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I'm a novice at grilling, and i've only started grilling 2 weeks ago on my charcoal grill. I noticed that when I use a charcoal chimney let it burn/tip over, there are some embers that arise and go everywhere. Since google hasn't answered my question I decided to ask here. Is there any inherent threat to my home or anyone else's? My grill is about 12 feet from my deck, and 13 from my neighbors house. But I was wondering if there is still a threat of the embers catching my deck or my neighbors house on fire.

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I've come across a few videos recently of people using a halved potato skewered onto a fork, inside flesh facing outward, to rub on their preheated grills. Apparently, this makes it nonstick. I've also heard of people doing it with onions.

Sometimes, even if I preheat and oil my grates really well, things like chicken and fish can still stick a little and never really release from the grill like they should. I almost always run my trusty spatula under things gently to release them before flipping with my tongs.

I kind of want to try this potato thing today. I'll be searing off some chicken legs and thighs and then finishing them with indirect heat. Does anyone do this, and does it work well?


Any recommendations on quality tongs, spatula and grill scraper that will last? I've been trying to avoid the metal wire brushes because they can break off and get into food.


Does anyone know if the spacing of the grate is the same between all weber models?

I currently have a smokey joe, but will someday upgrade to a jumbo joe or 22" kettle.

The root of my question comes from considering purchasing this scraper, but I don't want to burn in spacing that won't play nice with any future grills.



I like to get adana kebab from a nearby Turkish market. It's basically seasoned ground meat wrapped around a skewer for grilling. The thing is that any time I've made it, the skewer tends to come out of the meat when I lift it out of the package to put on the grill, or if I turn it over.

I've frozen them and this happens when the meat is thawed, so my best guess is that I should only partially thaw it out, then put it on the grill while it's still a little frozen in the middle, and ensure the grill is very well-oiled to prevent sticking. I'd cook until done all the way through, of course.

Does that seem like the right plan or is there some other strategy I should employ?

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