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Super troopers 2

Please don't suck Please don't suck Please don't suck

Big funny big funny no whammy no whammy STOP

Theres no way it wont suck. Its a sequel to a 10+ year old comedy that's never a good equation.

Come on dude broken lizard is fucking hilarious it may. It may not be "good" but its gonna be a laughing riot for sure.

Fucking hilarious, really? Beer Fest and Super Troopers were good. However, The Slammin Salmon and Club Dread weren't anything I would categorize as fucking hilarious.

Lol why are you angry? Tell me who hurt you

I don't know how what I said came off as angry at all. I was just stating my own opinion and that's the best you could respond with? LMAO dude never give anybody movie recommendations again.

Bird up

bloogaly bloop

-6 points·4 months ago(10 children)

Coconut Pete was the best part of club dread

I fucking loved the movie through and through, but I was a teenage stoner when I first watched it, so they kind of hit the target demo on that one.

"You've killed me! You Piccadilly whore!"

Eddie Money didn't have to put up with this shit!

Whoa “beer fest was ok but still not good” what is this? One of my favorites!

Almost like different people have different takes on it.

Absolutely, but it just surprised me is all.

Boi you about to catch these hands if you’re really sayin slamming salmon and beer fest weren’t good

Agreed, Slammin Salmon is one of my favorite Broken Lizard movies. when I met Kevin and Steve at their live show we shouted WHATEVA MOTHAFUCKA and their faces lit up. Got to shake hands and get the signed poster, it was great. I have faith Super Troopers 2 will be awesome.

If if’s and but’s were candies and nuts we would all have a merry Christmas

Those first three are definitely good, they might not be good to you but other people enjoy them. Entertainment and comedy specifically are both subjective. Different strokes for different folks.

Tropic Thunder was 10 years in the making

I don't really get your point. Tropic Thunder didn't have another movie that came out 10 years prior to compare it to.

Worked on the film for both shoots (2015 and 2016). I think you’ll be pleased.

I plan on 33% suck, 33% decent, 33% referencing jokes from the first movie.

1 point·4 months ago

Well I can tell you one way to make sure it doesn't suck regardless of the writing.

Holy fuck thanks for reminding me!

to smoke weed?

Hey thanks. I haven't had my 6am bowl yet


=の ᆺ の=

Holy shit I wonder if I can get my tickets now

Nintendo Labo being released on the birthday of both Hitler AND my ex-wife. Coincidence?


Hitler was born on 4/20? No wonder the guy was so chill.

Well I suppose he did "blaze it"

He also blazed "them". A lot of them.


them jews were dank. the power was all in their jewbeards and jewfros

-6 points·4 months ago(0 children)

Dat Zyk B was lit af back in the 40's.

Oy Vey

Ayy Lmao

and my youngest female spawn

Malbolgia hungers. Mr. Simmons.

Its also the anniversary of Columbine.

Why not both?

You gonna get holiday-level-blazed and build that fuckin' cardboard and 30 rubber band ghostbusters backpack?

Don't you threaten me with a good time

When you are that high, you forget you paid more than $100 for a set of cardboard

And 2 video games...

No sarcasm, that is the only way I would.

This guy gets it


Pretty easy to turn cardboard into a bong when you're done.

i think you mean xbox card remote

Double the fun, triple the excitement.

Came here to say this

Since 4/20 is my birthday, this is 100% me.

Congratz, you and Hitler have at least 1 thing in common.

They hate the Jews

Dem plot twists...


Better than my 9/11 birthday.

Ouch.. Please don't say you were born in 2001 too!

Nope, 1991.

Thank god xD Must have been a weird round birthday.

Robot Backpack or the Variety Pack?


Same man, this will be a great bday present from Nintendo

Me too 4/20 b-day squad!

i was born a day too early to enjoy this dope birthday :(

Labo looks so badass, you know someone was high when they thought of it.

"Hey, why don't we get a bunch of cardboard and you can stick your switch in it and it will do stuff".

"Get the fuck out of here Larry".

"No, and we'll release it on 4/20".

"Damnit Larry, shut the fuck up"

"dude let's also charge $69 for it lol"

-Curb your enthusiasm theme plays-

Before the hype train passes light speed, I'll be the Devil's advocate here:

these are neat, but I think they will be outlived fast. Like, I'll outright admit the idea is pretty damn cool- however...

They seem very, very tech demo-y. Almost Reminds me of the cards that came with the 3DS, that you could play mini games with, or wii sports.

Super fun and entertaining for a few weeks, maybe months even, then sorta.... Dies off.

Those 3DS cards were cool for a few MINUTES, and then they sat around doing nothing until friends came over and it was "hey dude, look at this cool thing it can do." Exactly a tech demo.

When I saw the announcement I kind of felt the same way. Like, That's kind of neat but... am I really going to get hours of enjoyment out of a cardboard mini-piano? If I want a remote control car, I can get one of those somewhere else without having to plug my switch into it. The robot backpack game didn't make sense since you could just have the same motion controls without wearing a box on your back, etc.

Plus, did we not learn anything from the Guitar Hero fad? I don't need a bunch of junk laying around my place that I never use, but don't want to throw away because "it was expensive when I bought it a year ago!" To top it off, it's cardboard and I have to assemble it myself. At least GameStop took in all those plastic guitars for awhile. These will absorb spills, odors, and have zero retrade value.

I don't need a bunch of junk laying around my place that I never use, but don't want to throw away because "it was expensive when I bought it a year ago!"

Well, with the robot pack you can throw away the cardboard parts and just keep the game (and any other non-cardboard/rubber pieces that came in the pack, if any). Then if you wanna play it again in the future you can just print the designs yourself.

They haven't announced many details on the programmable aspect of the Labo stuff, but I assume that's meant to be part of the longevity part.

If the model takes off, it's also easy to add new minigames to the e-shop down the line at a DLC-like price point.

Also seems genius from an ROI perspective. If the cardboard can last just long enough for you to forget how much you paid, and the setup can be just annoying enough for you to not want to spend hours cutting out your own sheets (the robot pack itself is 19 prefabbed cardboard sheets, I imagine some that have 10-15 precut pieces on them...)

I could see Nintendo selling $20 cardboard sheets in store, and people buying them.

I think these are geared more towards kids the.




Nintendo Labo? Sounds like Big Smoke trying to fake Spanish.

There is a hotbox joke in there somewhere, but I'm just not clever enough to find it.

Por que no los dos?

Why not both?

Why not both?

First thing I thought of during the announcement was a bunch of stoners running around with that robot suit on...

Can’t it be both?

Wow, America has 20 months? You people are crazy! /s

That explains the idea A guy was 100% high at a meeting

I too was happy it was coming out on 4/20

Uh, what is the joke? I don't get it.

4:20 Blaze it.

Also $69

I've been out of it recently, what is the nintendo lab thing?

Just looked it up myself, it’s a new brand for Switch add ons, made with cardboard. The stuff I’ve seen so far is a piano, a rc car, a fishing rod, and a robot suit.

The idea is that you make the new toy (called toy-con, which I find adorable), similar to lego, then you play with it using your switch and joy-con. You can also view a model of the toy-con on your switch, and learn how it works (apparently, the piano works by using the camera in one of the joy-con).

Currently, there will be a variety pack of 5 for $69.99, and the robot suit is $79.99.

Super Troopers 2

Why not both?


Sorry they Americanized it for an American ad.

Zulu Time or GTFO

YYYYMMDD, you unorganized cretin!

Works aswell

Why not both...?!

To be fair, I spend a lot of time in a cardboard box on 4/20 anyways

You could use spare sheets for roach! Nintendo for kids and stoners!

Nintendo labo bong, joy con con is connected to the bowl and can sense when you remove it. Do as many hits as possible within a certain time frame to set a high score

What are you talking about? Blaze in to the stratosphere and then make some badass cardboard stuff

Burn them both


If i were born a day later I’d be so MLG

But why can't we have both?

The movie Game Over by the workaholic guys. Can't wait.

It's my birthday and I don't have any plans :(


It's my birthday and I'm going to see Super Troopers 2.

Have you ever seen a man eat his own head? Then you haven't seen everything.

420 Build it.

mix them.

Nintendo LABO is made of hemp?

Por que no los dos?

I’m going to be high af, trying to figure how to build this shit lmao

Why not both

Playing Battletoads, of course.

It was probably his idea.

If anyone sees me in a cardboard robot suit, they would probably just assume I'm high anyway.

Labo kit sounds like a blast when you're baked lol


I'm going to take all of April in two years as a holiday, and see how many coffee shops I can visit in the Netherlands.

nobody gonna mention hitlers birthday

Nintendo just gets it now.

It’s 20/4 in the UK, settle down.

It's 27/4 in the UK

Why not both?

What the frick?

In this thread.... people making fun of the dates because they don't use that order. Weak jokes and stabs.

¿Por que no los dos?

I remember when I didn't need electronics to use my imagination

I think I talk for most of us at r/trees when I say, why not both? And if you actually think about it, that box could do so many things... [4]

Nintendo: Where the year has over 20 months.

Only dumb Nintendo fans gets exited for a cardboard box

Shame it's 20.4.2018 not 4.20

-11 points·4 months ago(0 children)
-2 points·4 months ago(1 child)

Get the fuck out of here with that spam.

This caused me to look at what this actually is.... From what I've gathered..... It's a box..... Why is it a box, wtf is this? Why would anyone pay money for this... I'll be it versatile... Box?

I hate to be that guy on reddit, but maybe it'll save you from an embarrassing work email one day down the road....

The word you're looking for is “albeit"

Thank you. Until you I had no idea the expression was actually a word... Learn something new everyday I guess.... However, it's still a box.

There aren't 20 months.

-2 points·4 months ago

Oh, don't you mean 20/4? :P

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