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Nintendo knows what’s good

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Google cardboard was the coolest accessory I ever bought for my Nexus 5x ... My nephew's played with it for hours. I can 100% see this as a fun way to expand past the normal game experience.

I just wish the Nexus5 wouldn't turn as hot as the sun while doing it.

While doing anything

Who would do their phone?

There's another reddit post about this floating around already XD

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Comment deleted4 months ago(2 children)

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838 points·4 months ago

The next gen gaming consoles uses high performance processors, low-latency controllers, and an invention from 1890 called "Cardboard". Good job Nintendo, Im excited to replace my paper boxes

TIL Nintendo was founded before the invention of cardboard...

They often wait for new technologies to mature before incorporating them into their gaming lineup.

...and then there was the virtual boy..

49 points·4 months ago

humankind was not ready back then

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My 3D printer told me that it is very excited about this.

That has to be their next step. A 3D printer for kids with parts model for this kit.

The potential is huge!

3d print every pieces!

My school's laser cutter is super excited too!

How does this thing even work? So crazy. I bet they are pretty fun putting together

The video showed someone putting a joy con inside. I'm betting it uses the infrared camera to tell what key is pressed.

It does exactly that

I saw some rubber bands and shit too. I don’t know. Too drunk.

Username checks out, cheers 🍻

Now wait a second, half his username checks out he must prove the other half

The rubber bands weren't real.


How can they be real if our eyes aren't real?

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The rubber bands are used to spring the keys back up when you let go.

Makes sense

The rubber bands are used instead of copper for wiring

The way it works is that resistance increases as the rubber band stretches.

So resistance isn't futile?

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Or not high enough...

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Though, how would it know which keys are down when 3 or more keys are pressed? Because wouldn't the infrared sensors only detect the ones in the sides?

It's a fairly wide angle Infrared sensor, I assume you're envisioning it on the side pointing in, but it's on the back pointing towards the front.

Ah, that makes sense, thanks

Yeah technically it's a picture.

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Every key is marked differently.

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See at first, I thought... wtf why don’t they just make a pre-fabricated unit out of plastic and sell that??

But then I thought... wait a second, kids will destroy this in seconds but I, a 26 year old grown ass man, have the fine motor skills and self control to not smash this shit to kingdom come.


The best part about this is that the pieces come with square board that you push them out of, so the remaining part of the board acts as a stencil you can use to make replacement parts with basically any scrap piece of cardboard you find.

10 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Have you seen how precise these things are.

That's punchcut with pressing along fold lines, that will all be done to tight tolerances incl the same thickness of card. Not to mention the bits that need sections cutout that's in the center of a piece. ( you are not getting a playable piano with sloppy cutting/folding work)

This is not something you are gonna easily be able to recreate using a pair of scissors and a old delivery box, more correct type and thickness of card, a straight edge and xacto knife.

I'm sure people into doing papercraft/have a hobby that requires working with such materials on the regular won't find to be a problem, but I doubt a parent will be able to knock out working replicas using the offcuts that came with the device, esp seeing how many moving parts there are that will require precise work with lots of trial and error along the way.

They are a lot more intricate than I thought! I definitely expect people to try their hand at making it themselves though.

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I feel like you could definitely use a laser cutter to cut out precise pieces.... It can also engrave certain parts so they bend better.

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I have been a kid and have seens plenty of kids playing with bif cardboxes with way less structure than that and the boxes were perfectly fine.

They also usually take better care of what they builds and at the end of the day, there's nothing in there that can't be repaired with a bunch of ducktape.

Yeah and it comes with markers so you can decorate it. A kid that puts time and effort into making any of the cardboard structures is going to appreciate what they did and take care of it for sure.

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3D print your own peripherals. This is awesome.

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Wait til they come out, someone creates a 3D render in CAD, and shares a schematic for aaaaaallll the people out there with 3D printers.

Yeah sure the internals will take a little finagling, but once it’s figured out, can you imagine having the entire line up of Labo toys in actual plastic?? That robot suit and piano would become absolutely cool as fuck!!

AFAIK Nintendo will release the schematics themselves so people with plotters or an exacto knive and to much time on their hands can make their own. You have to buy the software of course. If you price the game like a AAA title (60$ Nintendo did that with 1 2 Switch too) you have 10$ left for the cardboard. I guess they will be reselling the sets at about 30$ maybe a single piece for 10$. That being said I definetly want a cardboard Piano. I love cardboard.

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I'd much rather have cardboard than a 3d print.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if down the line they offered a premium(read: pre-built or modular plastic) version of labo if this proves to be a success?

So then people who want to tinker and build (lol me) or people who just want to place with it could both be happy.

Or having another premium version that is super thing metal pieces for adults who want something sturdier but not plastic. Think like those little Gundam build sets that are just one piece of metal that you snap all the pieces out of.

someone doesn't remember the annoying plastic peripherals for the Wii very well, do they?

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Eurogamer germany published a hands-on preview. The Nintendo people explained how it works:

There's a little piece of reflecting tape on everyone of these keys, and on the lever, etc. The IR camera from the joycon basically scans the inside of the piano and every time you press a key down on the outside, it lifts up on the inside and makes the tape visible to the camera.

I think it looks cool too, but I can't help but think that a lot of those applications would be better served using a regular joystick.

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I'm just curious how durable this stuff will be. It's looks pretty cool.

Ever order anything ever? It usually comes in a cardboard box. There's your answer.

So, not durable at all?

237 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

[Edit: (Cardboard)] boxes are usually pretty durable unless you're trying to destroy them. If they're not ripped and have honeycomb meshes inside they can stand up to the stress of being pushed around. That's what they're designed for.

Just don't leave them in the rain, like poor old Boxie.


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Some cardboard boxes deserve to die. I can definitely think of one cardboard box that deserved being put out of its misery.

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That's true, but several of the smaller parcel Services around here tend to deliver those boxes either ripped or looking like an accordeon.

yeah but these kits dont come pre assembled, it should arrive like when you get printer paper

Call them and ask if they can do Labo instead of an accordion.

Shouldn't be much of a problem except for the kids have miles of conveyer belts in their houses

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The designs for the builds are being released for free, once you have the game the cardboard costs nothing as long as you can get some boxes.

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Yeah and they’re beat to shit. Just wait until your sweaty mitts are gripping some of these things for hours at a time.

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Eurogamer germany published a hands-on preview today and they say the build quality is very good, everything is sturdy and stable.

Cardboard is pretty sturdy depending on the configuration. These are aimed towards kids, so they're probably not gonna half ass it.

I’ve seen that the replacements will be purposefully dirt cheap, and also free schematics online for those that choose to build for themselves.

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I hope it’s the high grade heavy duty long haul moving box cardboard.

Not the cheap ass flimsy stuff that you get when something is shipped from chine.

It's being made by Nintendo. I doubt it's going to be just regular old cardboard.

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Hi. Can confirm Reality is still buggy and nigh unplayable. Clearly a rush job. Shows promise though, may return when the devs fix the “forgetting what I was going into this room for” doorway glitch. 3/10

What about the grind and continuos money sinks ?

Class balance is fucked too.

Good thing races were balanced a few patches ago.

Apparently a lot of people believe races are still too unbalanced, but since the devs never release patch notes your guess is as good as mine.

That patch seems to be slowly reverting

Powercreep is becoming a huge issue among certain groups

The University DLC is way too expensive too

Only if you picked a bad starting region. In mine it's basically free.

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What kind of GPU are you running?

It’s an I-ball but it has some lackluster performance so I’ve had to run the Visual function through I-Glasses to improve performance.

Might need some stronger I-Glasses. I hear those I-Balls dont do too well over time.

Never understood why they didn’t optimize for all users. Not everyone can afford the latest i7-ball to begin.

I myself have an issue where i cant seem to delete some of my temp files right away. Its a massive delay and when the files are finally deleted more have added up.

It really sucks because it hinders my performance by a lot.

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ITT people who don't like toys and people who realize this is for children

Comment deleted4 months ago(6 children)

I am for children

We are all children on this blessed day

I need an adult

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110 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Right? It's like Legos. It going to be fun as shit just putting it all together. I'm an adult and I just want the cardboard thing to assemble them. But it looks like the software contains the instructions.

-Edit- yes I know you're not supposed to pluralize Lego... It just sounds weird, even if it's not correct I can't not say it that way.

It'll be a cold day in hell when I don't fight an American for pluralising LEGO.

Serious question, I'm at your place or hanging out and you break out your Lego. I give you a compliment something to the effect of, hey I like your Lego. That makes sense?

26 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Yes, outside of the US (and maybe some other countries), Lego is a mass noun, just like water, milk, sand and so on.

Fuck you. I like drinking my milks, swimming in my waters, and throwin' sands in ya faces.

Pocket sands!

International waters.

Are you Sal from Futurama?

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You all have it wrong, the correct plural is "Lego bricks." Lego is the brand.

I'll never get used to "minifigure" though. It'll always be a lego-man! Sexist as that may be...

Lego BOIII is the option for if you want to offend everyone

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Yes, perfect sense.

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Comment deleted4 months ago(3 children)

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I build with Legos nearly every day, but saying “I build with LEGO nearly every day” feels wrong

How you feel does not affect the truth.


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You’re right, but it’s strange to me how legos have become what I knew as model building as a kid. When I was a kid, lego was just a tub of brick you made stuff out of.

They still make the tubs, which are probably the cheapest lego you can get on a price per brick basis. However, there is little reason for someone to own more than a few tubs. Release themed sets however, and suddenly you have an excuse to have even more sets, since you aren't just getting more of the same.

Basically, Lego as a company was actually starting to fail before they started licensing popular IPs. The customer base just didn't have any incentive to buy more tubs of the same. As you probably know, lego lasts forever so you can't rely on people buying new every few years like the cell phone industry.

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If they added a looper and some synth engines (they've worked with korg before on a DS Synthesizer so it's not far fetched) they could actually make a really cool instrument out of this.

Korg confirmed a couple months ago it will be coming to Nintendo Switch

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I'm out of the loop, someone help.

A new game for Nintendo Switch uses accessories that you can craft out of cardboard, rather than buying an expensive new controller. You can buy pre-printed cardboard or you can print free designs and make them out of your own cardboard.

That sounds... Interesting... I'm sure some kids will love it.

Kids? Hell I'll love it and I'm 26. This ingenuity is what this world needs more of. I'm interested to see what all of the final games included end up being and if this will translate into other games.

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Here's the first look video from Nintendo.

One of the games they show is a kid being a giant robot.

I will buy this just to be a giant robot.

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Nintendo Labo. Just announced today.

I don't get the hate.

Most of us older gamers started with Nintendo. We got into this world that we claim we love through this great company that hace given us amazing games over the years.

Then they come out with this crazy thing and it's clearly designed for kids but it has a great component. It needs adult interaction too. And, from what I read, it's going to help them with a lot of STEM skills. Seriously you people are jaded as fuck.

I now want a switch just for this so me and my daughter can build cool shit together.

I can't wait for the Lego expansions!!!!!

Yeah it looks awesome!

It's like anytime Nintendo does anything the Xboners and SONYBOYS angrily respond, "Fun!? How dare they have fun!!?! Video Games aren't about fun!!"

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The key is the potential this has.

Developers could easily figure out new ways to use this to great incredible games using this feature, developing custom Labo for their own game, like a sword addon for a Star Wars lightsaber dueling game, or a control console for a mech game.

This opened up a huge goldmine of possibilities for 3rd party developers to explore. I hope Nintendo encourages development on this feature.

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I can't wait for the Lego expansions!!!!!

Stop, don't touch me there.

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2 points·4 months ago

It looks super cool in theory. I’m just kind of concerned that the value proposition might be off. $70-$80 looks kind of stiff, so I’ll be waiting on reviews to see if it’s ultimately worth the price tag.

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If you order this from Amazon, it comes with free extra building material!

This is genius. Think about it. This is for experimenting. The user does not have to buy an expensive gimmick to play a game. E.G. the guitar hero guitar. If the game proves succesfull it can be produced from Nintendo/Third Party in a stronger/typical plastic fashion.

This is Nintendo thinking outside the Box and I can see it becomming a thing.

Nintendo is thining about using the box. Inside, outside and torn/cut/sliced apart!

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It will probably still be expensive though

In r/Nintendoswitch they discussed prices that was recently revealed.

For the robot pack it's $80-60 of that being for the software.

For the basic package. Which contains allot of smaller things like the RC cars fishing rod house and other inventions it's $70 again with 60 of that being for the software.

Holy shit that's absolutely reasonable

10 points·4 months ago

OK yeah, I'm sold. I think I want a switch.

It's so fun man. I bought one as an impulse buy a few months ago and my GF and I love it. I rarely touch my PS4 or PC anymore, I'd rather play Odyssey, or explore in BotW, or play Mario Kart/Pokken Tournament with my gf. It's also great for traveling, or playing something with friends in between board games or something. I was nervous when I first grabbed it since Mario and Zelda were the only reasons I was really getting it, but everything I've played and seen is upcoming makes it totally worth it. As a 31-year old man, playing some of these Switch games makes me feel like a kid again and it's awesome.

I work 24 hour shifts and can say that I have received my monies worth in entertainment while I work. I play my PC mostly but there has not been any more convenient than playing the switch while at the station or in the ambulance.

For me, it's really playing stuff with my GF. She likes some games, but is very particular. She's now loving Mario and Zelda, and is also now loving Pokken (she generally hates fighting games but loves fighting with Pokemon apparently). It's a lot of fun now to boot up Mario Kart or Pokken before we go to bed and having a mini tournament between each other and having a great time doing it. It was also fun bringing my Switch to my parent's house over the holidays because they also thought it was cool and enjoyed playing Mario Kart, even though the screen was tiny.

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Nintendo said they're going to release the plans so you can make them using your own materials if you want.

Sounds nice in that case!

It wouldn't make sense in plastic. It's there to be build, modified, improved, etc... You can't do that naturally with plastic. Except if they go with some modular system but then it would need to be completly different and won't be as flexible as cardboard.

Oh man, can you imagine some of the aesthetic mods some people will come up with for this stuff!!?

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The user does not have to buy an expensive gimmick to play a game.

The robot one is $80. Pretty sure thats a more expensive than a guitar hero guitar

That's forgetting there's a video game attached to your cardboard purchase.

The more apt comparison would be $20 to the guitar's $80 though.

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How the fuck do people still not realise you're not paying 80 bucks for only cardboard

5 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

You get the game with it too, so its not just cardboard. But ya, I think the price is still a little steep myself. All depends on how big/involved the games are I think

edit: I misread u/MdKarel's comment above. My bad!

You could just get the base game and use cardboard you already have.

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That's what they said tho

Gah, you're totally right. I misread his comment.

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They're not thinking outside the box, they're thinking with it!

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NINTENDO: Nintendo Labo is for kids and those that like kid stuff! ADULT GAMER: Okay, but what if I don't want it? NINTENDO: Totally fine. It's for kids. ADULT GAMER: Yes, but cardboard? Really? Not in my game room! NINTENDO: It's for kids. ADULT GAMER: But how is it for me?

Stop stealing things from Twitter ;P

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NINTENDO: It's not. ADULT GAMER: Yeah and it should be, don't you want my money? NINTENDO: We also want other peoples' money. ADULT GAMER: I thought what we had was special?!?!?

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What better than virtual reality?

An octave of a keyboard.

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I am actually quite excited to build these with my son. That is, if my Switch that I bought decides to finally show up in the mail :/

Solid Snake was an even bigger genius than we thought. #cardboardlyfe

A real piano. Lol this is a dumb ass meme.

What have I missed?

Nintendo is selling a game that comes with a cardboard box and instructions to on how to make you're own accessories for the switch with the box

Am I mistaken, because I thought it was several games? I get that there's 2 sets, but is the actual software different on each cartridge or is it the same base game?

They're sold in two sets. Set A contains most of the games/software you see in the video as well as the materials you need to make the toys, set B contains just the robot game and its peripherals.

That's all the information we have right now.

Aight, that's what I thought too. Thanks :)

Why buy a proper keyboard when you can use a fucking box?

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Nice knowing you Sony and Microsoft.

I mean, it looks interesting, but I think "goodbye other guys" is a bit premature.

Comment deleted4 months ago(1 child) (xkcd) is that you?

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Just you wait, Sony's gonna wow everyone at e3 when they show off the PSPB( PlayStation PlasticBag)

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Everyone is shitting all over the Labo, but honestly this is the best fucking idea to come out of the gaming industry in YEARS!

I had my first job (RE: disposable income) when Rock Band and Guitar Hero were big in 2007/2008, and my GF and I really loved those games. We had all the plastic bullshit in our tiny apartment.

Not only were all those plastic peripherals expensive to buy, they took up SO much room in our home. After 2-3 months the magic of those gimmicks wore off, and we struggled to store all that shit around our apartment; under the couch and bed, behind the dresser, in our limited closet space.

And because we invested so much in them we didn't throw them out until we moved 5 years later! Goodwill wouldn't even take them, because they said they had like 20 bullshit Fisher-Price guitars already. I threw it all in the fucking garbage!

That's why Labo is genius; you're only paying for a sheet of cardboard, so the investment is low. Ultimately you could make them yourself with $2 in cardboard sheets, a downloaded pattern and an exato knife. Realistically, you're only going to play some goofy game about some crazy creature in a house for a week - lets not pretend you need years of durability on this peripheral. If were talking about little kids, you'll be lucky to get 2 days with 4 hours of cumulative play time. And, when you're tired of it at the end of the week, you just crumple the cardboard up and recycle it.

Even if you want to hedge your bets because you MIGHT want to play it again 6 months from now (protip, you won't) you can unfold all the cardboard and store it as a flat sheet under your bed.

Honestly, this some of the best product design and user awareness I've seen in a LONG TIME. Nintendo could have easily announced a line of plastic shells from $30-$120 for you to buy and they would have sold like crazy. Instead they went with this elegant and smart solution, based around their customer's play and lifestyle habits.

I need to invest in the cardboard stock market...

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This is one of the most genius thing I witnessed. Bravo Nintendo.

Reality isn't made of cardboard

Paper Mario looking at his own hands and screaming

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Comment deleted4 months ago(11 children)

Who is shitting on VR?

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Wtf am I even looking at?

i would prefer virtual reality

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Imagine playing paper Mario with one of these

My nieces and nephews would ruin this in a matter of minutes.

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Ofcourse Reddit is shilling this shit

Why don't parents just by their kid one of the hundreds of other toy pianos or robots that are sold at toys r us? I can't imagine any of this keeping a kids attention for more than a few hours.

One point for the Labo would be the customizability of the cardboard. It's far easier to color, paint, etc. than a plastic robot or piano would be.

And actually looking them up, a similar toy piano for a kid is about the same price: ~$60.

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If these are flatpacked, just scan them and put the scanned copies online, then print it out onto paper, stick it onto cardboard and bam. You have 2 of them now and can make a new one if it breaks.

Nintendo is putting the patterns online for free, so step one already solved. It’s mostly the software that’s the cost.

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Maybe it's just me but these look cheap and very breakable for the price. Although I do like what they are trying to do.

The “price” is mostly for the software (and, well, to compensate the designers). You can cut your own cardboard from the freely available templates.

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It costs a much as a single game, and it gives you a variety of accessories that separately costs hundreds of dollars. Nintendo is smarter than everyone.

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Cardboard Reality, only Nintendo could sell us this

I bet if Microsoft did some crazy thing like this they would get roasted. Buy since its Nintendo... We just say its nintendo

Microsoft has produced Enterprise software solutions since it's beginning and when it started in video games it created a console clearly marketed toward adult audiences.

Nintendo started out as a toy company and still considers themselves as much today.

It's a lot easier to roast the big boy Enterprise software adult video game company for selling cardboard than the quirky Japanese toy manufacturer. It's just perception of the companies.

Cardboard piano is better than virtual reality? How high are you OP?

nintendo - the king of recycling :)

2 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

I think this is really dumb.

But if it's making everyone else happy, it doesn't affect me in anyway whatsoever and I hope people enjoy it.

I pre-ordered the Robot Kit on Amazon, I'm ready for my time to wreck shit.

Can't wait to see a Super Mario Odyssey speed run using one of these!

1 more reply

People are reaching too far and too short with this

Is the cardboard worth 80 dollars? No, there’s a game with it. But Is the game that uses the cardboard really worth 80 dollars even with the cardboard? Absolutely not.

Say what you will about durability most of it will probably be fine but anything that moves like the piano keys or fishing rod type stuff is going to run intro trouble pretty quickly, cardboard can indeed be sturdy but what it doesn’t do well is bend back and fourth. That sturdy cardboard box lid that was hard as hell to open? Open the flap up and down for a bit and see how long it takes to turn all loose and shit like the old cheap kind of cardboards.

Interesting idea but I doubt the game or the cardboard or even both don’t deserve to be that expensive. And you damn well know replacement kits are gonna be like 10-20 each. So you sit there and think “Well at least it’s cheaper than buying a controller!” I wouldn’t be so sure about that depending on your kids. And Nintendo probably makes more money selling you 20 dollar cardboard replacement kits than they do a controller.

This is basically just them dressing up the attachments of the wii and the amiboo type stuff that followed in expensive cardboard.

Yeah gonna get downvoted because this opinion is the exact opposite of the majority posting.....but it's cardboard. That is GOING to break. Pets will mess it, kids bust it, accidents happen.

Yeah i saw the video and yeah that's cool and all but that is cardboard.

"Here's some cardboard. Fuck you, you'll buy it.

There are people that are excited for 80 dollar pieces of cardboard.

$60 set of mini games, $20 pieces of cardboard.

Strongly disagree

2 points·4 months ago

Quality cringe material right here.

What does this cardboard dock have to do with virtual reality?

Nintendo has been getting drilled recently about when they're getting into VR and they stated they have no plans (just like how it took them years and years to finally get into mobile they'll eventually get there). The joke is that their response to the prodding about joining the "new" medium is that regular reality (i.e. incorporating a device that delivers digital content into something that's far more physically interactive than a controller is) is the best reality.

(just like how it took them years and years to finally get into mobile they'll eventually get there

Wait, what? What about Game & Watch, Gameboy, GBA, DS, 3DS. Nintendo have been mobile for years.

I think he means mobile phones maybe. Not sure though.

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