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"There will be peace when all are dead."

-Gandhi, probably

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"Peace through power!" - Kain 2000

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"I got a headache" McCain, 2017

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"Remember me?" Kony 2012

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Ah yes, the "Ghandi is an asshole bug" that's been left in CIV since CIV 2. Ok so the story goes is that Ghandi Aggression is set to 1 (very peaceful). So, when Ghandi becomes Democratic, he receives -2 to his aggression. But instead of going to -1, his stats go to 255, making him more aggressive than Genghis Khan. As a result, he'll start spamming nukes.

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nuclear winter rhymes with human eradication.

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Actually the bug has been fixed for a while. Gandhi is peaceful, but if you declare war on him (and it will likely be YOU) then he will go full on with his nukes.

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it's not a bug, it's a feature.

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That's not a bug that's a feature

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Agreed, it was originally a bug, now it's a feature.

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My Civ IV strat was to go Ghandi, find horses, adopt slavery, rush Pyramids, then go full on Police State and declare war on the neatest player.

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Who the fuck builds pyramids with fucking slaves?
Those were build literally by voluntary body builders, they got the best meat, sun-blocking and girls.

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Did they fix the one where when an AI player completes the Manhattan Project everybody declares war on you? And then any time anyone on the panet launches a nuke?

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He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!

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I say he is the Messiah and I should know I have followed a few.

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Now piss off!

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How shall we fuck off o lord?

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you don't need to follow me!

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“Civ Leader Queen Elizabeth just stated that the Nuclear Button is on her desk at all times. Will someone from her depleted and food starved Civilization please inform her that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than hers, and my Button works!"- Ghandi

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Should I get Civ VI? I heard it wasn't as good as 5 so I never bothered to get it. I still play 5 all the time. I love that game. I currently have 310 hours on it.

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So you're almost finished with your first game?

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Sounds about right. Don't worry though, he's about to stop.

He's just going to play one more turn, that's it.

(Also, do answer the question, is it worth it? HumbleBundle has CIV 6 and the Australia/Vikings DLC all for 12 bucks. Is it worth it?)

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Lol, yes! I constantly tell myself "just one more turn, and then I'm going to bed."

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For 12 bucks it is definitely worth it

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Bout halfway done.

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I've played and loved em all, but I like Endless Legend more.

It does everything soooo much better.

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Civ BE is also decent.

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Halfway between V and VII, yes. But very few people play it.

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The art style seemed initially like a step backward to me, but after getting into it, it blended just fine. Absolutely love the district mechanic, great addition over Civ V in my opinion. However I will say currently, Civ V still feels more rounded out and complete, but that's only natural considering it's been out for years now. I would say though, that Civ VI is a better game than Civ V was on its vanilla launch. With some expansions it could surpass Civ V for in my book. A more active modding community would be helpful to increase longevity as well.

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If you thought Civ V was too complicated then Civ IV will be great. It does feel like a slight step back in terms of depth though.

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I actually didn't think that so that's kind of disappointing

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TBH it's worth a pirate. Play it for 2 hours and you will get a feel for it. If you like it then buy it. If not, Civ V is still there and has plenty of mods.

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I like the game quite a bit but find the AI inconsistent (declaring war on the player for seemingly no reason at times) or at least were when I last played 6 or so months ago.

I've moved more to the Paradox series overall but would still recommend Civ VI.

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I would reccomend it. Its better then V but still not as good as IV. Thr first expansion comes out in FEB as well.

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CIV6 comes with both DLCs for a HumbleBundle monthly subscription atm if anyones interested.

70 dollar value for 12 bucks not bad imo

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Absolutely interested. Thanks a ton!

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The M.A.D.man!

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How different is civ 6 from civ 5?

I recently bought 5 and I'm loving it, so I might get 6 in the future.

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Very, very different, but also much better, if you ask me. Wait for the expansion pack in February though.

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"Now fuck off!"

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he kinda kill everyone to complete his plan to give people freedom

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the keyword here is "kinda"

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Something doesn’t look right here 🤔

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No he’s a naughty naughty boy.

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He knows da wey

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A dude named Tom Scott once explained it.

Bits are numbers, k?

They have their limits, things like 64 bits handle massive numbers, when 4 bits (which is what civilisation is in) have only a few numbers to handle.

Let's say Gahndi's peace meter keeps growing, when it reaches the limit, it goes back to 0 so Gahndi tries to nuke everyone.