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That's some fancy API you got there, I hope there will be a SQL.

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Actually it's pretty simple to do but I hoped they'll use webm instead of gifs since it's 80% much faster and smaller in size

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Safari doesn't support webm (or Ogg Vorbis. Without plugins, anyway). While "get another browser" is valid advice, at 14% of market share, it's the second-most popular browser after Chrome.

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In a video you can choose a backup file if the first one fails.

So if they can run wemb it will run faster unless they're using a prehistoric browser then they will have the other supported formats ;)

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oh good

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That's what she said 😊

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While "get another browser" is valid advice, at 14% of market share, it's the second-most popular browser after Chrome.

Literally every other browser can play it, so fuck Apple, they are just money hungry fucks.

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Apple seems to hate Ogg Vorbis. Tried putting some on an old iPhone the other day and it would not have it at all. Gave up and figured I'd aux in with Android rather than fight iTunes just to get a phone sitting on an old docking station.

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It's a competitor for their AAC format. I don't know what their gripe is with webm other than it's Google's format. Possible competitor for HTML5 maybe?

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simple... they can't charge for it :)

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main reason for this is simply to preserve battery life, iphone has dedicated hardware built in to decrypt and play mp4 and AAC, as soon as you play audio or video that's encrypted in another format it's now having to burn through CPU and battery life suffers.

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While a decent reason for iPhones, that doesn't explain why their desktop browser is similarly configured.

edit: except they are trying to standardize content for their phones, so I guess that could make sense. Still not exactly thrilled though.

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Or even apng ;)

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apng seems like it has been gaining browser support lately: https://caniuse.com/#feat=apng

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But remember it's just a PNG ;)

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Under rated joke here.

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It's going to convert to gif and not gifv?

If not, in 2017 with a big amount of traffic happening on mobile you better think about this.

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Gifbot will still be there for us, with a purpose.

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There's no such format as gifv. Gifv is an MP4 encoded as H.264. Gifv is just a brand name created by Imgur to separate themselves from competitors.

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gifv is just a silent mp4

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Yay! Thanks!

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I tried using it twice, both mobile and desktop, but it rejected my submission for not having the correct extension (I made sure the "gif" option was selected). I had to use a 3rd party to convert it to gif in order to post.

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Also had this problem from mobile

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While we at it, can we convert png and jpegs to bmp(or better yet - xbm) in /r/pics?

It's not like bandwidth matters.

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How about 12-bit TIFF handwritten on sheets of A1 paper?

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You will gain absolutely nothing by doing so.

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Why? GIF is obsolete technology. WebM does more with less without all the shittiness that come with gif compression.

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:( gif format, gifv would have been much better even webm too

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So, how do I "use" this feature ? Where do I make sure to have "gif" enabled?

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gifs is a repeat video

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Is there a way to auto-hide all v.redd.it posts?

They never play for me so I end up clicking on the link only to see the video fail to load 100% of the time. I'd rather just not see any v.redd.it posts. I grow so weary of downvoting them all.

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The video follows you so you can read comments and watch the video at the same time, but what about when I'm trying to just read the comments? With 4/5 of the screen jogged by the video, it's a pain to read comments.

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excellent work

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There better be public APIs so that I can have the same functionality on reddit sync (or any app of my choice)

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Imagining an uncut, 15 minute gif...

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Yeah, I'm a big fan of fat, meaty, uncut gifs myself.

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So where are the mobile apps accessible on a regular computer?

Really need something server-side for those not on a phone.

(Although I suppose it can be done on different software where YMMV. On Linux here, and GIMP still leaves quite a bit to be desired in this aspect.)

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Why the obsession with gifs? Maybe I’m missing something, but certain things need video(sounds)

Do gifs save a lot of space? Easier to load? I just don’t get why everything is so gif focused now

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Easy to steal content without giving the creator credit.

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GIF is by far the shittiest format for sharing video. Files are huge and frame rates terrible. I actually checked if this was an April 1st post.

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Ri rsr j

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i need help getting christmas gifts where do i go

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The mall

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I'm a Georgia boy, am having trouble understanding this - why are we driving into the fire?

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Where is this new thing?

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A link to said converter might be a good idea

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I'll stick with gfycat and imgur.

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what's the orange coffe mug thing next to titles mean?

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  • Upload videos (MP4 or MOV, up to 15 minutes long) directly to Reddit

Bullshit. 1 minute. Seriously there is nowhere to upload a 5 minute mp4 to a gifalike HTML5 compressed. I've tried everything.

Get on it, reddit.

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This is great news, hope it work out well.

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Can I have a hug too?

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That was she say befor that true fall

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