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/r/Gaming Game of the Year Awards 2017 - Results

Welcome to /r/Gaming's Game of the Year awards!

Disclaimer: Terrible humor below. This is a popularity contest for those who voted, not a super big deal! The best "Other" category is not always the top answer either.

Biggest Letdown of 2017:


1| Star Wars: Battlefront 2|5,519|47.3%

2| Mass Effect Andomeda|2,655|22.8%

3| Destiny 2|1,839|15.8%

How do you get everyone to hate a movie franchise that has a large portion of their franchise indebted to games as well? Lock nearly all progression off behind loot crates which can also be purchased. Damnit EA.

"Other" choice award:

still can't buy gf :(



... thanks

/r/Gaming's biggest controversy


1|Star Wars: Battlefront 2|8,484|72.5%

2|Net Neutrality|2,217|18.9%

3|Mass Effect: Andromeda facial animations|361|3.1%

Early on, EA is running away with the most rewards. Probably not the way they wanted to though..

"Other" choice award:

This terrible poll

You're the one taking it!

"Early Access Done Right" Award


1|PlayerUnknown's: Battlegrounds|3,587|34.7%


3|Divinity: Original Sin II|2,609|25.3%

The 1v1 battle between games that pride themselves in a one against all free-for-all; how oddly poetic. PUBG walks away one shot away from death, with this one by only a few hundred votes.

"Other" choice award:

The Witcher 3


Best Debut Indie Game



2|Hollow Knight|1,765|16.5%

3|Slime Rancher|464|4.3%

While Golf Story and Hollow Knight were some of this year's best indie games, Cuphead walks away with this one in stunning fashion.

"Other" choice award:

Doki Doki Liturature Club

You all really made me aware of the mistake I made in forgetting this title.

Best Independent Game



2|Hollow Knight|1,438|13.5%

3|Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice|1,339|12.6%

I mean, I almost didn't ask this or the last question because I just assumed at this point it would win.

"Other" choice award:

Why is there a trout under the TV Adam? Is this some kind of joke? A cry for help? What am I to make of this? What are you doing? Put down that knife. PUT DOWN THAT KNIFE, ADAM!

Most Anticipated


1|Red Dead Redemption II|4,261|38.1%

2|The Last of Us Part II|2,855|25.5%

3|Monster Hunter: World|1,878|16.8%

Hear me out. 3 protagonists. A Union solider, a Confederate solider, and a Native American. They have to work together to find a ton of gold somewhere. They aren't friends and are constantly at each other's throats. The game ends with a three-way Mexican Standoff where the outcome is determined by the player.

"Other" choice award:

Every game

That's the spirit.

Best Esports Game



2|Rocket League|2,630|24.3%

3|League of Legends|1,687|15.6%

"Other" choice award:

Rainbow Six: Siege

Wouldn't have won outright, but your voice and opinion should definitely be noted. Rainbow Six: Siege is a community favorite and has stuck around a lot longer than most of us probably thought. Kudos to Ubisoft on this one.

Best Multiplayer


1|PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds|4,338|40.3%


3|Mario Kart 8 Deluxe|1,499|13.9%

Looks like we've got ourselves some buttery roasted chicken. I might head over to KFC after I'm finished writing this. /r/HailCorporate

"Other" choice award:

The Witcher 3

I've actually seen this voted for in almost every category now, regardless if it even fits. I have a feeling someone went through this entire thing while wearing the Witcher medallion around his neck, "Yessss, my preciuous."

Best Sports/Racing Game


1|Forza Motorspot 7|2,550|29.3%

2|Fifa 18|1,387|16%

3|Project Cars 2|1,213|14%

Even with it's turbulent release, Forza raced to the front of the pack early with the poll position, and held the lead throughout the race.

"Other" choice award:

The Witcher 3

Forgot about the horse racing bits.

Best Strategy Game


1|XCOM 2: War of the Chosen|3,166|33.2%

2|Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle|2,842|29.8%

3|Total War: Warhammer II|2,035|21.3%

I'm just going to leave my personal feelings on the game (Love the series btw)

"Other" choice award:

They are Billions

Steampunk survival RTS. Gotta love it.

Best Family Game The Mario Showdown Award


1|Super Mario Odyssey|4,849|46.5%

2|Mario Kart 8 Deluxe|4,129|39.6%


I debated calling it "The Nintendo Game of the Year", but held back since Splatoon (The third place winner) wasn't really even close. In the race between the world's two favorite Mario games, the winner is.. Nintendo!

"Other" choice award:


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Best Fighting Game


1|Injustice 2|3,808|40.8%

2|Tekken 7|2,200|23.6%


Guess it really wasn't an ARMS race, was it? HA. Haha.. Sorry I did that joke such Injustice

"Other" choice award:

the one where the guy hits the other guy

Yeah, me too.

Best Role Playing Game


1|Persona 5|2,163|20.7%

2|Divinity: Original Sin 2|2,142|20.5%

3|South Park: The Fractured But Whole|1,986|19%

We were really spoiled this year weren't we? Not every RPG lover will like all of this, but Persona 5 and Divinity proved to be legendary sequels. Then you could kick back and laugh at fart jokes all day on South Park. A deservedly close race. Even NieR was NieR the top (I'll stop soon, I promise).

"Other" choice award:

Horizon Zero Dawn

While very light on the RPG elements, for the number of votes you folks placed it's worthy of being mentioned. Again, I reiterate, we were spoiled this year.

Best Action/Adventure Game


1|The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|4,779|42.9%

2|Horizon Zero Dawn|2,565|23%

3|Super Mario Odyssey|1,294|11.6%

After coming two points away from tying one of it's predecessors for the highest metacritic score of all-time, Breath of the Wild deservedly sits in the number one spot. While Mario also tied Breath of the Wild in terms of meta score, it seems users agree it's their pick of the two.

"Other" choice award:

NieR Automata

From Video Gamer, "NieR: Automata has more creativity and self-awareness in its little finger than most games have for their entire run time. Don’t miss this because it’s sandwiched between other, bigger games."

Best Action Game



2|Wolfenstein II|3,124|29.8%


Our winner was just a Cup-a-head when it came to the vote totals. A slim 500 votes.

"Other" choice award:

Your mother was the best action I got all year.


Best VR/AR Game


1|Resident Evil 7: Biohazard|3,939|43.4%

2|Superhot VR|2,939|32.4%

3|Star Trek: Bridge Crew|1,351|14.9%


"Other" choice award:


That's a SUPERHOT thing to say.

Best Handheld Game


1|Metroid: Samus Returns|3,428|40.4%

2|Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia|1,914|22.6%

3|Monster Hunter Stories|1,824|21.5%

Game Informer said it best, "This might be Samus’ first 2D adventure in more than a dozen years, but it’s a great reminder of why we fell in love with the franchise in the first place."

"Other" choice award:

Pokémon Ultra Moon/Sun

Wins with about 20 votes because I'm dumb and forgot to put it in here.. Also, there was the obligatory "Corey in the House".

Best Mobile Game


1|Fire Emblem Heroes|2,963|33.4%

2|Super Mario Run|2,726|30.7%

3|Monument Valley 2|1,798|20.3%

Nintendo went all out for mobile this year. Excuse me, Nintendo Game Software.

"Other" choice award:


Soon you'll be able to play it on a refrigerator.

Best Shooter


1|Playerunknown's Battlegrounds|2,625|24.2%

2|Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus|2,193|20.2%

3|Fortnite: Battle Royale|1,070|9.9%

You all made the wrong pick. The other moderators forced me to put this in, but everyone knows this game is only played with pans.

"Other" choice award:

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Opens other options, "I swear, if I see one vote for Witche... SON OF A #####!"


96% Upvoted
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Moderator of r/gaming, speaking officiallyOriginal PosterScore hidden · 6 months ago · Stickied comment · edited 6 months ago

Best Ongoing Game



2|Rainbow Six: Siege|1,756|15.9%

3|PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds|1,606|14.6%


"Other" choice award:


You're not wrong with "ongoing".

Games for Impact


1|Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice|3,365|37.8%

2|Life is Strange: Before the Storm|2,559|28.7%

3|What Remains of Edith Finch|1,234|13.9%

Nope. Not going to play it. Still too scared.

"Other" choice award:


I agree. I definitely felt the need to throw my controller on an occasion or two.

Best Performance


1|Ashly Burch, Horizon: Zero Dawn|3,817|40.4%

2|Melina Juergens, Hellblade|2,025|21.4%

3|Brian Bloom, Wolfenstein|1,892|20%

I know I was personally rocked by all three of these top placers. Phenomenal job.

"Other" choice award:

Link, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


Best Audio Design


1|The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|3,603|34.6%

2|Super Mario Odyssey|1,988|19.1%

3|Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice|1,768|17%

"Other" choice award:


Best Score/Music



2|The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|2,448|22.8%

3|NieR: Automata|1,640|15.2%

One vote? Really?

"Other" choice award:


Best Art Direction



2|The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|2,281|20.1%

3|Horizon Zero Dawn|2,071|18.2%

These are all some of the prettiest games I've played in years.

"Other" choice award:


Best Narrative


1|Horizon Zero Dawn|2,671|26.1%

2|NieR: Automata|1,670|16.3%

3|Wolfenstein II|1,507|14.7%

The best of the best when it comes to never wanting to skip the dialogue or cut scenes.

"Other" choice award:

Wolfenstein 2 is on the list lmao

And took third place.

Best Game Direction


1|The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|4,488|40.9%

2|Horizon Zero Dawn|2,519|23%

3|Super Mario Odyssey|1,733|15.8%

If this is any indicator, player freedom seems to be big.

"Other" choice award:

Euro Truck Simulator 2

There's a map joke in there that I'm just not willing to look for.

Best PS4 Exclusive (Console)


1|Horizon Zero Dawn|6,066|58.6%

2|Persona 5|2,029|19.6%

3|Nier: Automata|1,418|13.7%

If you win a category with over half the votes, that's a dominating performance.

"Other" choice award:



Best Xbox One (Console) Exclusive



2|Playerunknown's Battlegrounds|1,419|14,7%

3|Forza Motorsport 7|1,333|13.8%

Read above comment.

"Other" choice award:


Best Nintendo Switch (Console) Exclusive (includes Wii U crossover)


1|The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|7,148|67.4%

2|Super Mario Odyssey|2,604|24.5%

3|Mario Kart 8 Deluxe|403|3.8%

Man, Zelda just barely won there.

"Other" choice award:



Best PC Exclusive


1|Divinity: Original Sin 2|5,166|57.4%

2|Total War: Warhammer 2|1,552|17.2%

3|Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III|956|10.6%

I'll personally say (like I have been this whole damn write-up), I just started playing, and I'm now telling all my friends to get it.

"Other" choice award:

I have no idea wtf those games are

I have a hard time believing this.

Game of The Year


1|The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|4,946|42.5%

2|Horizon Zero Dawn|2,272|19.5%

3|Super Mario Odyssey|1,365|11.7%

And the game that no one expected to win... Breath of the Wild. Hats off Nintendo; my fiancée is playing while I write this up. As Dunkey said, "Mastah-piece."

"Other" choice award:


Gamestop would like a word with you.

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Congrats to all the winners for winning and all the losers for losing.

And congrats to Witcher 3!

299 points · 6 months ago

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

215 points · 6 months ago

┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

174 points · 6 months ago


184 points · 6 months ago

┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) please respect my things

NO! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


How are the tables moving in the opposite direction to the conveyor belt??

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(╯°□°)╯︵( .O.)

(´-`).。oO((╯°□°)╯︵( .O.) )

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I voted for Witcher 3 over Horizon Zero Dawn and Wolfenstein and I refuse to apologize.

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230 points · 6 months ago

I find it interesting Botw won by that landslide seeing how vocal Odyssey fans were. I though at least it would be more divided.

Also, shouldn't Best Audio have a tie for 1st and one 2nd place. What are the odds of such of getting the same number of votes.

128 points · 6 months ago

The Silent Majority.

17 points · 6 months ago

the brexit effect

You forgot about the tens of dozens of us with a WiiU!

tens of dozens? like tens of tens? or more formal one, tens of 12's?

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I got both. I wasn't actually looking forward to either. I got BotW because I had nothing else to play at launch, and Odyssey because I was on a Platformer kick after A Hat in Time. Odyssey, was a great game, but it felt like a very good Mario game. BotW though, felt like something new. I don't think I've ever played a game that felt so unlike a "video game" before. I kept trying stupid shit that would never work in another video game, just to see what would happen, and it all worked. I kept trying to break the game, to see the illusion fall apart, and they kept just working.

Really, I get people love Mario, but there was no contest as far as I was concerned.

Eh, I would've gone Odyssey. Breath of the Wild was fantastic and I've soaked more hours into it than Odyssey, but Odyssey felt like it had the most clever design per square metre. Now that I think about it, I probably had more fun with Zelda, but I feel like if I had to rank the games being as unbiased and objective I could, Odyssey just seemed so well-polished overall.

Odyssey is fantastically designed, but BotW was a constant new and exciting experience. I just didn't feel that from Odyssey. It's the difference between the best version of something I've done before, versus trying something new in a hobby that I thought I'd never try something that felt new again. Everything in Odyssey impressed, but nothing surprised, not everything in BotW impressed (there are definitely issues), but there were just so many surprises in a "games don't do that", sense.

I don't know how else to describe it. But I've put like 150 hours into Zelda, and maybe 40 into Odyssey, and I'm still playing Zelda 8 months after release and finding new stuff.

I get that reasoning, but I think I might be slightly desensitized to that feeling of surprise. There were a lot of, "wow, that's really cool" moments in Zelda, but my mind wasn't ever absolutely blown. I would think to myself "this should be blowing my mind right now", and I was really trying to force myself to feel that feeling after a while, but it wasn't happening for me. I actually did have some of that feeling with Odyssey on the other hand, especially with some of the more challenging optional extra levels. I totally get where you're coming from though.

That's fair. Can't fault someone for not feeling something, we seem to have inverse views here. It's still something of a testament to the Switch's launch year that we're even having this discussion. Considering the Wii U's launch, I never thought I'd have spent more time on a Nintendo console this last year than either PS4, Xbox, and PC.

For sure. I've actually spent more time on Splatoon 2 than Odyssey and Breath of the Wild combined, and I've spent a lot of time on Breath of the Wild and Odyssey, so that really speaks to the fact that I've been pretty hooked on this console. As much impatience as I have for Nintendo's general bullshittery, so many great hits (and so much to look forward to) in a single year is pretty spectacular. When I speak to people about the merits of the Switch they think I'm a paid Nintendo shill or something, which is pretty spectacular.

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A lot of what you say shadows my opinion about botw. Whenever people ask me what it is like I tell them anything you think should happen does. Feel like throwing a rock down here will cause a and b to happen, it does. This makes this game really feel like a lived in world.

Yeah, I remember being stuck in the rain and being like "I need to rest so this rain passes, and thinking, I wonder if I can take that metal door and wedge it here to get out of the rain so I can start a fire. Everything in my video game limitations lexicon screamed "This is dumb, there is no way that will work", and it did. Time and time again I either discovered moments like this, or saw other people discovering things like this, and it was just a constant stream of "oh, they actually thought this out to that extent?" moments. From a game design perspective, I don't think anything I've ever played has had as well thought out and cohesive mechanics.

It wasn't intended by the creators but the fact that you can stack two minecarts onto each other and use magnesis to (with a bit of training) literally fly anywhere on the map is just beyond amazing to me.

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I like Breath of the Wild so far because it seems every of-age female wants some of that link booty.

I've barely started playing either, that is my judgment so far.

This is true. Link is somehow the fantasy of every woman in Hryrule despite being a 5'3" mute, and in my case, running around wearing body paint and animal hides almost exclusively.

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They're should be two first places, but after that would be a third place, not second. At least, that's how ties are typically dealt with. Crazy that there was a tie!

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lmao PUBG "early access done right" and "best shooter"

jesus christ.

178 points · 6 months ago

I thought it was a joke lol

Divinity 100% should have won that.

It was the best shooter all year after all

Correct, Witcher 3 should have won. Crossbows are awesome!

Halo 1 remake joke award maybe.

Yeah how did PUBG win over Fortnite in that regard?

63 points · 6 months ago

More people like it. It's a popularity vote. It's voted by people based on how many people liked the games, not by industry professionals measuring performance, asset originality or game stability.

Even so, i mean, it's fun, but it's not the best at anything.

its the best at being fun

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Apparently xb exclusive also?

No. Sony said it's just too shitty for their standards. They don't want another Ark: survival evolved. It'll come to ps4 when it's fixed.

It's actually because they don't allow Early Access like Steam and Xbox.

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More so that they don't have a game preview program (early access).

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100 points · 6 months ago

crazy that CSGO is not here. It literally wipes the floor with the other "esport" games. I mean Overwatch? FFS most casual game ever. Its crazy that a sub called "gaming" is so casual.

I agree, you don't deserve downvotes. I lessened it with an upvote

I loled too, Overwatch is a horrible game to spectate. I like playing it, it's a fun casual game, but my god it's so hard to watch.

It's your opinion.

To me Cs:Go is nothing but an outdated ans ugly slow fps.

Some people loves it, some does not. The fact that you like it does't mean it's better than Overwatch.

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Yea, I have NO idea what all the OW hype and praise is about, I tried a few times get into it but I just hate it.

OW is good, but that's it. It's just good.

How anyone prefers watching pro OW matches compared to the SPL or SC II leagues, I have no idea.

People watch games that they play and thus understand. Sure, if everybody understood how SC2 worked it would be watched a shitload as it's a fantastic spectator sport, unfortunately the vast majority of people that play games don't want to play a hardcore RTS, and this applies even more to Broodwar.

I play OW a lot more than I do SC II, and I know infinitely more about what's going on.

What you watch isn't tied to what you know. I know football in and out and it's boring as fuck compared to something like marksmen games or hockey, both of which I know little about.

What matters is that you can clearly see what is good, what is bad, and who is who, while being able to recognize a next-level skill held by pros. In OW it's just... the exact same thing repeated over and over. The minute-to-minute gameplay hardly ever changes or evolves. It's the same thing that drags NASCAR down. Oh, a left turn! Oh, a left turn! Oh, a left turn! Oh, he shot her! Oh, he shot her! Oh, he shot her!

All that leaves are investments into the personalities. Sure, that's good, but it's bad to have that as your only supporting pillar besides the level of marketing.

I just see 0 longevity in OWL if Blizz ever lets up on the funding. It can't support itself in the long-term.

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Came here to make exactly the same comment, thanks for making it for me.

I sincerely want to believe people were trolling.

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Can early access be done right at all?

Yep: Minecraft, Factorio, Rimworld, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Nuclear Throne and probably several more that I haven't played

Rivals of aether

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Of course The Witcher 3 takes up like 90% of the "other" votes

Moderator of r/gaming, speaking officiallyOriginal Poster93 points · 6 months ago

I left it out quite a bit too. Otherwise there were multiple votes in every single category for it.

Oh my wow. Nice work anyways on this

Moderator of r/gaming, speaking officiallyOriginal Poster29 points · 6 months ago

Thanks. This was my first year on it. Expect even more thorough results next year!

It would be nice having a poll on TW3 too.

Best witcher 3 game: BOTW, Zero Dawn, Witcher 3

I didn't realize The Witcher 3 was a 2017 game.

Well it was released in 2015. But it's got that skyrim appeal of an somewhat timeless RPG so it had me confused for ages

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Original Poster47 points · 6 months ago



24 points · 6 months ago





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110 points · 6 months ago

Thanks for having us as your number three favourite mobile game guys! Hugs from everyone at ustwo games.

Shit, you're my number one and as soon as Google stops slacking on those damn reward surveys, I'll have MV2.

42 points · 6 months ago

Persona 5 is my current addiction right now.

19 points · 6 months ago

Let me introduce you to crack

It’s hard to get into it at the beginning but once your hooked it’s permanent.

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Best Esports Game : Overwatch


182 points · 6 months ago

I don't know how this happened. The game is fun to play but watching their professional gameplay is just not fun.

I love overwatch but you are right. It's so hard to watch. Watching streamers is fine but it's very hard to follow matches with all the camera changes and stuff. I have a hard time figuring out which team is which

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88 points · 6 months ago

CSGO not making top 3 shows how little the respondents keep up with Esports. I don't even like the game much, and it's still a great watch and a great competitive scene, unlike Overwatch in both ways.

Was genuinely surprised. CSGO's game design is almost as if its screaming to people "I'm meant to be a fucking esport." I mean the objective is intuitive, it heavily encourages skilled plays, its easy to spectate and commentate on, and it leaves enough room for the individual to turn things around and impact the game while still needing strong teamwork. Watching the shots players make is insane even if you don't know the game at all. Overwatch is just a clusterfuck with particle effects and visuals that clutter the screen and make watching it a nightmare.

Wait a minute. What was the highest viewer ship for CS:GO? One tournament in 2017 got over 1 million concurrent viewers. DotA has a larger playerbase and also a large esports league. Shouldn't these be on the list? Anyways, it is what it is.

Dota and csgo players never leave their sub

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It's true, DOTA and League are the largest ESports, but most of their viewership comes from Asia (Japan + SKorea + China), which doesn't have a large base on Reddit. I dunno about CS though because most CS viewers are either from the US or Europe.

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That's what happens when the kids vote

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58 points · 6 months ago

The fact that Rocket League is higher than League of Legends in Esports dosen't make sense

The fact that CSGO isn't on there doesn't make ANY sense

Personally I just watched moba esports for so long its kinda dead to me. Maybe other people feel this way as well. It's just a popular vote anyway doesn't really mean much.

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Relatable. Pretty surprised overwatch made it there.

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Zelda GOTY

A wiiu game took a lot of awards

84 points · 6 months ago

Wow, Nier: Automata flew further under the radar than I thought. I figured it would crush the “Best Music” sections.

I may be slightly biased but Nier has, for me, the single best soundtrack of any game I’ve played. The entire OST was absolutely mindblowing and seeing it lose what should have been, for me, a guaranteed win is pretty disheartening.

Dude, I still think Persona 5 has a rocking soundtrack


I absolutely agree. Persona 5 has one of the best soundtracks i've ever heard

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31 points · 6 months ago

Tragically, it is a much less popular game then it should be, due to the premise. Will always be my GotY.


And not voting it for best OST is fucking insane, especially since BotW was voted higher for some reason...

feelsbadman, knowing that not enough people will ever listen to the true sleeper ost of the year, xenoblade 2.

I just finished the game 3 days ago. Good Lord, man, it's so good.

BOTW probably still has my favorite because almost no other game uses music in the same way it does and I'm a sucker for minimalist piano and its audio design is ridiculous, but Xenoblade 2 is a close second for me right now. And I'll admit it has more earworms.

Also, that ending theme.

I could see Breath of the Wild for something like music direction. The mostly subtle way they did the music was a pretty bold choice and I think it worked really well. But best score/music sounds more like the actual quality of the composition to me, in which case the fairly sparse soundtrack of Breath of the Wild doesn't even register for me.

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I would agree! I'm also surprised Xenoblade Chronicles 2 wasn't nominated. I wouldn't nominate it for any other category, but the music was incredible.

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130 points · 6 months ago

Geraldo is better than all of this!>:-(


Moderator of r/gaming, speaking officiallyOriginal Poster34 points · 6 months ago

This was a vote in every category too. I just wanted to wait and announce it in the comments instead.

Gerardo is better than Geraldo. Rico Suave rocked my fucking world when I was a kid.

That Arms race joke was really Tekken the piss.

How does pubg get ongoing instead of warframe. I’m beyond confused. And how is pubg “early access done right” have u seen that shit on Xbox?

Also not sure why it's considered an xbox exclusive

6 points · 6 months ago

I definetly agree with you.

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38 points · 6 months ago

Best Action Game

Your mother was the best action I got all year.

OP's mom, winning this category for 39 years straight...

Also, screw Cuphead, the only game where I get my ass handed to me during the damn tutorial. :/

Original Poster11 points · 6 months ago


Ninja edit: Actually 39 would at least make it all legal.. oops.

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Wow, none of you played Yakuza 0, huh?

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Seriously not enough people played Hellblade and Hollow Knight.

It'll be one of those games that people appreciate down the line. 2017 was a ridiculously stacked year for good games. I'm only right now playing Hollow Knight and Hellblade.

10 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Bought Hollow Knight during Steam sale, easily a much better game than Cuphead

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Best Esports game : Overwatch

I don't know if you're talking about the game itself or Esports performance, cause Overwatch's Esports was the shittiest.

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What the hell is cuphead

Prequel to the Witcher 3.

Undertale spin off.

Dark Souls 4

An old-school looking run-n-gun platformer with some bullet hell feel.

Don't let people saying it's hard scare you off from it though. Most levels are a few minutes max. It's all about learning the patterns of the boss fight.

It's a shorter game but it's well worth playing.

I feel like everyone forgot about Shovel Knight for Best Ongoing Game. They added a whole new campaign this year.

Was that free? How does that game work?

5 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Basically yeah it's free, unless you don't have the main game. The entire game is 25€ and all future DLC are free, but you can also buy campaigns separately for cheaper

69 points · 6 months ago

You mean the popularity contest was a popularity contest all along?! I ,for one, am shocked and disgusted by this...

Not at all but you'd be surprised how many people don't see it for what it is like you and I.

Just like the steam awards and many others.

Moderator of r/gaming, speaking officiallyOriginal Poster2 points · 6 months ago

Disclaimer: Terrible humor below. This is a popularity contest for those who voted, not a super big deal! The best "Other" category is not always the top answer either.

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Fire Emblem Heroes won best mobile game? I hope you all are blessed by RNGesus and pull the units you want.

Pls send me summer Frederick.

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If only more people played NieR ='(. It should have won best narrative and score. I can understand why people would vote for horizon's narrative because it was pretty good.

I'm just curious as to why BotW was higher than NieR in the score category. I'm not being toxic towards BotW (I own both), but I can only think of the reason being that BotW just had a lot more exposure and people who've played the game. I personally found the BotW score to be a bit disappointing because it was so limited but I understand it is because of the nature of the game. So I am just curious as to why the soundtrack stood out to people.

Yeah, the /r/pcgaming results were a bit more sensible. Nier won best narrative and score there.

/r/gaming is way too hiveminded. Cuphead for best score? Lol. Surprised it didn't win best narrative too here.

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Agreed. I played both games and Nier definitely has the most phenomenal score of any game released this year. BOTW doesn't even come close.

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36 points · 6 months ago

'overwatch best esports game of the year' JOKE

PUBG Early access done right?

holy cow do you guys even play games lol

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7 points · 6 months ago

Hollow knight not winning? y'all nibbas don't know shite

How exactly is Overwatch the best esport game? Better than Dota, League, and CS:GO? Dota had $24 million dollar tournament this year...

66 points · 6 months ago

It’s more like ”how many who vote play what game.”

Exactly, if dotans or lollers do not vote then so be it.

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This is a gamers poll, this show how people feel about the game, how they feel about the support from the developers and their experience with the game. Fans voted for it, if Dota and LOL players felt that strong about their games it could have shown in the results.

Yeah I understand how polls work. I'm just baffled that that many think Overwatch is not only a good Esports game, but the BEST Esports game this year.

I think the audience that frequents the sub is probably not that into esports. I mean I think it's still really up in the air whether Overwatch goes anywhere as an esport and this coming year is going to be a big test to see if they can actually start bringing in the viewers.

I'm not really sure how it's going to grow into a big e-sport the biggest appeal of the title is the fast and frantic game play. but that really goes against what makes good viewing. LoL, Dota 2 and CS GO all have appeal to viewers because the games are slow enough the commenters are able to break down what is happening and explain it. Overwatch just has to much going on all the time for that.

I'm not really sure how it's going to grow into a big e-sport

Money. Don't get me wrong it could completely go bust but it's going to get a shit ton of support over the next year.

well yeah but as I said having money isn't going to make the games any more fun to watch.

I don't play CS:GO at all but enjoy watching the pro games. I have played a good deal of overwatch and have yet to find it any fun at all to watch as a pro sport.

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You didn't spell Fortnite correctly in Early Access Done Right.

That list is still in early access

Original Poster10 points · 6 months ago

This guy understands.

13 points · 6 months ago

So glad I put The Witcher 3 lol

I feel like Dead Cells deserved some love for Early Access Done Right.

2 points · 6 months ago

Same here, for an Early Access title it feels really polished.

Seems sorta dumb that Battlefront was a bigger controversy than NN, since Battlefront was one shitty game and NN could affect all online gamers.

yeah but LE EA

If the category was ‘most impactful controversy’ then NN would win. But it was just ‘biggest controversy’ and people really freaked the fuck out over BF2

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It's hard for me to take any of this too seriously when Warframe isn't on at least one of these lists.

8 points · 6 months ago

You can't take 75% of this seriously, the people who voted here, or the average /r/gaming reader is a disgrace to the gaming market, seeing how "omg I luv this game with big titties" Overwatch was voted into "Best E-Sport" at spot 1. That's a big joke. Same for a lot of other categories.

Tells you a lot about the average consumer, even when they pretend to cry about EA doing shit, in the end they will buy every shit, I mean they can't even do a survey right / sincerely.


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Wow no mention of Assassins Creed Origins, Wow.

Moderator of r/gaming, speaking officiallyOriginal Poster18 points · 6 months ago

It was an honorable runner in GOTY. I think I’m just going to link the full results soon.

It's a popularity contest and his is r/gaming, you think most people here would go against the circlejerk and support a Ubisoft game?

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I'm playing it right now and absolutely love it, about 30 hours in. But the first couple of hours weren't super fun and the combat was rough - I think that might hurt it quite a bit?

I completely agree, first couple of hours were so slow. I was just more surprised it didn't get mentioned.

I know it may not be game of the year when compared with Horizon (only got Xbox but that game looks fantastic), Zelda or Mario, but I figured it'd get some form of recognition from gamers considering how the franchise use to put out the games on a yearly basis.

Its like with Origins they gave us what we want. Egypt is the perfect setting, Bayek may not be Ezio but his motivations are understandable and it probably has one of the best looking and playing open worlds.

If the full results get posted I'd like to see what people liked about it.

Original Poster4 points · 6 months ago

That might explain why only 2/3 of people on Xbox even bothered to complete the first area. They may have felt it was too slow.

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I'm not saying I voted the Witcher 3 for every category, but I'm also not denying it. I really love this poll and the write up OP.

I really enjoyed Horizon but I thought that the “I’m an outcast who wants to discover who I am and where I’m from” plot was generic. People seem to praise the story while I think it’s the combat, mechanics, music, and visuals that make the game special. Nier should have won best narrative imo. Also, Aloy’s voice actress was nothing special. She was very monotone and wooden. The voice actress for Senua in Hellblade was way better. She actually showed a range of emotion. I haven’t played the Nintendo games so I have no comment on those.

I saw a comment that made me laugh which said that Aloy always sounds out of breath. I did like the way they did the whole datapoints thing where you slowly pick up tiny pieces of the puzzle to put together why the world is how it is. It's one of the only games where I actually stopped to read and listen to every single note I came across. Like you said, the other elements were first-class. Gonna have to call it my game of the year, didn't play BotW so I wonder if that would change my mind.

I feel Assassin's Creed Origins should've made the top 3 in at least one category. But I guess Ubisoft still has a lot to prove before the Internet forgives them, if it ever does. I really love the game so far (20 hrs in). Adventure, combat, stealth, great characters, the biggest open world I've ever seen short of the Just Cause games...

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Really glad to see Siege up there a couple times, Great game with a not so toxic community.

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Persona 5 not being on the top 3 for art direction really bothers me. Probably the most stylish game made.

I think Cuphead is definitely more deserving. Persona is an art style that has definitely been seen before. The whole cartoon anime style. I've seen it in JRPGs before. I question if the Cuphead cartoon style has even been done in a game before.

I disagree. Personally I would vote for Persona but they both are well deserving.

As for Persona's being done before probably not to it's extent. Persona 5 art direction praise doesn't lie in it being "cartoon anime style" but in how stylish the game does everything, especially the UI.

Either way all I said is that Persona should be on the top 3 and the most stylish game this year, not that it should've won.

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No love for Assassin's Creed Origins?

Braces for downvotes

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Feel insulted for best performance. Just a pop contest. Aloy while a great performance was an insultingly the most Marie sue I have ever seen. So it’s easy to act when the only emotion is heroic or feeling sympathy for others.

Hellblade was a much more interesting and unique performance by a land slide.

Best PlayStation game I also don’t think was horizon. Surprised it won by such a landslide

It’s a popular vote, and crowds tend to go in the same direction. Horizon has gotten so much love in media and online that most people will just vote for it because they’re influenced by the mainstream opinion. Also, many voters may not have played the other games, and just voted for the one they knew

I fail to see how Aloy is a Mary Sue. We get a montage of her training her entire life to be as skilled as she is while learning that her genius level intelligence is a result of how she was born.

If you want to criticize Aloy and the actor’s performance, by all means. But to call Aloy a Mary Sue is being entirely unfair and dishonest to her.

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I’m still confused about the best handheld game awards in all of these award show things... I still think the best portable game I played all year was Breath of the wild closely followed by Super Mario odyssey...

Because what's the point of having a handheld category if you throw something in that can be equally argued as being a home console? May as well not have a category for it if the Switch counts, because we all know best Switch game would automatically just get a second award.

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Best performance for Ashly Burch ?! I mean she did good but better than Melina Juergens and Brian Bloom ? HELL NO not even close.

It's because HZD was the more popular game. This entire thing was just a popularity contest. That's why Cuphead and BotW basically won every category they were in.

You could nominate BotW for best performance and it would still win over Hellblade just because it's so much more popular.

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1 Star Wars: Battlefront 2 5,519 47.3%

2 Mass Effect Andomeda 2,655 22.8%

So Battlefront 2 REALLY the bigger letdown, or is the wound just fresher in people's minds?What I'm curious about is Battlefront 2 beating Mass Effect Andromeda. Is it REALLY the biggest letdown, or is the wound just fresher in people's minds? Both games were trash, yet I had zero expectations for Battlefront 2 thanks to how low a bar the first game set, whereas with Andromeda, even if I wasn't the biggest ME fan, I expected far far more.

I think that most people are just thinking "fuck EA." And then picking the most recent time EA dicked everyone over. If they had been in reverse order, ME:A would have been first.

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unpopular opinion, botw wasnt that good...

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You should have Tekken those fighting game puns into more consideration...


I feel like the battle royale thing is just a phase like the console cameras and now vr and blah blah blah so forth. Idk how early access done right is right with pub winning when fortnites br mode is free atm, I just think early access games having price tags are a joke and bad for gamers. Just my opinion about it all.

How the fuck did nier not win a single thing? It's goty by a land slide.

It ain't even got the best soundtrack dabs Persona 5

There's no goddamn way in hell Horizon has a better story than Nier.

I haven't played Nier. So don't hate me. But god DAMN Horizon was one of the most brilliant pieces of science fiction I've ever played.

No love for cod:WW2? I’m not a huge fan of the cod series but cod:ww2 is a brilliant game both story and multiplayer

Well, it's also insanely broken.

I mean, I'm still having lots of fun playing it... but god damn is it unfinished. The maps are poorly designed, some shotguns can never get instant kills even at point-blank range, and War is unplayable without that jackweed announcer screaming "THEY ARE BUILDING THE BRIDGE!" in your earballs.

Hollow Knight is my GOTY :)

How did OW win best esport?

Glad to see destiny 2 bomb. Fuck bungie, and fuck destiny.

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Not bad for the most part. Only a few I heavily disagree with. Best performance should not have gone to Ashley Burch for Aloy. Melina as Senua was one of the best performances in gaming period. And Brian Bloom is the best in the business and kills BJ every single time. I'll chalk it up to game popularity though.

Also best music/score not going to Nier or Persona 5 is a joke and again probably just due to popularity.

No Pyre for Indie or best OST? Lol k.

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