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Posted byreddit4 years agoGilded2
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This subreddit lists all the features you get for being part of reddit gold, our premium membership program. You must have reddit gold to be able to post here.

Alright, enough talk!

Show Me Gold Features

Pip pip!


i was gifted 30 days of gold for the first time and in the past 29 days i've had it, i've used only 3 gold features:

New comment highlighting. (mods without gold also get it for their subs)

View saved comments by subreddit.

check/uncheck in the sidebar Show this subreddit's theme (also in preferences for display options)

these features are helpful and can benefit all users, so maybe reddit can enable them for everyone like they did for username mentions.

In keeping with our policy for gradually un-gating reddit gold features, we have also rolled out username mentions to the masses.


Hey all, I wanted to let you know that we’re winding our our postcards-for-gold program. We’ve received a ton of awesome postcards from around the world. We even built a cool gallery to display them. However, the process of receiving/scanning/anonymizing/entering data for each postcard we received is surprisingly labor intensive. As such, we’ve decided to close the program so we can focus on projects that benefit all Redditors, rather than a select few.

We will be giving gold to all the postcards that we have received but have not yet processed, though it may take a little while to get around to. Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in a postcard!


When I visit most subreddits, I get a "Show this subreddit's theme" check box. This is a nice gold benefit, in that I can turn themes off and on per subreddit, on-the-fly. I don't see this option over at /r/movies. I am aware RES has a similar feature, but I am not using RES, and since it's a gold benefit, it should be there, right? Am I missing something?


Hi, I'm new to reddit gold, and am not totally sure how to work this. Help would be appreciated.


Also, are we able to pass on or "re-gift" some of the gold we've been given? I don't have an awful lot of money, so I've never been able to gild anyone before - but I'd like to, if it's possible!

Edit: wow, seems like there's quite a few of us, huh - thanks for the gold, Reddit!


Just got my four years and was wondering what some of the nicest themes to use across Reddit are. What do you guys use?


Don't mind me I'm just sad I didn't know about the Black Friday free deal. You are all awesome.

I did buy my pro...

But only because I've been through every iPhone released and I got the universal app for iPad I think. And when it was bad a few years back or months, I tried every Reddit app there was.

Nothing came close.


I don't care about the url change, I just want the link in the topbar to change.


This is easily one of my most desired features, but will it work between the two? Or is it more between laptop / desktop.


I just filtered all the subreddits I don't want to see on the website but I don't use the website, strictly this app. Is there any way I can get my filtered all to appear on the app?


Also, will the reddit server time thingy on your profile be gone as well? :)


It says in the gold guide I can turn off ads, but doesn't tell me how. Any help?


I was gifted gold for a comment, and when I went to edit it to thank the donator the gold icon disappeared. Not sure what happened does anyone know?


r/GoldAlumni is a lounge for anyone with current gold or has had gold in the past. Should act as a r/lounge for those who have lost their gold or want a r/lounge with a little less oversight.


So i would like to add a message if someone visits my reddit profile with a steam profile link or just anything really it would look something like this


As part of our efforts to consolidate Reddit Gold we have made the decision to discontinue the Gold Partners program, effective March 17th 2016. You will be able to retrieving existing codes up until that date. Note: this is just the date at which we will no longer be providing codes, codes will work up until the expiry set by the specific partner.

We would like to thank all the partners who participated in the program.


At the moment, comment highlighting simply doesn't work very well. I'm not sure how it's supposed to work, but it definitely isn't accurately keeping track of the last time I visited threads. It would be way more convenient IMO to have options in the drop down menu like, 'highlight comments from the past 5/10/30/60 minutes'.


Good afternoon. I am apparently banned from a certain popular subreddit because I gave away some of my Gold code promotions that I will never use because it violates the reddit terms and conditions(according to the sub moderator). I have looked and read through the terms and conditions however I have been unable to find where it is not allowed.

I've asked him for the source but he says I should look it up myself. Does this exist, or am I being bullshitted? Thanks.


I just got gilded earlier today and am wondering what diffrences are there between RES and gold?


I'm new to this gold train and am wondering what custom reddit themes people use?

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A subreddit within which the denizens of reddit can discuss the merits and detriments of reddit gold.

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