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14 days ago
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Recently, I had to be away from the subreddit for a few days and during that time a thread came up talking about how many posts fail to stick to the main idea of this sub. I happen to agree with the sentiment of the thread and many others like it on other posts on this sub, so firstly I just wanted to say that I hear you, and I plan on fixing this issue over the coming weeks and months.

So here are some preliminary ideas for reform, to #makegifsthatkeepongivinggreatagain (or #MGTKOGGA, copyright pending). If you have any other ideas, please post them below!

  1. Take on some new moderators. This one is pretty straightforward, with more people helping, posts that don't fit the spirit of the sub will be caught sooner, as well as get some new ideas to improve the content of the sub, as well as maybe freshen up the look a bit. So if you have experience moderating, and (optionally) knowledge about CSS/graphic design, please post below an informal resume in the comments below! I'll get back to you all (maybe not punctually), and see if I think you would be a good fit.

  2. Implement AutoModerator. In a bunch of other subs (r/dankmemes, etc.), the automoderator is used as a sort of democratic filter of what content should be on the sub. Below every post, a comment is posted that people can vote on, and If it reaches a certain vote ratio, or maybe a threshold number of downvotes, the post is automatically removed (or some other implementation, I'm not too sure about how it works for every sub). I am thinking about a few such implementations for this subreddit, and again if y'all have some ideas about how you think something like this will work best, please post it below.

I'm only one person, so if y'all have any other ideas about bringing this sub back to its roots and making sure it doesn't fall victim to the homogeneity that can be seen all around Reddit, please, please post it below, or message me directly. The future of this sub genuinely depends on your input, and anything you have to add would be greatly appreciated.

Yours, u/airboy1021

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