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That enclave amour is badass, I give you one upvote

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Yeah they were playing the Enclave theme too! Edit: Thanks for the upvote!

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Is he the same as this guy? I remember seeing his stuff a while back and looks pretty identical

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It is DeadExposure!

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I didn't know they have that kinda shit at Otronicon! I thought it was just science and technology shit.

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Nah dude, they had VR games and smash bros tournaments and a bunch of other stuff! You should check it out sometime!

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Otronicon is worth paying a visit too, they’ve grown and added a ton of stuff to it. Would recommend everyone in the orlando area atleast stop in to visit for a bit, very fun. If you can’t afford to pay admission cost you can get in free for 3 hours of volunteering for them

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Hey I’m going tomorrow! What’s the best thing to try out? What wasn’t as good as you expected?

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I would really recommend the ABS exhibit on the fourth floor! There are actually two. There is one where you drive a APC around in virtual reality while one other player is a gunner and two other people are insurgents that try to take you out! The other is pretty much Arma but made for the actual armed forces. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see a bunch of marines. I’d have to say that the escape room was really bad. The only thing that actually plays a part in it is a singular computer! But try everything out, those were just my personal favs. Sorry for the long response!

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Guy on the right looks like he got on Power Armour Slippers

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Man, the three guys in between the armors have the best cosplays!

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Is this taken in Hawaii?

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Orlando, Florida. It’s at the Orlando Science Center.

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You had a false alarm too?

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Yeah, the t-shirts are badass.

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that remnants power armor looks dope

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awesome cosplay but guy on the left got a hard-on

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Oof. It does look like I have one.