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What about portal the flash version

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1.the game isn't made by valve 2. It's a pretty good game.

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  1. Doesn't matter. 2. it's a joke.

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That game is fire

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Mari0 with portals is the best tho

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Love that game! Real fun

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Wait it involves math? I just lost all excitement I had for it.

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99% of the games on Cool Math Games don't invole math. Including this one.

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No, that is just what dumb teachers think. Just because it doesn't have direct equations doesn't mean it isn't math related at all.

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I feel like I'm wading into an argument between primary school kids.. but...

Math's can be related to almost anything you do.

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It depends on what you're trying to teach. Number cruchers did nothing for me as a kid. Portal teaches problem solving a creative thinking. It's one thing to force kids to memorize a set of numbers, it's another to teach them why and how to use them. The latter is much more important in life.

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Why would you feel like that? I agree, and I was never arguing, just explaining something.

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That maths can be related to almost anything, or the school comment?

The school comment because that level of hostility towards knowledge is unnatural - but very unfortunately is a very common and unpleasant result of the school system.

I think maybe your comment was pushing back against that a little bit, but I initially just read it as calling maths dumb.

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No, I didn't intend it to come off as aggressive, I just think it is a bit dumb for many teachers to say games of things like cool math have nothing to do with math. I didn't say anything negative about math.

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No, cool maths kids is one of those sites kids would use to play flash games at school that would bypass the filter.