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Where did you play? What was working? What was NOT?

Were the golf gods on your side? Post any and all topics about your round(s) here!

Feel free to post pictures of the course, your scorecard, you holding that beautiful get the idea!

Suggested Format:

Best shot:

Worst shot:

Shot I wish I could have back:


My wife finally said that she would be interested in trying golf out after 4 years together. We rented some clubs on the driving range and I just focused on showing her the right form generally for swinging. She got a couple good ones and said she had fun. That was good enough for me.

She asked about going again the next day so we went and she did a little better. We even practiced some putting and chipping and she was just a natural at chipping. She asked to go again a couple days later.

My dad had an extra set of old ladies starter clubs in the garage and she was excited to try them out. We took them home and she meticulously cleaned them the night before while I cleaned mine. I had trouble holding back my excitement and just reiterated that my only goal for her is that she have fun. She watched some swing videos and kept asking me questions about form and it made me so happy to see her excitement in her eyes.

Went to driving range yesterday and after a little struggling, she adjusted her distance from the ball and started hitting shot after shot around 150 yards with her driver. The look on her face was priceless and I think she might be hooked. I'm so excited to have my partner in life want to become my playing partner in my favorite pastime.

The excitement on a new players face is so amazing to see. I just wanted to share this joy because I'm so excited that we have another way to spend quality time together and build stories. I love her and she's the best.


Hi, my name is Matt and I'm a golf teaching professional located in New Hampshire. About 18 months ago I started a Youtube channel with my wife Teresa. Teresa was a total beginner and we wanted to record her journey to becoming a better golfer. Since the start of the channel it has evolved to a platform to also highlight my students on the golf course. I'm interested in knowing your thoughts on what you like and don't like about the videos. I'm always trying to improve and any insight would be helpful.. Thanks -- I think I listed the link to our channel. If not, it's tee time with the thompsons


Just last Sunday about to tee off on hole 11, a bird landed next to me with a baby bird in its mouth. Ripped the little bird’s head off, swallowed it, and flew away. The rest of the baby bird’s body was just laying inches from my golf ball. Lol.

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