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Who has the most embarrassing parents? by wilsonmoroz18 in gifs

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This is fantastic. It reminds me of once in grade school, our entire class was at one of our classmates house for an Easter egg hunt. My mom was in charge of all the games to keep us busy while the other adults hid the eggs. So we’re playing this game (which was a variant of duck-duck-goose), and my mother chose me, naturally. So I was in no hurry to run around the circle, knowing my mother was a plus sized woman and I had never once seen her run. Well, she decided she was gonna give it her ALL, and let me tell you that chunky lady could HUSSLE. She was determined to beat me in front of my classmates, and she did. However! In the process, she peed all over herself and had to borrow another mom’s pants. It was a memorable day. Love your family, people! You may never know when it’s too late.

What's up mate. by cinephile46 in gifs

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freeze frame

Motorcycle Rider

(strangerous dangerous)

Scissors beats paper by Palifaith in gifs

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This picture says otherwise

Firebender irl by _blondefox in gifs

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It's charcoal staff spinning, so it's (most likely) charcoals banging about inside of a cage. I only know this because I had a period in my life where I would play charcoal staff spinning routine videos on YouTube to help me fall asleep at night, muted with other music playing. They actually worked, which was a surprise to me since I was injected with hammerhead shark DNA at a young age and gained the shark's natural sense to never fall asleep. The local shark salesman thought it would grant me Marvel-like super powers, ultimately leading us both to fame and fortune, but so far he has been so very wrong.

Thought we were exclusive, Don. by Plebsplease in gifs

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It's not very effective.

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Service dog senses and responds to owner's oncoming panic attack. by natsdorf in gifs

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from source (pawsitivedevelopment on IG):

"Today I was asked “is that a real service dog?” I responded “Yes and a real good one too.”

Oakley alerted and acted 3 times at the airport today. I caught the last ones on video because I could feel them coming. One of the many tasks Oakley performs is alerting to anxiety/panic attacks and de-escalating them. He has been taught to break my hands apart and away from my face and is supposed to encourage me to put my hands and even face on him - which calms me down. I think he did an excellent job!

There is so much to say on this matter, but I will just leave this video here for you to see for yourself. Sharing this video and these things make me vulnerable, but I’m sharing them with you so you can see how this dog has changed my life. This video was much longer but was edited down for viewing purposes."

Grabs her ass then she drops his ass. by sploogesock in gifs

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That was me. And thank you for the explanation. I wish I had gold to give you for you actually deserve it.

Grabs her ass then she drops his ass. by sploogesock in gifs

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As a woman who has been grabbed this way, I can tell you that it absolutely triggers a natural flight or fight reaction. And not everyone’s immediate instinct is to “fly”...

I’m 5’4, 125 lbs and I shoved a dude at a festival so hard he fell over after this happened to me. It was a knee jerk reaction and I didn’t even think about it before I did it. Surprised everyone, including myself.

Also, watch the video again... when a guy grabs a woman like this a lot of times he’s not just touching her ass (which is bad enough) but you can see he’s sorta grazing in between her legs. It’s such a violation and a lot of women are going to react to that on a visceral level.

(I posted this as a reply to someone else down the thread and he helped me realize most guys may not think about this, so sharing here too.)

Too much to handle by ShakyLetters in gifs

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Dear dairy, today I've been exposed to a wondrous and crude reminder of what life entails. The imposing fountain that was placed in front of me by my giant progenitors was able to birth shiny, colorful balls without any effort, only to silently destroy them a few seconds later. The balls kept rolling and rolling, rising and turning to nothing; what purpose do they serve? Do their colors matter? Are they allowed to live long enough to know so themselves? I stared in awe and terror, unable to escape as i flailed my limbs without control. My only comfort was knowing that sooner or later, even the cruel fountain would be subjected to the same fate of its helpless playthings.

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Too much to handle by ShakyLetters in gifs

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Alright guys, sit down and learn you a thing or two.

Maybe you've heard of object permanence and maybe you haven't. It's the understanding that just because you can't currently see something, you still understand it exists.

Let's say you lost your keys or your phone. You keep looking around for it, because you know it exists, it's just not locatable at the moment. That's object permanence.

Thing is that not all animals have this understanding. Human beings, thankfully, do. But we're not nlborn that way. Rather, we're born not having an understanding of the concept and as we grow up, we slowly start develop this ability, right around when you turn 4 to 8 months old.

So, as far as this kid is concerned, it's watching a colorful thing be created and destroyed right in front of his very eyes.

Imagine seeing the destruction and creation of the universe, being displayed right before your very eyes, and that is all you can see, all you can conceive.

That's what's happening to this kid right now.

His face makes a lot more sense now, doesn't it?

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Row Row Row Your Float, Gently Down The Stream by Morty_Goldman in gifs

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At this distance you'll have to take the Coriolis effect into account

Row Row Row Your Float, Gently Down The Stream by Morty_Goldman in gifs

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Row row row your boat,

gently down the stream

merrily merrily merrily merrily

[Insert willhelm scream]

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Little bread monster is here! by mtimetraveller in gifs

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At least she'll never get lost. To find her, just follow the breadcrumbs.

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Monkeys find a way to enjoy summer by artisticano in gifs

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What the fuck am I reading

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Little boy who always waves to the Garbage men through the window finally gets the courage to go meet them! by Plebsplease in gifs

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It relates in that the kid, while expressing no outward love for the teddys because he never plays with them, loves them very deeply because he keeps them safe on a shelf away from harm and never, NEVER, throws them away to end up crushed in one of the trucks shown in OP.

Edit: Until one day, when he and his older brother are moving their widowed mother out of their parent's house and his older brother finds the bag containing his childhood friends and thinks, "He doesn't want these anymore. He's all grown up now. To burn pile with them." and they get a cruel flaming death before he knows anything about it. OH, wait, I forgot we're talking about the kid from San Fransisco, not me... (TRUE FUCKING STORY)

Edit 2: Wow. First gold. Thank you kind redditor. Maybe it wasn't a cruel fiery death after all. I shall think of it as a noble pyre sending off wonderful friends whose purpose had been fulfilled and they still smile down upon me from the heavens to this day.

Little boy who always waves to the Garbage men through the window finally gets the courage to go meet them! by Plebsplease in gifs

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If you went to school in the bay area then you recall the Teddy Bear factory. It’s the field trip you took you took when you didn’t go to the Lawrence Hall of Science or the Exploratorium or Chinatown. To everyone else, it goes like this.

You get on a bus with your entire class, you head to San Francisco. You single file your way out of the bus. You enter the Teddy Bear factory. You think this might be a pretty cool place. They show you how the teddy bear gets made. You get to make your own. You don’t really have any choices. You see the fluffy inside, you see the furry outside. You see that teddy bears have a red heart but no other internal organs nor brain but that’s alright, you think, you’ll love it anyways.

You pass conveyor belts and you pass workers and you are one among some forty children, though sometimes there’s another school group there too. When you reach the end you have a complete teddy bear and it looks just the same as every other classmate’s teddy bear. There is a store at the end where you can buy capes and hats and outfits for your teddy bear. But you have no money because you’re seven years old.

And who has money? The adults on the trip, the chaperones, and they buy outfits for their children and the friends of their children. And you watch as their teddy bears turn into superheroes and ninjas and princesses. You see them with ninja masks and red capes and pink dresses, with cute little bear shoes and bear shirts and bear pants and bear hats. A top hat for your bear $2. A full outfit $10. You’ve got no money and you don’t know any of the parents’ kids very well and so have no juice with any of them.

Your bear is naked and sad and you bring it home and set it on a shelf where it sits unloved and untouched for two years until your class goes to the teddy bear factory again, as if whoever was in control of such things had forgotten your class had already gone, so now you do the same thing and get your second naked bear and of course you’re wiser at nine years old, you think to bring money, so you put it in your pants the night before but then you grab the wrong pants in the morning. And your second teddy bear stays naked and sad and you bring it home and set it on a shelf where it sits unloved and untouched for some months until one day you remember them both and go up to them and say hello teddy bears and they look at you like despondent corduroys who never even had the chance to lose a button and go on a nighttime adventure.

A year passes and the class goes again. This third time you make sure to bring money and in the bear-clothing store you walk around and look at the clothes, you run your fingers along the soft blue and red capes and you feel the little black top hats and you imagine all your bears in outfits. You might have three superhero bears or perhaps you’ll get green overalls for them or maybe you’ll dress them up as berenstains. But you don’t spend any money, it’s become a sort of principle for you now, not to clothe your bears. So now you have three naked bears on a shelf in your closet. They don’t have names, they don’t need names. They are not the bears from some story. There is no porridge, there is no honey. There are only three naked bears on a shelf in your closet.

Little boy who always waves to the Garbage men through the window finally gets the courage to go meet them! by Plebsplease in gifs

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Thank the accountants and business majors who cut every fucking possible corner in the name of the bottom line at the cost of everyone's social well being.

Little boy who always waves to the Garbage men through the window finally gets the courage to go meet them! by Plebsplease in gifs

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I let a kid whose mom brought him out pull the handle the other day. And there is another kid who flips the ever loving shit out every time we come by. 90% of being a garbage man is waving at children.