M&Ms in general doesn't sound too sanitary.

Obligatory- You sound fun at parties

I also did this, at work for April's fools day (just M&Ms and Skittles. Turned out, most people I work with don't give a shit and will take free food/sugar however it comes their way. The bowl lasted less than two hours. I made a bunch of friends that day.

You deserve bad things in your life

8 points · 5 months ago

Op is a bad person

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We would no longer be friends if you did this to me.

I've heard of putting Skittles and M&Ms together to get S&Ms.

The Reese's are a new add in for me.

Now add something with an A to get ASMR for your taste buds


M&Ms and Reese's are more flat than Skittles generally, so they would be fairly easy to pick out.

This is why I have trust issues.

13 points · 5 months ago

Who hurt you?

Some Skittle loving freak probably fucked his girlfriend. Or his mother. Or both.

if you're looking for a list of suspects, check to see if he's ever played call of duty against a 12 year old

At the same time

M&Ms and Reese's Pieces I think could actually go well together. Not the skittles though.

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Thanks Satan.

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Life is like a bowl of m&m, skittles and reeses. You never know what you are gonna get.

Used to work security in back of a relatively popular venue fresh outta high school. I was working one night watching the talent entrance and backstage area when the request was made from a well known rapper, i went and bought a large bag of m&ms and a large bag of sour skittles which were placed in a bowl and mixed up outside his dressing room

It was fairly dark backstage and very difficult to tell the difference even with the sour powder covering on the skittles.

We sat in his room, lights off watching through a crack in the door as people grabbed handfuls, threw them in their mouth and made the best faces.

One of the best nights of my life

This is the very definition of evil.

This actually stresses me out

I actually had a colleague who did this and I noticed immediately. Then said fuck it and ate them in one bite. It actually tasted like when you bite into a Tootsie Pop with a bit of the hard candy left. It wasn't really that bad to be honest and continued to go back for more.

My OCD literally just kicked me in the balls with the need to sort that

By brand, or by color?

2 points · 5 months ago


M&M have M's on them, Reese's pieces have no marking and Skittles have a S on them.

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People like you are the reason I have trust issue

The idea is funny but if someone did that to me I would absolutely hate them😂

Cinderella will help.

What monster would do such a thing? :(

This shit really fucks with my ocd

What monster would do this?!

M&Ms and Reeses aint so had but...skittles with M&Ms? You monster.

You're a sick fuck, Mr. Grinch...

Some people want to watch the world burn.

Let the games begin...

YEARS ago a biker did this at his house ... except the blue ones were stelazine and the yellow were thorazine ...

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Quick reminder that Easter is April 1st this year.

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You monster!

Passive aggressive, professional edition.

Nothing passive about it, that's actively aggressive.

skittles has done well enough on their own when they added that crap ass green apple .

I'd be cool with this if there were no Skittles in there... I fucking hate Skittles.

Gimme the bowl, I'll eat the whole damn thing.

I hope you step on a lego

The M&Ms have little 'w's on them you can check for

Nope - dump 'em all on the table, separate 'em by color/type of candy, then eat 'em - one little piece of candy at a time - just make sure you keep the same number in each pile, or within one. Ahh! Just thinking about it does my little ocd brain good...

Am I the only one who actually likes mixing these?

2 points · 5 months ago

We've got an automatic candy dispenser at work that we take turns filling. I think this is a perfect idea.

Did you know that if you eat a red skittle and a m&m at the same time it tastes like chocolate covered cherries? Well now you do.

You... monster.....

I really appreciate Reddit for these excellent party trolling ideas. The next party I host will be the last party I will be asked to host!

Ah, that's the asshole mix.

At our wedding reception, we had bowls of different candies for the guests. I threw one orange Skittle into the bowl of Reese's Pieces and later had the pleasure of seeing someone discover it.

How to kill people with peanut allergies*

This shit happened on a snack day at work. People were livid!

People like you are why I have trust issues.

Yeah, I've set out a bowl of S&Ms more than once at work.

People cry and moan and complain... but at the end of the day the bowl is always empty.


Some people just want to watch the world burn.

S&M's! (Skittles and M&M's) I can't think of a clever name for when you also add Resee's to it?

2 points · 5 months ago

Hershey's makes a peppermint-patty flavored one too. And as I recall they're grey and blue, so they'd confuse people looking for chocolate.

The m&Ms and pieces would be fine together. It's the damn Skittles that'll get you.

I used to work in a call center for a large tablet manufacturer. I was a bit of a rising star in that division. People were always coming to me with problems they didn't know how to solve. I always had a steam of people at my desk.

Meanwhile I kept a small candy dish. I started to notice that everybody just took a handful without asking. I guess it wasn't really a big deal but I found it fascinating that people would eat my candy without even acknowledging it or asking.

One day I mixed it half with skittles and half m&ms. One by one my coworkers came up to me and took some, then mid conversation they'd be like WHAT THE HELL IS IN THIS BOWL????

We all found it quite funny until....

Having worked in several call centers I was used to being part of a bit of a display. An executive or client would come for a visit and they would "randomly" put them next to me to insinuate that I was just an average worker. Say for example Lisa Simpson being chosen to represent her school "randomly"

Anyways, up walks my manager, and his manager, and the building director with the number 4 person in the company. A guy worth billions of dollars with ZERO sense of humor.

So here I am walking him through stuff and taking calls while my supervisor has the worst look of dread on her face I've ever seen in a person. She knew about the skittles/m&ms bowl.

He kept getting closer to a bite only to be distracted, it was terrifying.

You fucking monster.

This is psychopathic beyond Patrick Bateman.....


Oh, that's deliciously evil. Put them next to plate full of chocolate chip cookies and raisin cookies, and enjoy the party.

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As a person with a peanut allergy, not so funny :(

Is it sad that I wouldn’t mind eating this?

The flavour of Reese's Pieces and Skittles at the same time would be seriously disgusting.

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You monster.

2 points · 5 months ago

I like all of them. You have no power here.

At least please put a peanut warning nearby.

This is not funny. This is horrifying.

Hello Satan.

Can’t people feel texture. All three feel completely different from one another.

I think this every time something similar gets posted. Skittles are even a different shape and texture. M&M's have an "m" on them, so they're different from reeses pieces (which are a bit flatter as well). I guess if you eat like a hungry hippo and shovel handfuls into your mouth, you might get fooled, but I guess I'm not the target audience/victim.

2 points · 5 months ago

I hope they aren't feeling it and dropping it back in the bowl

You can really only feel the difference with your tongue.

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When you see a bowl of m&ms do you inspect them to make sure they are really m&ms?

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