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Is there something of yours related to Healthy Food which you'd like to share? The comment section of this feature post, now offered every Friday, is the right place in this subreddit to keep our readers up to date about your healthy food related site/blog/youtube channel/works. It's a great way to make a connection with our readers, get started as a Redditor, and become an active part of the /r/HealthyFood community. Please be sure to include a description with the link. We strongly encourage you to respond to any replies you may get and interact with our readers who want to know more.

This post is meant to be welcoming, infomrative and fun. However, know that spam and self-promotion rules here are dealt with very strictly in this subreddit and in this post;

  • all comments to this post still need to follow the rules so no YouTube submissions and no specious claims or links to sites with them.

  • Those whose only participation in the subreddit is self-promotional might not be approved. Please converse with us without advertising most of the time. We want to talk to the person about our topic rather than just hear from the company where to find out about them. Otherwise, if you continue to only (or even predominantly) use this subreddit for spam / self-promotion, it will lead to a ban of not just your account(s) but your site(s) as well.

  • If your comment does not appear in this thread, it is likely that you have been shadowbanned sitewide or specifically in this subreddit for SPAM or self-promotion rule violations. Those who follow the guideline of submitting no more than 10% self-promotion in this subreddit, please be patient until the moderators have a chance to see your comment and approve it.

  • Please remember that there is a rule against submitting links to anything which you are affiliated with to the front page of this sub. See the subreddit rules BEFORE you submit links to your work(s) outside of this thread. Failure to follow the rule(s) will lead to your submission(s) being removed and repeat violations of rules about posting to the subreddit front page will lead to a ban of your URL in this subreddit.

Thank you for sharing here in the Self-Promotion Safe Zone!

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Share your own recipe or share a link to a recipe which is vegetarian or vegan. Try to link to sites that provide nutrition information with their recipes.

These sites provide vegetarian or vegan recipes daily or very frequently

If vegetarian or vegan foods are important to you, don't forget about the HealthyFood wiki! There are two recipes listed per day, one of which is a veg''n option. Almost all of the recipes in our Winter Recipes Calendar (Jan-Mar) are under 400 calories and are also low in carbs.*


Consumer reports has some good bean/lentil recipes +ideas here ( but does anyone have any others? Trying to expand my diet a bit more and eat less meat


I typically add protein powder and kale to make shakes more filling, any other advice from shake drinkers in this sub? I want the shake to really fill me up.


I'm looking for recommendations on a recipe book that preferably contains a meal plan with science and research based recipes for a longevity and health focussed diet.

E.g. recommendations for diets high in Vegetables, grains, seeds, fatty fish 2xweek etc.

There is a lot of scientific research and articles online, but it would be great to have a book that ties everything in together nicely in a practical book or resource.


So I am trying to eat healthier. I have done my research on refined carbs and complex carbs. Apparently one is bad for you because it's too easy for your stomach to digest, so it causes spikes in your blood insulin levels, which I guess is bad.

So recently, I discovered the Glycemic index, which actually puts each food into a numerical value of just how much it spikes your blood sugar level. Here is the one I found:

So I have some first off......when I first discovered this good carbs vs bad carbs I followed the list of foods. However once I discovered the Glycemic index, I noticed some of it was bullshit.....unless there's something I am not getting. For example:

People say pasta is the brown rice instead. On the Glycemic index, pasta(called spaghetti on the chart) has a GI number of 48........brown rice is 68. However once again, everyone swears pasta is the devil of carbs.

Then there's whole grain bread which people swear is much healthier than white bread...again white bread has a GI value of 75, and whole wheat is 74...I get the whole has fiber which is needed for healthy digestion, but again, the whole argument of "good carbs vs bad carbs" is how much your insulin levels spike correct?

Potatoes are another one, people swear are great good/healthy carbs....GI score of 78......worse than the white bread.

My overall question is, does this good carb vs bad carb thing go beyond the GI score? What am I missing here? Because it seems like any carb can be good, as long as the GI score is is under 60, it's not bad. Anything over 60 is classified as potatoes/ whole wheat bread/brown rice.

EDIT: It seems like the Harvard source does not give any context on what's considered low/medium/high. Here is another one that does:

Thus for the whole day the classifications are:

Low:  45 or less

Moderate:  46-59

High:  60+


I’m vegetarian and it’s kinda hard for me to get protein so I want to eat quinoa since it’s a good source of protein but it tastes gross to me (i really don’t know what to eat it with). Any recommendations?

Moderator of r/HealthyFood

During this week, post your favorite recipes which use this ingrediant, link to articles on the benefits of this item, or post a link to any nutrional info that may be available. Ask about preparation or cooking methods. Perhaps this food item could be blended or juiced.

These weekly food item features are in alphabetical order. While sorting by seasonal availability has been considered, the reality is that what is in season for one part of the world may not be in season somewhere else.

We've had some great responses to these weekly posts. Browse the recipes offered via this subreddit search for "HF Food Item of the Week"

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