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My dog did this whenever my dad grilled, he also closed his eyes and smelled the air as well, so we always grilled him something whenever we grilled... I miss him so much.

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He's in a better place now where even dogs get to grill. Every now and then though he looks down and still catches a whiff of you guys grilling, keeping an eye to remind you if something is about to burn.

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Omg can’t deal 😭

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I wish my husband looked at me the way that dog looks at that meat.

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You want him to look at you like a piece of meat? Well, that's not very modern.

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She wants him to look at her like he wants to eat her.

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Groucho Marx eyebrows

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/r/vore NSFW

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Not as bad as /r/guro IMO. Also NSFW. Here’s some /r/eyebleach for anyone willing to browse these subs

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Or, if you want to get really upsetting, /r/handholding (NSFL).

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I’ve lost faith in humanity. How deprave

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Bunch of degenerates.

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Wtf. I'm not grossed out by the pictures, I've seen a lot of gore. What weirds me out is people getting off to this type of stuff. Mutilating a body and then having sex with it? You can't tell me these people are normal even though it is "just artwork". Sometimes I'm glad I live in a shithole country where you never see stuff like this.

Edit: I was wrong for saying what I said above regarding "normal people", I should have kept a more open mind.

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shithole country


I think most of fetishes derive from the fact that it is 'abnormal' 'dangerous' 'disallowed' 'grotesque' 'illegal' 'frowned upon'. Of course there are many fetishes which don't really fall under this category, but I feel like there are different types of fetishes...

For some people I think it just starts out simple, but as they keep being more and more exposed to their fetish, they become accustomed to it, and they seek out more 'worse' fetishes, which are more 'abnormal' or 'dangerous'. It keeps on escalating.

I think there are people who stop at a certain point where they are satisfied enough to not seek out new better things. They end up somewhere halfway. But there are also people who keep on going, and end up in places like this. To be honest I see this sub more as a halfway point as well, as I can think of things way worse than this, for example this sub, but real life. Some people don't know how to stop, unless they hit a wall where they can't get overexposed to the next level fetish anymore because it doesn't exist or isn't accessible to you.

Anyway, I think that as long as certain types of fetishes are easily accessible, and people keep being able to be overexposed to their fetishes, some people will develop worse and worse fetishes over time, until they hit that wall. I think it's more of a result of everything being so open, available, rather than something being wrong with the actual individual. I think that as long as you are not harming yourself or another being, or other beings are being harmed to feed your fetish, you are 'normal' in my view.

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Dead honest, I was thinking this exactly and agree with you. I knew "normal" was a poor choice of word, I shouldn't have used it.

Thanks for writing that out.

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Normal is pretty subjective anyway:D Glad you agree.

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It’s not required to keep an open mind. You realized how fucked up it was. Don’t give those fuckers the satisfaction of being called normal.

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I'm so confused right now.

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If there’s blood involved in a fetish, then someone could be encouraged to go to greater lengths to see it in real life. This can lead to people self-harming or even harming their partners.

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Maybe if she washed her snatch once in a while.

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Hey man, every so often everyone wants to be treated like that.

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Sometimes that's all you need.

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Very natural though. As in nature-al

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I looked like that at your post history! Damn!

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Looking at your posts and I definitely look like that dog rn.

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well maybe if you looked at his meat some more..

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Then look like a piece of juicy meat.

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I wish you would look at my meat like that husband looks at that dog.


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My wife looks at me like she's been cutting those onions.

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Dogs only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting

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lol, I think she meant longingly I hope the dog got a piece of meat

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Almost as devoted as the way Pence looks at Trump

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You gotta look at his meat like that first

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877-CAS-HNOW hmu

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What are those two long, thin things at the bottom right corner of the photo? Turkey necks?

*edit--the fact that I'm from New England is really showing right now. Thanks for all the pepper info!

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Peppers. Delicious long hot peppers.

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Oh I'll penesia! I'll penesia all night.

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I thought they were frog legs ngl

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You have some scary AF frogs in your neck of the woods if they have legs that big.

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    If you were to touch them with your bare hand on the grill how would you describe the temperature?

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    The best kind of correct.

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    New Mexican here. Those appear to be Green Chile , hopefully from Hatch, NM and not those Anaheim abominations lol We eat green chile on everything from birth - very addictive

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    It must be weird for Non Hispanics to tell people they are New Mexican

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    "So, you just moved to Mexico?"

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    This guy New Mexicos lol

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    Yes, but only to people who suck at geography lol For some reason most people just hear ‘Mexican’ There’s also a very specific dialect/accent/vernacular to a lot of New Mexicans, more specifically people from Albuquerque (burqueños) that transcends race/creed that any native can INSTANTLY recognize. This girl does a hilarious but pretty accurate impression

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    Do people from ABQ just say Bitch after everything?

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    Sounds like a mix of Indian Rez speak and valley girl.

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    Took me about 30 seconds of me thinking of ways one can become Mexican before I realized what you meant :)

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    New Mexican food is underrated. Like... seriously underrated.

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    The green in the picture and the way the red house looks like, this looks like eastern europe to me. I doubt either chilli is on the grill.

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    I'm you I guess. I'm up in Mass and I want sure either. My guess was weird sausages.

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    Banana peppers

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    I thought they were humongous frog's legs

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    u gonna lose a lot of the shrooms to slipping through the grate, u gotta use a grill basket for the tiny things like that

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    they are big enough to roast without too much volume loss. but grill baskets are so convenient. highly recommend.

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    If a man looked at me the way that dog looks at that meat... I'd be pregnant.

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    Your username tells me I shouldn't look at you in that way.

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    Valid point. Very valid.

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    Post in a gone wild sub if you want some male attention. ;)

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    “Commmmme onnnnnn, pleaaaaase???”

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    Hard life as a domesticated carnivore

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      “I always wanted to try shrooms” - Cat probably

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      "I always wanted to fry" - shrooms prolly

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      So people just cut onions in half and grill them up like that? I've never seen anyone do that before- how's it taste?

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      pretty good actually, I sprinkle some salt and pepper on them before I grill them.

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      Onions and mushrooms are great on the grill

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      Drizzle a lil olive oil on them too.

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      Olive oil, salt and pepper.

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      I'd describe myself as someone who isn't too fond of onions. I don't hate them but I'm pretty far away from loving them. That said, grilled, slightly charred so theve got burnt spots, red onions are absolutely delicious.

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      It's a favorite dish my friends requests for me to make all the time. Grilled veggies/mushrooms/onions. Salt, cracked pepper, white wine vinegar, and truffle oil.

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      Very oniony

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      "Argh! What's he doing! Stupid fat hooman. You ruins it!"

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      Who ever is grilling sliced mushrooms like that is really living life on the edge.

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      Why do you build me up buttercup.

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      Oh Meat, only you understand me.

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      What are you doing?! You're burning it, you're burning it! Nooooo!

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      Too early for veggies. The steaks are still raw.

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      Nah, a good cut needs to be seared, nothing more

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      Who has a bus stop in their back yard?

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      "But, soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun."

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      I look at my meat the same way.

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      Post this in /r/Awww

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      Just waiting for his moment to grab and swallow that steak.

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      Minus the mushrooms

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      Makes me feel sentimental for some reason

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      I will always love you....ouuuuu

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      Dog's should not eat onions.

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      Looks like a picture of me....

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      Forbidden love.

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      Lol, there is an uncropped version of this pic where you see that the grill is some kind of super ghetto contraption.

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      if it works it's not stupid, my dad used a beer keg to fix my uncle's grill.

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      Nonsense, the grill appears to be cast iron, a "ghetto" edition would definitely use a stainless steel grate.

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      Goldens are the clowns of the dog world

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      Who tf put a bunch of meat on a table outside?

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      awwwwwww... noooo

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      Mushrooms on the side, literally unplayable.

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      “Attt lassst”

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      If you told that dog to 'Get it!' that meat would be gone by the time you got the G sound out.

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      The grass really is greener on the other side.

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      is that geoduck?

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      That puddle of drool soaked in the cement

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      The lab we had as a kid would steal both of those without getting burnt, and be gone before you realized she was even there.

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      For the love of god, give that poor pup something. The look is heartbreaking !

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      r/DogsNFood needs to be a thing

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      As good as food smells to us, can you imagine the hell dogs endure when we cook?

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      Wuv, tru wuv.

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      Can we eat already

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      Grillin long long PhEneIses

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      Those steaks should not be on there yet. The onions haven't even been flipped yet.

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      Food is love.

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      Looking at something that you can never have.

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      Peppers are done dude.

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      Oooooh, myyyyy love, my darliing

      I've hun-gered for yooour touch, a long, lonely tiiiime

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      Should it be covered.

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      That’s so cute, he just wants attention and some pets!