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In Photoshop, Photoshop is everything

EDIT since this has somehow got traction:

The couple's photobomb has been around for years. It's also in focus, so.

The couple was interviewed about the moment in 2009.

The image here doesn't show up on TinEye till 2013.

Also, here is the original image of the Ankole-Watusi.

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in Reddit - karma is everything

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oh my. first reddit silver and now this. Lol

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You should try Redditblowjob

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Is that an offer?

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    Good bot.

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    ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Delicious bot

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    In space, nobody can hear you scream.

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    In Photoshop, Photoshop is Photoshop.

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    Photoshop photoshop, photoshop photoshop photoshop.

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    my childhood is shattered

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    Nice catch!

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    In reposts, JPEG is everything.

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    Which is the original? Are either?

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    The couple's photobomb has been around for years. It's also in focus, so.

    EDIT: The couple was interviewed about the moment in 2009.

    The image here doesn't show up on TinEye till 2013.

    Also, here is the original image of the Ankole-Watusi.

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    damn it. you beat me to it... again! here goes attempt 802...

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    so is PHOTOSHOP

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    Bad photoshop

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    Apart from this being an obvious shop (I've seen quite a few shops in my time), the original photo is from Kilimanjaro safaris in Disney World Animal Kingdom right?

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    Yes. “The Ankole cattle, also named the Watusi cattle for the tribe that domesticated them. The horns grow up to 6 ft long, but they are not heavy, because they’re filled with air.”


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    Air's pretty heavy though, it's what holds us down to the earth.

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    Ha ha stop posting terrible content ha

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    What sort of bots are upvoting this jpegged to hell reposted shop job?

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    For fucks sake, who upvotes this stuff?

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    People who aren’t angry at the whole world.

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    Fake and gay

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    I know it’s fake but what’s gay about it?

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    there’s a penis in it

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    Are penises inherently gay? I know more gay boys than I thought.

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    Bull rim job?

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    Jackalopes cousin

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    Came here looking for jackalope. Mission complete. Jack Bing-Bada-Bing away!

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    alan! no, STEVE!!

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    In photoshop, timing is everything

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    Even If this wasn't shopped. The angles would be way more important to making this shot work.

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    Cropping is 2nd.

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    The elusive Gopherlope! Cousin to the Jackalope! That's a pretty spectacular image you caught there!!

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    especially since it’s photoshopped, check top comment

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    Especially since Gopherlope's and Jackalope's aren't actually real. Check funny bone.

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    Plaaaayyyy the best song in the world, or I'll eat your souls!

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    The mystical squirbull

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      This would be a win for perspective if it wasn’t chopped

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      It would have been better if you could have captured the cow and the bull gopher

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      Probably the scariest fucking squirrel I’ve ever seen

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      Magic is everything

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      Looks like a damn jackalope!

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      If the demon from "Legend" had a pet.

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      Why do most squirrels look clueless?

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      Here we see in the wild a rare squirm bull. A very rare species of squirrels with horns.

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      Just to enlighten, almost 100% sure this was made with the"Squirrelizer" app. Check it out, high tech stuff

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      In life.. timing is everything

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      This is nuts!

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      That's one horny squirrel

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      You spelled taxidermy wrong.

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      I thought op must have stolen a camera from museum and took this picture with it