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It is good to bee aware of the difference.

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Gob's not on board.

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They don't allow you to have bees in here.

We'll see who brings in more honey.





... well there's the honey... or just as gifts!...


Bees. My God.

The dogs with the bees in their mouth?

This is a shit tier post

Who are you calling shit tier, buddy?

Probably have better luck plugging in the Canadian Bee on the first try.

But then it dies afterwards

Ever get he feeling the USA’s backup plan is a USB?

Q: What’s the difference between USA and USB?

A: One connects to all of your devices and accesses data. The other is a hardware standard.

Oh bee-have

Now somebody show me what a Bum Ball Bee would look like.

Comment deleted6 months ago

U. S. Bee

USB is a other way of saying flash drive.

This is my favorite comment yet

It's okay. Somebody's gotta work at 7-Eleven.

Fuck, that cuts deep.

Hey, don't give u/technobug a hard time, they're trying their hardest.

I thought that's what East Indians are for?


Refering to that as just "a USB" sounds like r/oldpeoplefacebook

No pic of giant Asian hornet with venom strong enough to melt flesh?

I know their venom sucks, but I've never heard of it described as melting flesh. If they were generally that bad, I don't think the Chinese policy on them would be to only report to the ER if you've been stung 30 or more times (assuming you're not already allergic to bee/wasp stings to begin with, in which case one can kill you).

Important to watch for the Boo Bee as well

I fucking love puns

the difference is that a Canadian bee will still be capable of transferring fear and pain whether it is upside down or not

One stingy boi vs one storage boi

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It's funny because the U.S. bee's population is collapsing, and this is the only U.S. bee we have left.

The bees are fine.

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For a second I thought this was a Black Mirror joke. Freaking love that episode.

That joke was so horrible that it got me. +1 for you

Then there’s the UCB which subtlety undermines them both.

Good Sir/Ma’am, That is a flash drive.

It's also called a USB

What about the Japanese Bee?

It's hip to BEE square!

Standard honey bee actually came from Europe iirc

Im pretty sure sandisk isnt a US company either...

Have your damn upvote....

So fluffy and cute :3

took me way too long to figure this one out.

Unless it’s like that black mirror episode where robot bees kill people

No. It's a flash drive or thumb drive. The USB is only a part of it.

Wait you call your USB’s bees you Americans are weird

Calling it a USB is fucking weird as it is.


Huh, I have the same USB stick. Small world, aye?


Where's Barry B. Benson?

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