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I'm that sibling by PNWndn in funny

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Some might even call it a video

De-evolution of my will to live by Czareen in funny

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Absolutely, now it only takes me 11 minutes to parallel park.

My GF's obsession with cheesy cursive signs inspired me to make my own uninspirational signs by Shancar in funny

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Well done on the signage! I had to put my foot down with my wife recently... "NO MORE WORDS ON OUR WALLS." I can only stare at so many "this is my place for dancing", "rules of love: bla bla bla", "love more, ignore haters, drink wine, pet kittens", "this is a house of love, worship, beer and sodomy"

EDIT: after 10k votes this has really blown up..woah. super jealous of the gold above me. One day I will be the best there ever was...

EDIT 2: thank you kind stranger for the gold!

My GF's obsession with cheesy cursive signs inspired me to make my own uninspirational signs by Shancar in funny

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In all seriousness, the craftsmanship on these signs is very good. In fact, it's so good it might inspire someone to take up woodworking. So....suck it.

Bon Jovi gives terrible gifts by murbul in funny

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“Hey you enjoying that fettuccini? My name’s Bon Jovi, I brought you some cancer”

Where we're going we don't need roads by Mrbeardgravy in funny

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Ugh you really need a bigger pb&j ratio otherwise it's going to feel like chewing on a mummy's dick.

Just praying his team wins today. by Jamtonisalon in funny

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It's Calum Chambers in the arsenal away kit for sure, I watched that miserable match.

I don't think someone is getting off the train... by sirferrell in funny

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If he plays how I play NO ONE is getting off that train.

How to prank an office that just got a new copier by badbagel37 in funny

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Wow, I can't believe these are still doing the rounds! :)

Checkmate, Flat Earthers! by GeneReddit123 in funny

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Someone needs to make anti-flat Earth videos except instead of using real scientific arguments they need to use incorrect but simple and somewhat plausible evidence instead, like the flat Earth videos do.

Fight idiocy with idiocy.

Checkmate, Flat Earthers! by GeneReddit123 in funny

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Same shit pretty much, except reindeer power costs a buck more doe

Tom Hanks crashing couples wedding photo shoot. by Jamtonisalon in funny

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Tom Hanks looks at bride "There's a snake in my pants."