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Born too late to explore the earth.

Born too early to explore the galaxy.

Born just in time to use dank themes.

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How long have you been sitting on that one?

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Literally days.

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I saw this the other day. :(

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A time traveler is among us.

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I tried telling you that John Titor was real!

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He's always the second one noobs kill after Hitler.

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I just wanted you to know that I replied to this six days in the future. I know it's a silly use for time travel, but hey, that's all it's really good for. Killing Hitler gets old after you realize you have to kill Grosnov, then Heimler, then Jackson, too, or it just cascades to even worse from there…

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:whew: I almost walked in on myself posting that. I really gotta be careful with this shit. ADHD and time travel do NOT MIX.

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Figuratively years.

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it's an old joke if you don't know it.

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Can I ask a question about Snoovatars?
Why doesn't have a sword? I can draw one if you need it, because I kind of want mine to hold a scimitar.

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That's what she said!

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I saw this comment a few months ago when I got gilded, I laughed at it and now I laughed at it again.

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Fuck man. This is awesome.

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God, you do aim at collecting karma as a admin.

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Don't they all?

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I swear to god I printedout that picture and put it on my fridge

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I would like to know if there will be any rules enforced on subreddits that hide this checkbox.

There are moderators who've worked very hard to find ways to hide RES's checkbox, and we're frankly sick of the arms race over it.

I can guarantee you that certain subs will hide yours too. Will this fall under your rules on not modifying site functionality with stylesheets?

(I really hope so)

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We updated our subreddit appearance guidelines to include some restrictions around themes, but didn't include a rule about the sidebar checkbox.

This is something we're still debating and part of rolling features out to gold first is so that we can beta test them.

Did you have any specific insight into the issue? Did RES users complain when an expected part of the UI disappeared?

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Did you have any specific insight into the issue? Did RES users complain when an expected part of the UI disappeared?

Yes, RES users have complained when subreddits hide this checkbox, for reasons ranging to:

  • subreddits disabling RES functionality
  • subreddits that are just ugly but have content that people still want to read
  • subreddits disabling reddit functionality ranging from voting to subscribing, etc.
  • subreddits screwing with things like faking usernames, hiding the moderator list, etc

I get a private message or two every week about a new sub that's hiding the checkbox and people want to disable it. Most people probably don't bother to complain to me / message me because there are other ways with RES (in Chrome, we added a button to the address bar so that it's impossible to hide, for example).

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    You're welcome!

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    I'd just like to pop in and say thanks for that button. Saved me soooo much trouble.

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    In some instances it's annoying for subreddit stylers to have to wrangle !important css into their style. I'm glad the RES team enforced this, but being mere users they had no other way to do it (Chrome address bar being newer) than interfere with any efforts to integrate the tickbox with a subreddit style.

    Fortunately the admins don't have to rely on that tack. /u/powerlanguage if you do decide this should be enforced-visible, please make it enforced via the style guidelines, as opposed to actual overrides on the style rules.

    There's a lot of ways to make a tickbox look nice (well, okay, the label not the input) and I can't wait to finally try some of them out :)

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    I love the address bar button... It is especially useful when you have to go on subs with CSS chaos like /r/Ooer

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    Yeah, this is really the way to do it imo - or was for RES anyways.

    I don't think it's a standard feature across browsers, so it'd be harder for Reddit to justify doing? Having behavior that nonuniform across browsers.

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    That sort of feature is possible for extensions like RES, but not websites.

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    Yeah, reddit wouldn't want to force people into one browser or another. RES on the other hand... Chrome master race!

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    That button is one of my best friends, along with automod and the rest of toolbox. Thank you!

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    Can't you disable all subreddit css in your preferences? It takes more time but at least you can disable it when the button is hidden.

    Also, that button is very useful. How else will you browse /r/Ooer?

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    Of course you can, but I think the idea is that you shouldn't have to. Especially in cases where the subreddit mods are specifically hiding the checkbox because they want everyone to see their special snowflake crappy CSS. Or even great CSS, but if I want it off, I shouldn't have to go to the prefs when RES includes that functionality natively. :)

    Sorry the late reply, just caught up on my RSS feed of this subreddit. I know it's always fun to get replies days later - like "WTF? I'm done with that!" - but it's new to me. hehe

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    Hey, you're the discworld guy aren't you? Always nice to see a familiar username!

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    Alas, you caught me. :)

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    The link to the subreddit appearance guidelines is broken. Can you please fix it?

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    Thanks. I am link-failing hard today.

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    Disable or tamper with site functionality.

    First time I'm reading this page on the wiki. This point strikes me as a little over reaching, at least in terms of what subreddits actually do at the moment. A few subreddits hide one or more vote arrows and a fair amount cripple functionality if you visit on a np subdomain.

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    Those are more sanctioned modifications and in both cases, can prevent brigading between subs.

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    Why do people even want to hide RES features?

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    Subreddit owners who don't want their subreddit users turning off their theme.

    (Of course, it only makes it so that disabling their theme takes a few extra seconds practically speaking. We're heading in the right direction though.)

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    Subreddit owners don't own me or my browser. They can certainly ban me from their subreddit if they like, and they will have to if they don't want me to do whatever I want with their styles, no matter how well intentioned it may be. If they think they can control what my browser displays on my own computer against my own wishes, they are going to lose that fight every time.

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    I know. I have a rant somewhere (on an alt though) that says in as many words 'it's the user's decision'.

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    You're really sticking it to the man right there. You do what you want.

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    There are a good number of subreddits that hide the upvote or downvote or both buttons with their themes, and they don't want people to be able to turn that theme off and use them.

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    but how will we make our april fools day pranks work if we don't hide the checkbox? :p

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    I love the /r/carbon. /u/ggitaliano knows my style.

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    Have you thought about asking him to do some CSS, for your private subreddit your developing?

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    Someone else is working on it. I don't want anything too complicated, so it's not worth someone putting too much time into it.

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    Thought I'd ask.

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    I do welcome anyone that wants to mess with their CSS skills to reach out to me. I'll let anyone futz around on one of them if they like...since I do have content to play around with.

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    You're freaking awesome, you know that right?

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    In this case, I'm just lazy.

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    Yeah, but you gild everyone, and try to keep a comprehensive list of who you've gilded... which makes you so awesome.

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    :-) It's the scientist in me

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    Nothing wrong with a good list.

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    You might be interested in /r/darkserene if you need a dark theme besides carbon.

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    How about /r/eliteshell?

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    You can pick a theme from any subreddit, that's awesome.

    I'm gonna go with /r/Ooer

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    You're doing it wrong. /r/ooerintensifies is the only way to go.

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    NSFL.. if you have epilepsy.

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    Sweet! Some info on /r/NautClassic - It's basically the same as /r/Naut, which is used by a fair amount of subreddits such as /r/Android and /r/Google, only this one works everywhere on reddit!

    This brings some cool stuff, such as the updated inbox page and the new compose message page. There's also a nice animation when you upvote something and when you have an unread message!

    If you find any bugs, glitches, cool stuff or want to talk about something other related to the /r/NautClassic theme, do so in /r/Naut. I'll try and be active if there happen to be any bugs.

    There's also a darker version coming out soon!

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    The unread message animation is my favorite part of the Naut Classic theme.

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    I'm really happy with how it's turned out too. The new compose message button is a close second for me.

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    Now we all now your alt, /u/powerlanguagetest ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)

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    I think I'm going to like the things user-crafted sitewide stylesheets bring us.

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    :O! In which direction should I be throwing my money?

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    In your own direction. MMP isn't doing well with the themes.

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    Nothing matters as long as the title/unread count pills don't become pregnancy tests again.

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    Are you planning on fixing the image/video expandos? I know that not everyone has the issue (might just be Firefox with RES), but I've brought it up to you multiple times now and you're just leaving it broken, apparently.

    In fact, here's the fix: Set every background-position for .expando-button.selftext.collapsed and the like to !important, as well as .expando-button, .expando-button.image, .expando-button.video-muted's width and height properties. As much as !important sucks, it's necessary with reddit if you want your theme to work for everyone.

    I hope you implement this in Classic soon - I would love to use this everywhere, but this being broken is just obnoxious.

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    RES Users!

    To disable a subreddit style and use your preferred reddit theme, uncheck the Show this subreddit's theme checkbox in the sidebar (just above "show my flair").

    However, if you disable a subreddit's theme using RES's "Use subreddit style", then you will see reddit's default stylesheet -- but not your preferred theme! So, choose wisely. RES will join forces with this new feature in the future.

    More discussion over in /r/Enhancement.

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    Thanks. I was confused for a minute there because the themes were only being applied until I refreshed the page. Didn't realize RES was disabling it.

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    Seems like a good time to shamelessly plug /r/themes which is dedicated to subreddit themes and has a nice collection of them :)

    Also a bit hurt I was not approached since /r/boxed, /r/flatblue and /r/redditbasic all three are fairly popular. ಠ_ಠ

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    Sorry /u/creesch. If you want to convert one of your themes to handle all of reddit I can look at making it a featured theme.

    [–]creesch 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    Will do, thank you! I'll message you once I have done so.

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    Reddit challenge mode: Change the theme to /r/ooerintensifies

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    Carbon is great, thanks

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    So, the theme is only applied when subreddit style is off?

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    Yep, otherwise it just displays the subreddit's style normally.

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    Modmail looks so much nicer with the addition of /u/qtx serene theme (shoutout to fellow gonewild mod...we know all about modmail, yeh?)

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    Aw come on, not even crediting me?

    Nah, only joking. I'm sure you started this feature a long time before my post. Still, it feels pretty cool to have something I requested implemented, even if it wasn't correlated at all!

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    So, this feature doesn't work for some subs because the text box is character limited. If the sub has a name longer than the character limit, you can't enter it.

    Trying to get my table-flipping, all-caps nonsense from /r/DidntGetMyGjallarhorn and it cuts off the last character.

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    o Use theme from /r/ooerintensifies

    Redditing in hard mode.

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    Was the RES night mode compatibility left in?

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    Are you asking about a specific theme?

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    I am using Carbon, and it does not appear to be night-mode compatible. Here are the issues I'm seeing:

    1. Background of username / karma / mail area is grey, text is unreadable.

    2. "Search" text in search box is unreadable.

    It's too bad, because I'd much rather use the gold benefit Carbon theme with night mode turned on in RES, because if I turn off night mode and go to a themed page, BAM, I get a blinding white screen.

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      Thanks for the outreach :) RES CSS is still a bit hard to select for, but practically all of nightmode is documented

      RES v4.5.4 (current release) nightmode
      latest version of nightmode (not released)

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      If only we were allowed to use 100+kb stylesheets, I could've included a beautiful nightmode in with the default. Now I have to make a separate theme. =\

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      Would love to see that, really digging having serene theme on everything. Also, congrats on getting chosen for a featured theme!

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        It's already implemented and awaiting release (ETA unknown).

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        In that case I think you'll want to disable 'allow subreddits to show me custom themes' on your preferences page. example gif

        This will mean all subreddits are styled with carbon. You can then use the sidebar toggle if you want to turn on the style for a specific subreddit.

        See /u/andytuba's comment here: /r/goldbenefits/comments/33ei8y/introducing_reddit_themes_change_the_appearance/cqk55id

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        IIRC, most of them were compatible as subreddit themes. I'm pretty much asking if you guys left that part in when you ported.

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        Excellent job rolmos! I remember you from back in the good ol' /r/tf2trade days (different account; think you helped me out with something at one point, might've been the flair link thing?)

        Anyways, awesome to see you and your work here. Cheers man :D

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        I haven't included a nightmode simply because you have to tell RES to use nightmode via a link in the sidebar. Which can't be done on the front-page.

        I will however release a dark version soon(ish).

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        Naut isn't unfortunately. So I'd recommend that nightmode users not use it, and perhaps try the /r/Carbon theme instead or wait until the night version of Naut is ready.

        The /r/NautClassic theme is currently at 99kb, so there's literally no space for me to add the nightmode compatability (which is quite a lot).

        Maybe /u/honestbleeps can comment on wheter nightmode will disable the reddit themes or not.

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        [–]Cryptonaut 1 point2 points  (1 child)

        Doesn't do that for me though. Browsing the frontpage of reddit with nightmode enabled doesn't disable /r/NautClassic. Might be because there's no sidebar at all there?

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        ohhh the front page... yeah, sorry, I replied too quickly.

        RES doesn't disable anything on the front page because it doesn't even know there might be a custom style!

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        Depends on the theme, neh? Check the subreddit's stylesheet before you set it in your preferences and look for references to res-nightmode.

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        Aw yiss

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        sweet. bears repeating. sweet.

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        I'm guessing these themes will do nothing for Baconreader on Android, correct?

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        Correct, reddit themes only affect reddit.com in your browser.

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        Is a future feature going to be we are able to create our own custom themes? Cause that would be really awesome!

        Edit: figured it out, just make a sub and edit its CSS

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        You already can create a custom theme. Just make a test sub, set up a CSS the way you want it, and load that as a theme (you can enter a subreddit name at the bottom of the theme preferences). I set up my test sub /r/I_AM_A_IDIOT_TOO with my own photos and I'm using that as a theme.

        Otherwise, I recommend using an existing subreddit's style if you like it. For instance, check out /r/Naut or /r/Minimalism.

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        Yeah, I have now found this out. And created my own awesome theme! Set /r/WibbleWobble as your theme and fun stuff will happen!

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        Hah, that one's fun. Neat little CSS3 trick.

        [–]ThatAstronautGuy 4 points5 points  (1 child)

        It is so hard to upvote stuff with this enabled!

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        Neat little CSS3 trick.

        It is so hard to upvote stuff with this enabled!

        "Voters hate him"

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        Any chance we can get an increase in stylesheet size now that there're additional pages to style?

        [–]powerlanguagereddit[S] -1 points0 points  (3 children)

        It is unlikely that we will increase stylesheet size in the near future as the CSS loading is fully blocking (everything else on the page has to wait for it to load before loading).

        [–]nty 1 point2 points  (2 children)

        Makes sense, I guess.

        But what if you decreased the maximum size of images?

        If I understand correctly, the maximum amount of images a subreddit is allowed to load is 25MB (50 images * 500KB).

        100KB is miniscule compared to that.

        [–]spladug 1 point2 points  (1 child)

        CSS blocks page loads (and should since you don't want a flash of unstyled content). Images can be loaded lazily after the rest of the page.

        [–]nty 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification!

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        Oh my gawd, just noticed that this also themes the moderator mail page when you've selected the theme. I don't have to look at a cancerously bad white shit theme anymore, thank you so much

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        You still have to deal with the utterly horrible modmail though (until they get around to fixing it... eta unknown).

        [–]DaedalusMinion 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Yeah, they're never going to fix that.

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        Awwww yeaahhhh /r/serene by /u/qtx

        Was wishing the AskReddit theme was the standard the other day. I love the upvote and downvote animations.

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        I've had such a hard on for it since I first saw it. So happy I can set it sitewide and view my inbox with it!

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        Is the a way to give all subs the apperance of /r/Lounge?

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        Yes, by using the 'other' option in the theme selector. Be aware, the lounge style is pretty broken at the moment. I'm working on converting it so it works for all of reddit.

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        Wow, this does look terrible....

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        Thanks! I'll try to find it!

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        Great, right when my gold is wearing off, I get a feature I'd want to use.

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        While this feature is amazing; I've noticed a small problem with one of the subreddits I mod, with the naut theme, and it would happen with just about any theme. This problem would occur on any subreddit that makes an empty link styled with their css. For example there is the styled streamer table we have on the sidebar, with these themes, some links just plain don't work. In my mind, I see one of two options for a proper solution:

        1. Let subreddits have some code that will always be used, even if disabled (only when using a theme)

        2. Give subreddits more stylesheets, specifically, one for each available theme, and when that theme is selected, the code in that subs stylesheet for that theme takes over. Rule, the majority of the theme can not be changed, mainly used for things like spoiler tags, and other [href] elements, maybe some sidebar functionality

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        Carbon is my favorite theme - very cool. Good work /u/ggitaliano!

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        How is it that this is a year old and I can still comment on it?

        EDIT: GOLD.

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        That gif really was handy.

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        This is amazing. Thank you!

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        That one guy that gave gold to the *admin of reddit :/

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        Ooh. Now this is a cool new addition. I don't know how much I'll use it (I'll probably wait to see more themes that work sitewide before using it), but I like the option!

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        AWESOME! Now I can browse a mega of all the megalounges without having to miss the classy theme.

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        That carbon one looks like a sexier version of the android night mode!

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        splendid! thank you <*>

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        Is it possible to upload our own themes?

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        On some subreddits, (ex: /r/AndroidQuestions ) when you check the option Show this subreddit's theme you lose the option to uncheck it.

        I guess this is probably an oversight and this could be fixed in the subreddit's CSS, but right now the workaround I've found to revert back was to go in Chrome's Developer tools, search for toggle sr_style_toggle and remove display: none from element.style{ .titlebox}. This allowed me to see the form once again and uncheck it.

        Is there something we can do to ensure these options cannot be hidden by accident or voluntarily.

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        Thanks for the notice. This is because their theme is based of an earlier version of Naut that had a general selector to hide such toggles. I'll message the mods and ask them to unhide.

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        Thanks for your help!

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        Hey is there any chance we could get in touch with the mods over at http://www.reddit.com/r/funhaus ? I asked them nicely a couple weeks ago if they could add back the checkbox so i can use reddit themes again, but have since been ignored. It's the only subreddit i frequent that i can't use with reddit themes and it's driving me crazy!

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        Thanks for the heads up. I've contacted them.

        [–]GenerationBlue 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Much appreciated, thanks!

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        /u/powerlanguage I really enjoy this feature except that it is incompatible with flair (images, to be exact) and banners. If its possible, add compatibility and it will be perfect.

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        I just got Reddit Gold. Can I find out who gave me gold and when it happened, so I can give thanks?

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        Hmmm just got GOLD and I do not see this as beneficial I mean changing how the theme looks does not add value to the member don't you think?

        There must be some good feature for GOLD here just need to know or can you help me?

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        Why do people even want to hide RES features?

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        Woah I'm commenting on a two year old post whaaaaat

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        Amazing! Thank you, guys.

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        You have some or orangered there... and it hasn't been clicked yet.

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        Hey everyone! I am confused of a few things... I bought reddit gold and would like to create my own vending subreddit.. it says I am too new ( I have been here 9 months).. Can you guys point me in the right direction to someone that has authority to help me set up my own subreddit?