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Playing overwatch like...

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32 points · 5 months ago

x-post to /r/rush

Just finished playing a couple rounds.... No shasta though :(

9 points · 5 months ago

You were rocking Tom Sawyer though right?

Now watch, as I MAIN GENJI!

He's a madman. A MADMAN!!

How much Presto hit that tape?

Overwatch was the only Blizz game I had never played and resisted playing. Recently, a girl I started seeing got me to play. Welp, I'm addicted now.

Comment deleted5 months ago(2 children)

Overwatch is life. I got my brother out of a video game hiatus to start playing it and loving it. He's literally booting up battle net on my computer right now.

-4 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

idk if this is the happiest or the saddest thing i have heard today...

edit:happiest because brother is pc gaming again, saddest because its on his rig

I got addicted to a MMORPG back in the days because of the girl I dated at the time. Resisted at first but she convinced me we could get married in the game. We broke up at some point and I kept playing for a bit longer...sad.

As I get older, I really dig this. Shamelessly.

This may have just convinced me to actually try this game

Quit a bit of replay ability with this game. Start with Soldier if your used to COD, he is DPS. But you get bored there then try tank....or heal. Or just try a different dps. It is a fun game IMO.

Zarya for life


He knows changes aren't permanent.

But change is

Speaking of which, could I borrow about tree fiddy?

And Rush, obviously

"conform or be cast out"

2 points · 5 months ago

I discovered Rush when I got my drivers license when I was 15/16 years old. That summer I drove myself to the beach early every morning to teach myself how to surf. Every day that summer, surf and Rush.

I haven't heard this song since then probably, 16 years ago. I feel the nostalgia deep, deep in my belly. I am almost sad with how palpable the nostalgia is right now. It hurts so good.

Hah I literally just watched this episode of futurama, it's anthology of interest 2

I for some reason can't go back to it after upgrading pc and going back to cs. I grew up playing condition zero online forever.

Humanity’s greatest desire is to drive crudely built low polygon cars in Counter Strike.

The only part about the new csgo man is these loot boxes and skins you gotta buy such a let down. Besides that love playing dust 2 all day.

True but it’s entirely cosmetic stuff, unless there’s been an update that changes that recently. I hardly ever play these days


I can play like 2 games I get bored

I know if I play too long, I'll accrue too much salt. So in that notion, I've learned to stop playing too long.

How do y'all listen to music at the same time as playing this game?? I can't hear people's ults when I play it and it messes me up.

It definitely messes me up if I do it in competitive, but I typically play QP or Random when I'm listening to music and I get psyched up and my enthusiasm makes up for my lack of aural awareness.

This game is rage inducing to Dota 2 levels.

I hate comp. Smurfing, where people pay for a skilled player to raise their ranks, happens too much

I'm sorta falling off on the overwatch tip. Lately I've been playing assloads of fortnite br and uh elite dangerous because spaceships



Good bot

imma tryin

Just as cool as the Blues Brothers.

This is me and Fortnite, 'cept I'm drinking Coke, and no music because I need to hear other's footsteps.

Basically every night of my life.

I haven’t had a Shasta in a grip. I really like a frosty 50/50, as well.

I play any game like this

Overwatch, so pure

Isn’t this the plot to ready player one?

I don't need all that other stuff to make a good game playable but I can see overwatch needed extra stuff to make it stomachable

Used to be me in Rust. Head phones in, hatchet ready, the clans on..let's get to raiding.

It's kind of funny because a Rush mixtape would likely fit at most 4 songs.

0 points · 5 months ago

I play Overwatch

I have no date

Story checks out.

Comment deleted5 months ago(1 child)

Didn't have a good time?


playing overwatch like "I'm a fucking virgin"

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