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Saw this today

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292 points · 5 months ago

The moment it draws in it's 67th customer though, it's paid for itself!

Variable costs remain, the biggest of which will be the purchase of the beer from the wholesaler, so you can at least double that figure I would think.

Newcastle probably paid for this sign and gives it to major distributors. So really the store would just be paying for the electricity. I'm surprised a neon sign would cost $400. But if it does I doubt many liquor stores were willing to buy one themselves to promote just one product for another company.

Of course it hadn't occurred to me that the business wouldn't have paid for it, but I did think that four hundred dollars for an item that has the appearance of something nearer forty dollars was a trifle expensive.

I’m from Newcastle and we didn’t pay for this sign, pay for your own goddamn signs!!!

aren’t neon signs kind of a “dying art” at this point? I wanted a custom one made for a photo shoot I had an idea for and the quote was like $375 for a sign with a small island that said gone fishin’...

I’m sure large orders from a beer manufacturer get a significant discount because of the scale and repeatability of the project.

And yeah, neon has been on the way out for a long time.

It's glasswork and high energy electrics in a purely custom-built market. It's definitely out of fashion, though, since we have LEDs instead now. But that's a pretty appropriate price point for getting a new neon installation custom-built, all things considered. Given the application needed, how much would you say you'd spend on a regular flat display light and a printed flat cel image of the island and "gone fishin"? Probably like ten bucks for the light, and then another five or so to print the image...and you'll have the light for any other images you'd want to use, too.

That sounds cheap for neon. It’s becoming a specialized art.

2 points · 5 months ago

$400 sounds more like a collectors item type of neon sign of a beer no longer made. Like what those nippers on storage wars claim to pull out of abandoned storage units.

We don't get many actual neons these days, but being a beach bar with many beers on draft we certainly get a lot of promotional items like signs, lights, coasters etc to promote certain products

You’re fun.

Why, thank you kind sir/madam. Blessings of the shadow upon you.

Actually, I’m an economist and I have to constantly stop looking at stuff like this as some sort of optimization problem, my girlfriend always says to me, ‘that’s fun’. Lol

134 beers fun?

Depending on the margin on beer.


Comment deleted5 months ago

400/6=66.66666666 doesn't take very long

You neglected to factor in electricity and the cost of window space.

Is also assuming that every beer sold is 100% profit with no other costs.

With $6 for a beer, that isn't too far off. Here in Europe you can sometimes get 3 beers for that price and still have some money left.

It really doesn't make a lot of sense to talk about European beer prices. There are some countries where you couldn't buy a single beer for $6 and others where you could get a half dozen

However, tax write off.

0 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

Thats a little over half a keg. Assuming theyre pouring 16oz pints. Btw Newcastle kegs are 13.2 not 15.5

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-7 points · 5 months ago(2 children)

Seeing Americans drinking Newcastle Brown Ale is something I still find really weird. It's this almost forgotten drink in the U.K. that's popular where it's from but you never really see anyone drinking it anywhere else so to see how popular it is in another country just facinates me.

Comment deleted5 months ago

I think it's popularity has decreased now that there's a wider range of ales and lagers (and the trendy nature of craft ale), at least that's my impression compared to 15 years ago. That said, I'm sure the parent company isn't going to go belly up anytime soon.

It’s definitely still one of the more popular lagers, yes. I’d say it’s the most heavily advertised beer, too.

It isn't in as many pubs as it use to be. You will see it in a lot of cheaper places. It is advertised well and clearly sells in supermarkets. I am not a fan of it

When you're out In Newcastle, the only people who drink Brown Ale are the people from down south who are on stag nights.

It's not even made in town anymore :(

I just checked... I thought it was brewed in Edinburgh these days, but WRONG!

When the Tyne Brewery closed they moved production across the river to Gateshead, later to Tadcaster and then after Heineken bought S&N production moved to Holland.

3 points · 5 months ago

Newky Brown was my goto in clubs before the craft ale boom, now everywhere has decent beer. It, along with guinness, was my salavation from the Fosters/Stella/Strongbow/Carlsberg standards that was the only thing a lot of places served

It's one of those beers that I love, but I pick up a 6er only like once a year.

2 points · 5 months ago

Out of curiosity, what "big beers" do you guys drink?

Craft beer is nice, but Newcastle Brown is irreplaceable to me

The majority of big brand beers people drink in the UK tend to be lagers like Carlsberg, Stella Artois and Kronenburg. Each pub will normally be owned by a brewery, so for bitters you'll usually drink whatever that pub serves. For example a Marstons pub will normally have a staple bitter like Marston's Pedigree on tap permanently. Guinness is served in just about every pub too, and is even drunk by those who don't have a taste for other stouts as it's not so much of an acquired taste.

"Real ale", which is our term for craft beer (although we sometimes use the term "craft" to differentiate between microbreweries and larger real ale breweries, and it's becoming interchangeable in some places) depends again on the brewery of the pub you're in. Most ale drinkers will vary their beer depending on what's on tap, as most pubs rotate these ales, and what happens to taste the best, as there's a lot that can go wrong with an ale and some gaffers suck at keeping it properly.

Finally we have freehouses that are privately owned pubs that aren't associated with a particular brewery. These will normally serve a larger selection of real ales, and will be sourced from many different breweries. My local freehouse, for example, serves two Marstons group beers on rotation, and normally two microbrewery ales from local brewers. As these pubs require a significant investment as they'll be covering all of the organisational problems as well as the financial burden of running a pub without the assistance of a brewery, they tend to be run by beer connoisseurs and you can normally guarantee a well kept pint.

If you had asked the question twenty years ago, big brand beers would change by local area. For example, it was extremely difficult to get a Banks's Bitter in London. Nowadays the real ale movement fronted by CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) has become extremely popular, and these bitters are interchanged about as often as other ales. Newcastle Brown though is primarily found as a bottled beer outside of Newcastle. In fact, the only time I've ever seen it on tap was when I was abroad. I rarely ever drink it, although it's my fall-back beer of choice when in a pub where the draught beers taste dodgy as most places have at least a few bottles.

To clarify a bit, 'real ale' is a cask conditioned ale that's generally hand-pulled on a beer engine. It's not as broad a term as 'craft beer' in America which encompasses most any style(including cask ales) and refers more to the size of the brewery and methods of production.

2 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

How is it almost forgotten? It is one of the cheapest drink to get absolutely smashed on here. 8 lagers does not compare to 6 bottles of newcy. I see people on newcy brown all the time.

It's a good beer, I just don't seem to see many people drinking it.

It's not a good beer, and I see lots of people drinking it.

-8 points · 5 months ago(More than 8 children)

'I'm manly because I drink beer'


-7 points · 5 months ago(0 children)

I drink beer mate. I'm a knucklehead just like you.

-8 points · 5 months ago(0 children)

No worries dumbass.

I really don't care for what you have to say, looked at your comments on other things and you don't have a positive thing to say about anything hahaha, you're just a sad lonely person trawling Reddit for the next argument, enjoy your salty existence.

Im from Newcastle and was quite suprised to see there are certain regular supermarkets you can buy it from here in New Zealand.

Ooh, I love Newcastle! I’m a yank though. It’s my #2 behind the dark stuff.

Even weirder is their fondness for Bass, which you can hardly ever get in the UK. Not that you'd want to, frankly.

2 points · 5 months ago

I'm from the US and have never seen Bass. Newcastle is alright, but it's pretty rare. Most places do craft beers here, but dive bars do PBR, Bud/Miller/Coors light, yuengling on the east coast, and sometimes Heineken or Amstel.

I think certain Brewers market more in foreign countries. Like how Foster's isn't in Australia really or how Tecate is the crappy beer in Mexico, but has a marginally better brand in the US.

I figured that's how Guinness was in Ireland. I thought it was sold heavily in America as the Irish beer, but that the Irish drank other stuff. I was very wrong about that. Guinness is fucking everywhere you look in Ireland. It's probably easier to get a pint of Guinness than a cup of coffee.

Ah memories. I remember my dad giving me Bass shandy when I was young, pretty much no alcohol, but I felt all grown up.

Bass mild is nectar!

Banks's dark mild is worth it too.

I drink Newky or Guiness if I'm in a pub that doesn't have anything else interesting. Newky bottles make for good argument settlers if it comes to it.

I don't drink Newcastle anymore but God damnit as someone who only drank water beer such ass bud/coors light, natural ice/light, Miller high life etc I thank Newcastle for being the stepping stone to craft beers ipas/pale ales

I'm German and in my town there's a pub that sells it. That beer's the shit! I was hooked the first time I tried it lol

Not to sound like a pretentious beer snob, but Alesmith's Nut Brown Ale is a far superior brew, over Newcastle's Brown Ale.

Damn, I sounded like one anyway.

I'm from Newcastle, it still amazes me Americans drink that stuff.

Often, its one of the only non lager/pilsner pisswater beers on tap. Plus, it's good. Its one of my (and my friend group's) go-to "big name" beers.

It's strange because it's not even that popular in Newcastle or at least not in bars,I think people buy it for the house. I still remember taking 4 bottles of the stuff up the woods to do some under age drinking at 16, the proper way to grow up in Newcastle haha! I think i could drink more of the stuff back then than I can now.

Don't get me wrong, its by no means popular. Its just fairly common. Im in oregon and I've only ever seen it bottles once in a store. Down in California I could go to a local bar and theres a fair chance they'd have it.

Before this microbrewery craze, we Americans were deprived of good beer selection

If you see it everywhere, it's popular enough. Otherwise they would fill the shelf space with something that actually sold.

Yeah I'm with you on that one the watery largers I've tried from over there didn't do it for me either! I've always wanted to try one of your fourloko is it ? Some disgusting can of sugar filled with alcohol? There's nothing like that here.

It's kind of like American bucky, in terms of its... purpose. Its awful, and not because of the 13%.

Fourloko is the worst haha. Pretty much. Add a splash of stomach acid to the mix and you've nailed the taste. Its super high alcohol content and pretry damn cheap. Teenagers love it for that reason. We have a lot of sugary malt liquors here that you would find in large 24oz cans at just about any iquor store or gas station.

I don't know what its like for you guys there but its super commonplace here lol. The stigma behind alcohol here has ironically made cheaper, higher alcohol content beer more popular.

Edit: heres typical scene in a gas station

You can get Dragon Soop in most shops in town, pretty much the exact same stuff.

It's not that popular here. They're pretty good with online/guerrilla marketing, which makes them seem more popular.

I haven't seen anyone drink it in a few years.

6$ for a beer? Is that normal for the U.S. ?

At restaurants and bars yes. Some places go as steep as 7 or 8 dollars for a glass. Its possible to find $3-$5 pints at places but its almost always happy hour or just for domestic (budlight, coors, maybe corona)

Just out for dinner, 7 bucks for a pint of Guinness, pretty standard for non crayons on the table joints

you saw it in your repost folder?

What kind of psychopath has a repost folder?

Are you new to Reddit? Seems like a lot of people do judging by the last 2 years.

Yeah, that's been going on a lot longer than 2 years

I mean like blatantly, like not even 15h later.

13 points · 5 months ago

$6 For a Newcastle Brown Ale?


An overpriced tag for an overrated beer, tbh.

At least it's consistent

What does it cost at the supermarket? Over here it's £1.75 a bottle.

Is this in Oklahoma?

Little sign on the door with "No persons under 21 years of age" on it says Oklahoma near the bottom

A 6 dollar beer?

You don't put burboun in it or nothin'?

4 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

Subliminal advertising doesn't work at all, now excuse me while I go kill Sir Walter Newcastle...

6$ for a beer what the actual f

A $400 sign that pays itself off after the 67 th beer has been sold

Aww yess! Newky brown.. Worth it just to make you aware of its existence in my opinion.

I'm sure the brewers in The Netherlands are proud of such ringing endorsements of their craft.

It’s brewed in Gateshead.

The Federation Brewery in Gateshead closed years ago.

Haha really?! Lol.

Edit: old article, says "Heineken UK, the brewery’s owners who closed the site and moved production to Yorkshire" but they moved it to The Netherlands since then.

Yup, a shame from the whole 'locally brewed' viewpoint, but it's still an amazing beer.

What's interesting is that it seems to be relatively rare outside of the UK, despite it not even being a UK brewed beer. Not sure if this is to keep up a facade of being local, or just no interest by Heineken to try to increase a customer base outside of the already existing UK.

Well, interesting to me anyway..

I saw it quite a lot in bars in Ohio/Kentucky when I was in America. I think they've made a reasonable progress into some of the states there. I don't think I've ever seen it from a tap/keg in the UK either, always bottle or can, but was on tap a lot out in those states.

Wow. Disgraceful!

At least they are honest am I right high five.

Six bucks for a bottle of dog.. yikes!

If it’s a problem with the neon I can take it to my neon guy.

Yes My Favorite Taste Of The fresh nectar straight from the river Tyne

Is that the US selling Newcy Brown?

I hate beer, but I'd buy one just because I appreciate the sign. I'd say that it's 400$ well spent.

Newky Brown can turn you into a superhero

SOLD! Now I want a beer.

I throw money at these types of places, so long as they don’t have anymore attitude to give...

$6? Jesus, exporting Newky really inflates the price. It's £1.65 or 4 for £6 for 550ml bottles here...

Maybe the $400 sign is why it's just over twice as expensive!

I really hate faux cynicism in advertising. We get it, you're pretending to be us.

Literal truth in advertising.

Interesting fact.

HUR HUR self-conscious self-aware advertising SO HIP WITH THE KIDS

When you put it that way, you'll. Guilt people in to becoming alcoholic's

Shit, ill buy a beer.

That isn’t even bullshit

I️ worked at a Texas theme bbq restaurant and it had one of these light up wired whatever it’s called display of an armadillo. I️ asked my manager what that cost (too much pawn shop shows) and he said 2000$. It was about 4-5x bigger than this sign

Neon sign making requires a fair deal of expensive equipment, let alone skill. It is becoming a dying art unfortunately.

What’s even funnier to me is the other sign reads “please use EAST door” when the arrows are pointing west.

Or the building is on the south side of the street?

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