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Posted by6ish/DFW/AP2s4 hours ago

I have downloaded 18 Birdies and SwingxSwing, has anyone used these apps? Does anyone have advice on a good GPS app for android?

Edit: Thanks for the answers so far everybody! I have gotten many different answers so it seems like they all work to a degree. I think I am going to give SwingxSwing a shot tomorrow and see if I like it.


I'm headed to Milan for a work trip and have 4 days off right in the middle of it. Anywhere nearby there worth playing??


I’m curious which colleges you guys think has the nicest golf facilities. Include simulator and practice areas, home courses, lounges/locker rooms. Whatever it may be, show it off.


a PGA pro changed a bunch about my swing in a 1hr lesson, and I ended up with some pretty bad blisters. He offered for me to stop, but I paid, so whacked on a bandaid and kept going.

I never had blisters before - but that might be because my grip was a "7-8/10" and I'm now holding it more like a "3/10" - but also whipping the right hand through (as he's trying to get me to hit a controlled draw instead of arrow straight).

The main blister (which just had skin clean ripped off) is at the bottom of my middle finger on the right hand. It's the spot where the 2nd knuckle on my left index finger rests (I have a 2-finger overlap grip).

I also got a couple on the 'inside' (side of the fingers closest to the pinky) of my middle finger at the tip, and similar place on the tip of my thumb

Anyone else get the same? Tips? Thoughts?

Edit: thanks guys. Let them callous, it's natural with a new grip

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