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I find it strange that these types of posts making fun of outlandish subjective bullshit get upvoted in /r/headphones. That being said it gives me hope for the future of this industry, that maybe companies are going to have to focus on improving the actual sound of their devices rather than just making up the next "multibit" marketing meme.

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So you're telling me you believe in SD card rolling?

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Can’t wait to try my Russian SD cards from the ‘70s!

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Blah, SD cards! Humbug!

Now core memory's where it's at. A truly discerning audiophile should only ever trust digital storage formats where each and every bit's actual storage location can be seen with a naked eye.

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I love the warm sound of punch cards!

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Oh yeah! And what about simple good ol' parchment? Reading the 0s and 1s directly with your own eyes will bring you as close to the true essence of digital music representation as humanly possible. No electricity or interference-prone component chains involved to disrupt the experience!

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Nah man, end game is reading sheet music.

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Multibit may be a marketing meme at the moment, but you could at least point to some actual reason it would be different than another device (note: not better, not worse, not superior, not any judgmental descriptor, just different) - there's a completely distinct digital-to-analog process going on with completely different analog filters.

I'm really not sure how you'd improve the sound of an SD card, or even differentiate "sound" between brands as they are all Secure DIGITAL devices using the same exact digital interface to pass 1s and 0s from their NAND flash memory to the computer. It's either going to work and the bits are going to be passed accurately, or it's not and they're not. It's completely binary and there's no room for subjective differences.

If there is literally any audible difference between SD cards, someone done fucked up, A-Aron.

Also, it's completely ironic to me that you talk about "focus on improving the actual sound" and then choose the "multibit marketing meme" as a counterexample. Now, I'm not saying that multibit is better or worse, but it's also pretty clear that the most obvious target of that criticism, Mike Moffett (and, by extension, Jason Stoddard), believes he is doing exactly that.

They have been absolutely consistent for years that their primary goal is trying to drive improvements in audio quality to reasonable price points. Whether they have succeeded or not is a subjective judgment I'm not going to weigh in on. Likewise with their products themselves. But, as a company, it's actually kind of hard to argue against Schiit in particular trying to improve the sound of their devices as every scrap of information available to consumers points to that as their aim.

Any given consumer may or may not agree that they've succeeded, and not every company that does actually try to improve audio quality is going to succeed, but if anything I'd be praising companies like Schiit and Audio-GD for trying to push new technologies, topologies, and products into the "costs less than a used car" space.

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Nah, companies are just going to focus on improving their marketing BS to reel in the next generation of mugs