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Just finished playing a couple rounds.... No shasta though :(

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You were rocking Tom Sawyer though right?

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Now watch, as I MAIN GENJI!

He's a madman. A MADMAN!!

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How much Presto hit that tape?

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Overwatch was the only Blizz game I had never played and resisted playing. Recently, a girl I started seeing got me to play. Welp, I'm addicted now.

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I got addicted to a MMORPG back in the days because of the girl I dated at the time. Resisted at first but she convinced me we could get married in the game. We broke up at some point and I kept playing for a bit longer...sad.

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As I get older, I really dig this. Shamelessly.

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This may have just convinced me to actually try this game

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Quit a bit of replay ability with this game. Start with Soldier if your used to COD, he is DPS. But you get bored there then try tank....or heal. Or just try a different dps. It is a fun game IMO.

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Zarya for life

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He knows changes aren't permanent.

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But change is

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Speaking of which, could I borrow about tree fiddy?

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And Rush, obviously

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"conform or be cast out"

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I discovered Rush when I got my drivers license when I was 15/16 years old. That summer I drove myself to the beach early every morning to teach myself how to surf. Every day that summer, surf and Rush.

I haven't heard this song since then probably, 16 years ago. I feel the nostalgia deep, deep in my belly. I am almost sad with how palpable the nostalgia is right now. It hurts so good.

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Hah I literally just watched this episode of futurama, it's anthology of interest 2

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I for some reason can't go back to it after upgrading pc and going back to cs. I grew up playing condition zero online forever.

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Humanity’s greatest desire is to drive crudely built low polygon cars in Counter Strike.

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The only part about the new csgo man is these loot boxes and skins you gotta buy such a let down. Besides that love playing dust 2 all day.

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True but it’s entirely cosmetic stuff, unless there’s been an update that changes that recently. I hardly ever play these days

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I can play like 2 games I get bored

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I know if I play too long, I'll accrue too much salt. So in that notion, I've learned to stop playing too long.

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How do y'all listen to music at the same time as playing this game?? I can't hear people's ults when I play it and it messes me up.

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It definitely messes me up if I do it in competitive, but I typically play QP or Random when I'm listening to music and I get psyched up and my enthusiasm makes up for my lack of aural awareness.

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This game is rage inducing to Dota 2 levels.

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I hate comp. Smurfing, where people pay for a skilled player to raise their ranks, happens too much

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I'm sorta falling off on the overwatch tip. Lately I've been playing assloads of fortnite br and uh elite dangerous because spaceships

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Good bot

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imma tryin

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Just as cool as the Blues Brothers.

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This is me and Fortnite, 'cept I'm drinking Coke, and no music because I need to hear other's footsteps.

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Basically every night of my life.

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I haven’t had a Shasta in a grip. I really like a frosty 50/50, as well.

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I play any game like this

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Overwatch, so pure

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Isn’t this the plot to ready player one?

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I don't need all that other stuff to make a good game playable but I can see overwatch needed extra stuff to make it stomachable

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Used to be me in Rust. Head phones in, hatchet ready, the clans on..let's get to raiding.

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It's kind of funny because a Rush mixtape would likely fit at most 4 songs.

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I play Overwatch

I have no date

Story checks out.

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After a long night of just playing overwatch. I can safely say, I would rather shit into my own hands and clap, than play this game again. Fuck this bullshit.

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Didn't have a good time?

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playing overwatch like "I'm a fucking virgin"