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CupHead animation.

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I don’t know why but this is satisfying to watch over and over again. You have blessed me with this.

862 points · 5 months agoGilded1 · edited 5 months ago

I do.

The blank start and end form a perfect loop of action.

The action begins with a cup with a liquid poured into it. This animation is designed, down to the frame, to be satisfying. (Check the slight weight given to the final drop).

Then, to add/extend the satisfaction of that blank canvas, the rest of the character emerges from the new spawning location of the cup.

The main conflict is getting the character unstuck from the ground that it's established with its hands. The character strains, and once again in perfect execution of known animation tricks, it pulls its weight from the muck that we've just been tricked into believing exists with simple mime work.

Getting stuck is a thing for most animals on the planet. It is a situation that generates a range of responses that roughly equate to "anxious/active" until the moment of resolution, when a different set of responses set in. This important evolutionary behavior, the source of most of our fossils, is presented and resolved within a couple seconds.

Then, a final cartoon dash with a lingering puff of smoke.

Craft. Craft is why you liked this. Some of it is wonderful, the way people usually use the word "craft." A lot of it is cold, mechanical trickery, built up from years of human experimentation and development.

Truly, this is the part of Cuphead that (wonderfully) can't hope to mimic the old cartoons. It shows too many signs of all the tricks that were developed after this animation style fell away.

*TL;DR- Because it was built by another human, who had to test it on their own hardware along the way for the exact qualities any human wants in a looping gif. This is satisfying to you because you are also running human hardware. The work put in by the artist is like a programmer making sure their app has no lag and minimal memory usage.

(Meanwhile, this reply was built as a cumbersome patch that introduces new glitches :-P)

Unexpected Sense of Validation Bonus Ramble:

I was just thinking about how this animation maintains a visible path of its "resources" after the initial appearance of the cup. The milk drops down, the body beneath is implied, then confirmed on the first loop. This aspect of the animation is featuring heavily in any visceral feelings of satisfaction being generated in our think goop.

All sorts of animals engage in this visual tracking behavior constantly, most definitely including humans. Like how David Blaine has a career. We even play games with dogs and monkeys with simple sleight of hand, utilizing these tricks of visual continuity. Some humans probably do it too much, while deriving too much validation from their presumably heightened vantage point (David Blaine).

Jesus Christ dude.

(Installation Error)

(Installation Error)

I believe this picture says otherwise.

You deserve this upvote.

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16 points · 5 months ago

Check out his comment history, Zach is legendary. He replied to me once and I spent that evening reading his comment history to my wife, many lulz were had that day.

29 points · 5 months agoGilded1

You just inadvertently validated those vast swaths of nigh-indecipherable, one-sided bouts with the metaphysical superorganismic beast I regard Reddit to be.

And no, I'm not gonna reconsider that sentence just because it's nighly-indecipherable. I don't need to worry about that stuff anymore. Nonsense like "effectively communicating with human society in whatever manner allows maximum translation."

Now, I'm truly off the strings and the rails and the chain.

You did this.


How do I upvote twice?

Well I did now. He gets massively downvoted sometimes for no reason at all.

What a strange dude.

that’s what adderall will do to you

Thought I was on r/trees for a moment.

/u/OverAnalyzation should be another one of your accounts. I’d subscribe!

I want a subreddit of this stuff

Happy cake day 🎂

Thanks :)

as an amateur animator i feel the same way. digital animation paved the way for faster production of our favorite cartoons but can you imagine a hand drawn rick and morty? HNGGGGHH

This guy fucks

I smell fresh copypasta

I was genuinely waiting for you to tell me that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.

That was beautiful. Almost so much as the material it was explaining. You just do this for fun?

A brush with mental instability has given me the superpower of articulating active reality at as high a resolution as possible.

I have fun with the clickety typing component.

Patrick Bateman ladies and gentlemen...

You must be a blast at parties.

All depends on the delivery. Imagine someone saying that explanation at a party, while meekly looking at their shoes in a trembling voice. the corner while no one else pays any attention, then suddenly he mutters "beautiful..." to himself.

this is the only word they hear, and they freeze and look at him in confusion for a second before continuing the conversation he was never a part of.

No one even notices him reaching for the bag at his feet...

9 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago leave as quick as he can, for even worse, he looked up for a slight of a second as they turned towards him; coincidentally he looked towards his crush, whose boyfriend is sitting right beside her, and so the shared, unstated assumption among the whole group is that he must have been muttering about her the whole time. Her face goes red, her boyfriend's knuckles go white, as the whole gathered party now looks to them for their reactions, only to look back at the poor, awkward fellow the next moment as he quickly stands to make his exit...

...The boyfriend stomps towards our poor, innocent protagonist. As our foe arrives at his feet, the party goes silent. A fist flies through the air at such incredible speed almost no one sees it coming... almost. Our protagonist catches the fist of his enemy and says with a smirk, "Speaking of cartoons, I've just had my spinach" and throws him across the room. Our protagonist exits the party, with the girl in his arm. The crowd erupts in applause. High fives are given. Obama was there.


leaves and shows up the next week like nothing even happened

You all owe me $15 dollars for this workshop.

I'm not paying that!

still shows up another week later

Suddenly, a flash of light appears in the sky and a flaming meteor plummets to the Earth.

This is what happens when you take your english major too far

*This is what happens when you don't take any major far enough.

There's some detailed "animation major" in there (I wasn't accepted to those schools), and a hearty chunk of "vague paleontology/anthropology major" and yeah, plenty of words and sentences to pull it all together. The resources making it possible were overwhelmingly developed after my bout with organized education had convincingly ended, without a single major to my name.

These are more things I'm saying, frustratingly entangled with human language codes that make some humans feel some kinda somethin' about the person wielding 'em.

Soz/Nah, I'm not/Yeah, fine, Soz


Or it's a cool little animation. The end.

Teach a man to fish, and sometimes they will never be at all curious about how the rod was made. Maybe they even tell you to fuck off over it, like you're so smart just cuz you watched the YouTube video about how it's made.

Personally, I'ma let you keep fishin'

No, you're right. A total genius. Thanks for scientifically explaining why people like the animation. It can't be as simple as "It's cool". It must be something redundantly long to explain, can't be anything else, or both. Lay off the pot dude. It's making you think you're deep.

Thanks for scientifically explaining why people like the animation. It can't be as simple as "It's cool".

It can be as simple as you want to make it, but often there are complex and subtle reasons that help 'touch' people. These can be enacted and enjoyed unconsciously, or consciously. Being conscious of it, and taking apart the components that give it value, can detract from the simple pleasure, but it doesn't have to.

Comment deleted5 months ago(2 children)

Rick and Morty works, and has such a complicated fanbase, precisely because that's not true.

Your parody of intellectualism is functionally anti-intellectual. Without much cause derived from my comment, as it focused on objective reality rather than my personal sense of validation.

Also, the first comment was only successful because I managed to internalize that recent study about features of successful Reddit comments, and stopped my casual swearing.

Intellectual function is not reserved for high IQ's.

I'm subscribed to r/Iamverysmart as a training tool to avoid the situation you're describing.

I constantly expect to see something I've typed here to show up there.

This is what it looks like when a human uses the tools afforded to them with some sense of personal accountability attached.

Go hug a dog. Go re-read that one comment about how this simple animation hid a wealth of interesting information, and try to think about how I can't control that behavior, but am doing my absolute best to avoid self-indulgence.

And yeah, Rick and Morty is cool, and is providing all sorts of even cooler sociological experiments, and I'm the sort of mental problem that sees this stuff and then sings complicated songs about it. (Shrug/ <3)

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That is phenomenal. Is your career as a designer?

I was half expecting you to tell me that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.

Your second and fourth paragraphs are actually referring to some of Disney's 12 principles of animation. Squash, stretch, anticipation, follow through, slow-in slow-out, exaggeration and I should really be able to name all these off the top of my head. But yes, more or less all animation follows the 12 principles.

Shine on you crazy diamond 💎


what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.

I award you no upvotes, and may god have mercy on your soul.

What's so fascinating about your response is that it is so purely representative of the thing it initially intended to criticize.

Back in Billy Madison, it was used in response to a character speech, with the whole comedic scene built upon subverted expectations.

Here, it was deployed because you saw a bunch of words and maybe skipped them and then got cranky because you were just looking to drop some Cuphead quotes here or something.

The tricky thing about humans is that it's real hard to make them dumber. Even Flat Earthers develop greater sophistication to their ignorance as a response to their environment.

Oops, I'm doing it again.

Serious Question: Is there a medical bracelet I can get that could give you the right feeling of social superiority, so that my words here become an acceptable novelty within your worldview?

I've tried the lengthy explanation approach, but you can see how that's problematic.


Because you felt challenged somehow by my words, and hoped that a simple link would make the argument you could not. I mean, you could at least share the title for the post, or see if that subreddit can perceive the same failings you think you just did.

I'm already subscribed to that one cuz I'm borderline. I personally don't enjoy the way that subreddit leans anti-intellectual, but it's an important learning tool for a human with a configuration like mine.

(These are more candid word codes, deployed with ease from a kinda-clever ape's digits. Soz?)

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2 points · 5 months ago

it has all the principles of animation, that’s why

Science - and talent - of animation.

511 points · 5 months ago

This animation was made by Gregzilla. Maybe you should credit him ?


☐ OP gives credit to source

Choose one

62 points · 5 months ago

Choose one

Then you should use radio buttons, not checkboxes!

This guy HTMLs

Not everyone is aware of such concept!

No fandral staghelm in r/gaming

Nah OP would rather ride out the karma for a repost

Just argentinian things

Lets all go karma raid Gregzilla then

As his name says he is an average argentinian and they usually do this. Source: I'm argentinian and I do it.

Wow thanks for putting the source OP /s

The animator is Gregzilla I believe.

Guys a legend

I feel so bad for him, but at least he's capitalizing on it.

He wants that karma and praise, leave him alone!

Greg needs to make some more YouTube videos :( I loved his Sonic Lost World review but he hasn't posted anything like it in a really long time.

Maybe it's because people keep using his stuff but not crediting him

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Credits please?


Animation is smooth af

This is the reason I’ll always try to keep some sort of logo in my animations. So people can’t just be like OP and repost for karma. Animation is very time consuming, especially this one.

I would love to see a cuphead cartoon show!

If we get one more successful game I'd be surprised if we don't get at least a feature film

What was harder making this or finishing the game?

Well game since he didn’t make this

What was harder making this or finishing the first level?

That game is a motherfucker. It’s like “alright, I got it this time.... fuck.... fuuuck... SHIT.... FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT FUCKING GAME! ...again.”


Smooth animation. A bit too smooth though. Doesn't have that 30s feel.

I just realised something, who the hell puts a straw in a mug?

Good job giving credit /s

8 points · 5 months ago

Hopefully he was filled up with that XXX liquor

it looked white a little viscose. so I dunno... milk

2 points · 5 months ago

See latest game theory

2 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

I believe you're looking for this, Mat Pat discussing the contents of Cuphead's head.

EDIT: tl;dw: The heroes of Inkwell Isle are moonshine distillers.

Original Poster56 points · 5 months ago

I wasnt able to post this earlier but the original creator can be found here

Time stamp is 0:49.

Jump to 00:49 @ ANIMATION DOODLES 4 : Cuphead's One Punch Mansion - Gregzilla

Channel Name: Gregzilla, Video Popularity: 99.54%, Video Length: [05:17], Jump 5 secs earlier for context ^@00:44

Downvote me to delete malformed comments. Source ^^Code | ^^Suggestions

Weird how you weren't able to post it earlier, but you are now. That's so weird how it's working now after you've gotten flak for not giving credit, but not earlier when you tried, right? How strange!

Tbf, OP never said he tried, but from the way he worded it, it sounded like OP was posting on break or wasn't on Reddit for some time.

He still should have credited the artist in the title

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Holy crap I love that music

He seems really happy for someone who's about to get his ass whooped over and over and over again.

You know you can really feel the gambling addiction in this animation


The animation is so smooth, I love it!

2 points · 5 months ago

Who would win in a fight, Cuphead or Master Shake?


Neither because Frylock would break it up

Does he die if all the liquid falls out?

It would be really cool if there was a Cuphead show or at least some animated shorts.

should be the loading screen to anything

I want a Cuphead show.

Smooth af just like the game

This is pretty neat.

Beautiful animation 😍

Wow, that’s so professionally done!! _ The animation is so smooth and neat I had an esthetic orgasm

If there was ever a cuphead TV show, this would probably be the intro

They might need to speed up the production of these cupheads. They will never meet the weekly average death toll quota.

This is one of the most satisfying animations I’ve ever seen

Look at skullgirls animations

Want to be headhunted? Cuz thats how you get headhunted

wow, this is good :D

fantastic job

He didn’t make it. Gregzilla did.

Wow you are really talented

This guy isn't the creator, the person who made this is Gregzilla on YouTube

2 points · 5 months ago

I will check his channel on YouTube, thanks!

I’ll bet that at least 90% of the people who watched this added the same sound effect in their head when he zipped away.

Sooo cool

I can see cuphead being a kids tv show.

So that's how games are made.


If cuphead was a cartoon this would be the first intro video with the big band type theme music in the back ground

Beautifully done, man.

He didn’t make it. Gregzilla did.

Damnit, I thought that somebody finally posted their own original content on this subreddit. Could you link it here?

Does his head actually splash milk in the game? Is it even milk?

Wow thats really good

So cuteeeeee <3

I love this game, but I haven’t been that tilted since Ornsteen and Smough the first time.

can anyone explain why this game was so hated?

Ummm wot? This game received near universal acclaim for it's uniqueness, difficulty and creativity of the boss fights (especially King Dice)

yeah there was a bunch of salt over it. I thought the same, the graphics are really sweet.

Lol have a gander:

Oh you mean the racism complaints. That was a tiny minority of tumblrinas claiming that using 30s animation style, which dehumanised black people and Japanese people, is racist in any context

It doesn't really warrant much attention. Even inclusive, SJW-ish sites like Polygon ignored those people.

ah, glad to hear the fun and craft of the game won out over the idiots. Hope there are more games like it!

Waaaallllllll Cuphead aaaaand his pal Mugman,

They like to roll the diiiiiiiiiiiiiice...


Is the liquid his brains?

And if so if he trips and spills

Does he die?

And if he does die and someone pours more liquid into his head

Is he now a different individual?

I thought its a long video till i realize its on loop xD


I wish this game was fun.

It looks so amazing.

Nice job giving credit

I would actually love them to turn Cuphead into a multi-media brand, the characters are great and they could maybe do series & comics maybe? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Is this game good?

I like how the straw is like frosty's hat.

This is better than any of the animation on the actual character from the game.

This is awesome. I am going to buy the game now.

Very cool!

it's a stolen animation, reddit. they didnt make it

Gregzilla is pretty good animator. Also note that he created the Ugandan knuckles meme.

Too much Looney Tunes, not enough Max Fleischer.

This reminded me of Jazz Jackrabbit.

I've always wondered why a cup so small would need a straw

I want to drink his head

Comment deleted5 months ago(1 child)

There's nothing particularly offensive in the game unless you consider gambling or a cartoon devil to be offensive. The main character is fighting bosses to pay off his gambling debt with the devil.

However, cuphead's difficulty is pretty high so it might not be appropriate in that sense. Some levels are very punishing side scroller platformers and others are bullet hell shooters. And the bosses are all pretty tough.

Excellent thought I wish black coffee instead of milk was poured in.

someone makes this a thing in wallpaper engine, i would love to have this as my backround but idk how it works D:

1 point · 5 months ago

Please give credit to the person who made this! I believe it was Gregzilla.

Watching that pour and that last drop is very satisfying to me.

Straw gives him life confirmed

When he pops out of the ground, I hear, “Now, GO!”

I can't play Cuphead because all I have is a PS4 but stuff like this makes me want to get it!

It's called a Picture Show

HOLYSHIT this gave me some Doodlez flashback. Anyone else?

1 point · 5 months ago

But what is cup head filled with?

Hey Gregzilla!

1 point · 5 months ago

Fantastic! I can imagine it on a Start screen or something

What happens when the drink spills from his head?

So, do you want a cup of tea or a cup of head?

Looks like Cuphead

This is equally erotic and child'ish for some reason.

I reiterate my first comment

I love the confidence he has the second he grows arms. He just smiles, wiggles his fingers, lifts his body out of the ground, and finally finishes with a “Ta-da!” When I first grew arms I couldn’t even lift my cock

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