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So Celeste came out awhile ago and I had just picked up the new Kirby and Skyrim for my switch so I didn't give it much attention. I saw it was doing pretty good And people really enjoyed it so I finally got it two days ago.

I love it. I love the story. I love how hard it gets while never over complicating the mechanics. I truly think 2-D indie games are some of the greatest things for the switch.

I'm looking forward to Don't Starve or Shovel Knight. Never played either, so would love to hear which one you think is better.


I have recently joined the Games Press Website (about 2 weeks ago) and sent a few emails to the PR people of games I am interested in for advanced review copies.

So I was wondering has anyone else used this site and how much luck have you had (if any)?


Duke Nukem or Serious Sam?


Metal Gear Survive (at launch) or No Man's Sky (at launch)?


Let’s play 20 Questions ~ Guess the game title!

Ask yes or no questions to narrow down the game title.

Play nice!

You can also find us at JoyStik Entertainment on Facebook!


This has been a problem for a couple months now where mid-game im taken to the menu?

I did not get kicked for team killing or d/c, because i normally would get an error on my screen telling me so..

Does this happen to any of you guys? Just randomly, mid-game. I'm on PS4 btw and my connection is full green bars. No lag or running man whatsoever..


I play right handed but I'm bored and felt like seeing what you all like.


hello folks,



maybe some of you can help me in my search, i am looking for a place to download or a way to extract the various parts (like conning towers/radars/flak guns) and 3d models of the various submarines in Silent Hunter 3, i know some mods out there have done this to modify them and add parts, and i think there is a official tool out there to mod the game and get files in and out, but i don't know how i would use that. (especially since i am using a linux system)

i am especially looking to get the models/files for the Type IID and the Type IXC (early - with deck gun). actual build plans would be great too to have but thats not really gaming related at all...


my reason? i would love to be able to work these models and eventually be able to 3d print these boats in 1/16 scale when i get my 3d printer working properly in the future.


i also wouldn't mind getting the 3d models from elsewhere or other games at that, but i know SH3 has these for sure... any help and tips would be much appreciated.


thank you for reading :).



ps, on an entirely different note, does anyone have any news regarding the supposedly still coming '2017/2018' update on the "Living silent hunter III" Supermod? it has been delayed for quite a while now and while i think they are still working on it i am not sure of this... would love to have some affirmation on its status.


pps, while on the subject of submarine sim games. while i do love Silent Hunter 3, and while i think its still the best of the series, it is showing its age, and while the LSH3 mod added a lot of replayability i would like to know if there are other games besides the the promising 'uboot' (which seemingly and sadly only has one type of boat) that are coming, are there other games alike SH3 that are worth a try?

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